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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Test Your Commitment - Getting Ready For an Exclusive Relationship

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Are you thinking of getting into a serious, exclusive relationship? Do you think you're ready? Think you've found the one?  We know people who are in multiple long term and open relationships, people who are in casual relationships, people who have only casual flings and people who have exclusive relationships. Deciding that you would like to have a serious exclusive relationship can be a daunting task, especially if you think you've found that perfect someone.
Take this Relationship Quiz and ask yourself some important questions along the way. Rate your response to the statements below - 1 being you don't feel like it's true or accurate at all, 10 being that you feel it is incredibly true or accurate.
1) You've become a more serious person lately
2) You've found someone you really enjoy spending time with (Or you're only looking for someone you could see yourself with long term)
3) You're thinking about your long-term goals a lot more
4) You've been thinking about what to do next in life
5) You feel that it's difficult to find someone that meets your standards and expectations
6) Life is good
7) You've been thinking about whether or not the person you're seeing is a good long term prospect (Or you screen people you're dating by whether they would make a good long term prospect)
8) You're becoming less superficial
9) You know where you would like to be 10 years from now
10) You know EXACTLY what you want in your partner
Alright, now add up your scores and check them against the results below:
80-100: You are absolutely ready for an exclusive relationship. Your mind is on the future and where you would like to be compared to where you are now. Being unsatisfied with where you are is not a bad thing. Provided you are not wishing or the future you want, but using the fact that you are unsatisfied to fuel you. Thinking about the future, knowing what you want in a partner and feeling that you really want a long term prospect in a partner are all signs that you are ready for a long term relationships. Simply wanting a long term relationship does not mean you are ready emotionally.
60-80: You are right on the cusp of being ready for an exclusive relationship. At this point it is not so much that you need incentive, you just need to get to the "tipping point". That one event that determines which direction your life will head. This is either finding the right person or recognising that you already have.
40-60: If you are taking this quiz you likely want or are considering a serious relationship. But the question is how prepared are you for this? If you have no thoughts or ideas about the future, how could you handle the inevitable trials of having a serious, committed relationship?
Less than 40 - Perhaps it's time to settle down and make some serious life decisions. What do you really want in life? What are you really looking for in your perfect partner? Perhaps this part of your life isn't about the future. Sometimes you just need to enjoy life and find yourself, go party or travel, do what makes you happy. If this is stage of life you are at, then a committed relationship is only going to get in the way.

Rekindle Sexual Desire in your marriage

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Decide that sex matters. Have a heart to heart with your spouse. You both need to decide that intimacy is a high priority. Review your history to see that your relationship works better with intimacy than without it. Also, make sure that staying married and having a good relationship is a #1 priority (many of us just take that for granted. Actually bring it into your awareness and your conversation). Once you decide as a couple that you would prefer to stay married and have a great relationship then you can begin to focus on your sexual intimacy.

Friday, January 14, 2011

How to Make Long Distance Relationships Work

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The first step in how to make long distance relationships work is first deciding if the person is worth it. This may sound somewhat mean but once you get into one you will quickly realize how important this is. Long distance relationships are very difficult and require a lot of work to make them work. It would suck to devote countless hours, weeks, and months to a person who isn't even living in the same city or country as you only to decide that she/he wasn't worth it in the first place.
If you want to give it a go, the most important part in how to make long distance relationships work is going to be communication. When 2 people are living away from each other, it becomes hard to realize that one is in relationship. You almost have to tell yourself after awhile or your mind almost forgets because it feels single.  The next best thing is going to be video-chat with services such as Skype . This brings much more intimacy to the relationship than a normal phone does and allows you to see each other, blow each other kisses. Whatever works!
Set a schedule for at least once a week but preferably a lot more than that. Try doing it when your in a happy mood and in a quiet area. Know that call quality using VoIP software is not always great and the video is not always perfect.
Another key aspect to long distance relationship is sorting out times when you can meet face-to-face. Week or longer vacations to spend with each other and also set a date when you plan for one of you to move closer to each other so that its no longer long distance. Because staying apart can't go on forever!
Long distance relationship is hard. It can work  if you trust each other, stay faithful, and stay in communication  a lot throughout the time.
I hope it works out for you!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tips For A Happy Marriage

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Thousands of people around the globe are planning of eventually walking down the aisle and taking their sacred vow, hoping that their love and relationship will last forever. However, several partners have decided to end the romance after few years of marriage. It may be the fact that their respective marriages are too difficult to work on because of some circumstances. For those couple who are in this stage, I encourage you to bring back the fire and spark to your marriage with these marriage tips. Indeed, there are marriage tips that had proven their worth for couples whose relationships are shaking and are suffering from trials. If you are encountering such problems, this article is the best for you. Allow me to go over some marriage tips that can be very helpful tools to stay in and still be comfortable with your marriage.
If you are thinking that your marriage is in great trouble, then you have to look at the bigger picture and the brighter sides of several things before you act differently. There are some marriage techniques that you can do to cement the problem with your relationship. They are creating a big factor now to couples who are undergoing difficulties with their commitment. Professionals normally give the marriage counseling sessions, particularly the psychologist who works on this matter for the longest period of time. They know that as social beings, we need a companion for life.
They reveal that the simple secret in having a happy marriage is to bear in mind that we need to spend quality time with our partner. The long and lasting commitment in the union of marriage is all about being supportive and knowing him so well. You have to grow in love, respect, and trust all together. Learn how to celebrate the gender differences instead of competing with one another. Helping and supporting your partner with your own simple way is a perfect way to show selflessness love.  Communication is the most essential factor in any marriage practice and in any other relationships.
There are marriage helps that will ask couples to consider love for each own self, too. Why? How can you be able to love someone if you cannot love yourself? You have to show your partner that you love and care about yourself. This will build trust and confidence that whatever happens, your partner will still rely on your ability. Differences can be alibis to break the marriage or can be tools to spice up the relationship. What the couples should do is to accept them whole-heartedly. Before the marriage, you should have already thought about these things and figured them out. Along with them are the financial stability, physical and medical ability, and mental capacity to handle big responsibility in a commitment. 
Another marriage tip is to give way whenever there is an argument and to stay calm in order to end up the quarrels the soonest possible time.
Nothing is greater than love. Love is immeasurable and unconditional, especially when you are already bonded in marriage. There is a common mistake of couples - this is taking things for granted. Do not do this, as another marriage advice requires.  Respect the interest of each other . Let things grow, instead of restricting him to do it, take time to try his interest and perhaps, it will be a good and quality time to bond with him. Together, doing certain things will result to more enjoyable moment and happy marriage.
At the top of all these marriage tips, you can still ignite the fire of love and romance as part of your commitment. In addition, these marriage tips serve as a wakeup call for you to fill up all the gaps and overcome the shortcomings in your respective relationships. When you see and face problems, there is no time to solve it than today. Move and work things out perfectly. Never let situations to end up the promise to be always there through thick and thin, for richer or poorer, until death does you part.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Premature Ejaculation Solutions For Men-what you can do to prevent embarrassment

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Suffering from premature ejaculation is incredibly embarrassing. Most men have gone through it, and many men continue to struggle with it no matter how many times they've had sex.
There are answers, some of which are so simple that you will have wished you've used them long ago. And some of the best and most effective solutions will work right away.
Let's look at these immediate solutions so we can eliminate any potential embarrassment that may occur in the near future:
1. Excite Her Beforehand. Think of sexual intimacy as going from A to Z. You start out at point A, excitement builds and eventually ejaculation occurs at point Z. Unfortunately for men, we naturally tend to get to the end of the alphabet very quickly while the woman is still at the beginning. So before we start our A-B-C's we need to give the woman a head start first by stimulating her beforehand. Get her A-B-C's rolling first. Try to get her to the middle of the alphabet with foreplay before actual sex. Then when you engage in actual sex, she will be much closer to point Z than you are, and you can enjoy experiencing orgasm at the same time.
2. Control Your Mind (and your body will follow). Premature ejaculation stems mostly from men not being able to control their mind. It get's cluttered with insecurity, nervousness, anxiety, and over excitement. This is a recipe for sexual embarrassment to occur. The best premature ejaculation solutions will address this issue and recommend you control your mind through confidence. Focus on being the man who pleases the woman. You are the pleasure giver and you will provide ultimate pleasure to your lover. Think of her and view your own insecurities as petty and meaningless. Seriously, this one shift in attitude will absolutely do wonders for your lasting ability.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How to Make Him Marry You - Tips to Get Your Guy to Commit to You Forever

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You want to know how to make him marry you. You consider yourself patient but when it comes to waiting for a marriage proposal, you're beginning to question whether or not it will ever arrive. You two have been together for awhile and you've made the assumption that marriage would be the next logical step. But he's yet to pop the question and he never really brings the subject up himself. Now you're starting to wonder if marriage is on your horizon at all. You want things to move to a more serious place so it's up to you to make that happen. If your man isn't falling over himself trying to get you to commit to him, you have to give him a subtle push or two in the right direction.
When you are trying to understand how to make him marry you consider what is holding him back. Men have reservations about a serious commitment like marriage for several reasons. For some men they are still reeling from their parents' divorce years before. Other men just don't feel they are in a stable place financially. Consider what your man has said in relation to marriage when you two have discussed it in the past. This will help you identify what is causing him to hesitate. Once you know what that is you can then deal with things directly.
If he's fearful because he never got over his parents splitting up, you have to ensure that he understands that you have the best intentions. Talk frequently about how serious a commitment you believe marriage is. Tell him that you believe that when a couple marries they have to give it their all in terms of trying to make the relationship work. If he sees that you aren't going into marriage with the option of divorce in the back of your mind that will help bring him comfort and peace of mind.
Finances are often the motivating factor behind a man proposing to a woman. If he feels good about being able to afford the ring and is confident he can contribute to the family budget, he'll want to take that step. Some men worry that eventually they'll be solely responsible for supporting the entire family. If your guy has made mention of that scenario, make it clear that you intend to be an equal partner in all aspects of your future marriage, including finances. If he knows you're content with your job and have no intention of leaving it that will help quiet his concerns.
Continue to always tell him how much he means to you as you work towards getting him to commit to you forever. If he feels he has your unwavering support going forward he'll be much more willing to open himself up and take that plunge with you.
You don't have to wait for him to decide whether or not he's ready to commit to you.  If you are tired of putting your dreams on hold because he's commitment phobic, there are things you can do to make him want to marry you now

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Love Pheromone - What It Is All About

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What do you know about the love pheromone? Do you have any clue as to what it is about? Irregardless of what you know, do you believe in them? There was once a famous individual named Napoleon Bonaparte who sent her loved one, Josephine, a note telling her not to wash. Many wonder as to why be that so. Hence, after a few scientific studies, scientist found out about love pheromones. You may not vividly see and understand what it's all about. Here are some tidbits about it and how they work.
1. Romantic attraction starts in the brain. Whether it is your best friend or the person you just met in the coffee shop, a relationship starts with the feeling of attraction. But how come we are attracted to one certain person and not to other people? Pheromones greatly play that role. It exists in humans wherein another person can detect them. For example, a guy's underarm scent is the human love pheromone. The brain seems to be detecting those things.
2. It is still a controversial item. The existence of these things in humans is still under debate. However, a study was conducted by Stern and McClintock about it and has claims that a scent of a person proves the existence of the so-called pheromones. They say that the vomeronasal organ can sense these things. It also includes its receptors as well as the terminal nerve endings located in the nostrils.
3. They are coined as the invisible social magnets. You wont' wonder why as to why they are coined as that. After all, it is some force that can relate to the social behavior of individuals. Many also consider it as the sex appeal. You will notice that you aren't attracted to the most handsome guy but instead you steam up to the guy who has so much sex appeal. When you come to think of it, it's an irony. The laws of attraction are completely different in the real life. Not even science could clearly explain about attraction.
4. It increases the sex drive of an individual. When one uses synthetic pheromones, they get a boost in their confidence. They feel that they are attracted to women and in return, women get attracted to them. Both of them will feel an instant love connection. Let's just say that there is an increased approachability.
You may hear people saying that "their love is a good chemistry". That is because they have the same chemicals that are activated in the same areas of their brain. You can say that love is such an extraordinary experience. There's even science to it. Your brain plays an important role. After all, it is up to the brain as to whether or not to respond to the so-called chemicals of attraction. Although this hasn't been actually proven, many believe by it. There have been lots of scientific basis yet most scientists are still not contented. There is a person who is bound to get attracted to you.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rekindle the Fire

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It is always wonderful to have somebody but after sometime of being with our partner, we very often overlook that there's more than just having someone.
We quite often shed the enchantment within the relationship, the love and the fire which use to be there, probably simply because we get too at ease with the relationship, we get way too occupied or we're feeling that it will not inspire him/her any longer, that is "in which we're wrong more often than not." We always have to put in a little spice within our relationship, dating and having time for each other. A surprise date, not only to win over your second half but to discover that enjoyment once again.
Take into consideration what she/he enjoys which you have not accomplished for very long time, simply because got so occupied and you will be surprised, just how much it could mean and what you have already for each other.
Speaking about that old great moments with each other will be wonderful, never ever feel they're uninteresting, you can always look back again and just have a good laugh at it, nevertheless great to remember alongside one another.
Never ever allow romantic relationship get cold and do not let your lover feel undesirable. What you could not say in words, you could convey it by means of actions. Embrace and kisses can warm a cold body and soul.
Staying sweet and considerate with our companion wants is essential. Do things that you use to do for her/him, things that used to make her smile and things that used to lead him to feel great.
Regardless of how long we have been in the romantic relationship, things must not change or get cold, rather keep it going discover more ways in order to build-up the emotions and passion for each other.
For a lasting romantic relationship, we need to continually find time of getting together with the person we adore. You only need to revive the fire and have the spark once again.