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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

You Emotional Fuel to Thrive in Your Relationship

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ere are five simple ways to add emotional fuel to your relationship. Without emotional fuel relationships gradually lose the specialness that first brought the couple together.
Emotional fuel is created by:
1. Practicing daily niceties
Such as saying please and thank you, greeting each other and taking a moment to really look at each other, showing appreciation to each other, etc. These little polite interactions go a long way in creating closeness.
2. Remembering that love has to be earned
We earn love by how caring we are when we speak, how well we listen, how we go out of the way to help. In order to receive love we have to be love worthy. It is by our own behaviour that we influence what happens in between both people.
3. Finding constructive ways to handle disagreements
Disagreements are part of healthy relationships. The key is to make sure that whatever decision is reached can be supported by both people. Otherwise you end up with a winner and a loser which is hurtful to one party. Take time to really listen so you understand why your partner feels so strongly about his/her position. Then share your position. Remind each other of the importance of coming up with a solution that both can feel good about.
4. Adding newness
in a Relationship will lose lustre if there is not an infusion of newness. Frequently one person in a relationship needs this more than the other. Be respectful of each other’s differences and find ways to spice up the relationship. Change your routine, surprise each other, laugh, do things that are fun.
5. Creating intimacy
when you show love and caring towards each other it will carry over into physical intimacy. If you value each other and have goals that you share you will want to be with each other. Intimacy is the process of sharing your life with someone else so that you can receive and give love, you feel you can be who you really are, and you trust your partner with honour and not betray your trust.

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