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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Keeping the Fire Burning In A Marriage or Loving Relationship

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Is your honeymoon stage over? Is your romance with your spouse had gone along with the adolescence of your first born? How do you make up for a relationship that seems to die down along with the constant quarrel and bout with your spouse? Can you still keep the fire burning in a relationship after years of being together?
They say marriage is only sweeter during the early stage of marriage-that would be 5 years warranty of happy and blissful life. After that, the rest is not guaranteed anymore. While others say this same view, others would surely oppose and react to this. Of course married life varies and the way couple keeps the relationship strong and bonded is dependent on spouses. How do they keep the fire burning in their relationship? Here are a few tips.
Other couples misinterpret communication with nagging that's why they wonder how come they have done their best to communicate yet their relationship still fails. Communication is a two way process. When someone talks, the other one should listen. The wife mostly failed in this area, instead of talking in a nice manner so that their point will be understood by their spouse they resort to nagging. The husband is to blame also, instead of listening-- they lack attention to their wife. And when they start talking they wanted their wife to listen intently. To keep the relationship strong and bonded, respect must always be present. Because if you respect your spouse, you would try everything to keep your words in its proper timing. You do not hurl bad words and you would also listen to his side of opinion. Words of love and optimism must always be in your talk because it brings positive input to your relationship. Instead of starting the sentence with a problem, start it with an opinion for solution for the problem. In that way you spark the interest of your spouse with positive attention.
Have romantic time alone together
It's never too old to have a date with your spouse. Always take an effort to show to your wife that you are grateful for the day you married her. Give your anniversary something special to rekindle your love with each other. Fit both your schedule once every month where both of you can have time alone together free from home hassles.
Always remember the feeling you felt during your marriage vow
Remembering the time when both of you vowed to love each other will have your memory rekindle the love you had. Sometimes when you are filled with domestic problem and responsibilities your mind is pre-occupied with nothing but these issues. And you forgot how happy you were back then during your first year of marriage.
It takes two to tango to make the marriage work. And if you have the better pair of dancing feet, try to teach and carry your partner to make your dance longer and a blissful union.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Best Ways to Last Longer in Bed

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Are you just not satisfied with the sexual intercourse you have with your partner due to premature ejaculation? Well, you shouldn't worry too much about it, because it is a common problem that many men go through. If you are reading this, then you are about to find out what the best ways are.

Here are some of the best ways to overcome this problem of premature ejaculating:

Physical Training! Being a man, having a healthy physique is truly important for outer appearance and also for a long lasting sexual encounter. Adhere to the best fitness exercises and target strengthening your muscles, as well. This improves your blood circulation.This helps you to last longer in bed! Regular exercise is recommended.
Mental training is important! Whatsoever the underlying cause might be for your premature ejaculation, it is important to be prepared mentally for sexual intercourse! Self confidence and focus is more important than anything else and will more likely help you to accomplish your goal of lasting longer while having sex. Mental preparation is one of the very best ways to last longer in bed.

With absolute confidence you can just try out the above defined ways to last longer in bed! It all works and of course will help you to achieve more sexual satisfaction.
However nothing will change unless you take action today.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Reasons Why People Fall Out of Love

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Do you find yourself deeply and madly in love with your partner? Do you ever think that at one point she'll fall out of love? Would it destroy you seeing her not in love with you?
Yes, it really hurts when someone fall out of love with you. It feels like it's killing you.  Actually there are various reasons why falling out of love is happening.
Most of the time it happens when there are young couples who both are dreaming about forever and future. Remember that the love you feel may be what we called "puppy love". It may not be for real or forever. Your focus may change as you are getting older.
Another case is when there are incompatibilities or frequent misunderstandings. As the days go by the love may be lost or just fade away. And if it is not fixed the soonest time it may lead to break up. But what else could be more painful than seeing your loved one not happy with you anymore. The purpose of the relationship is being together with your partner, happy and growing.
Remember a true love should not be fading away. But a real love has to be worked at all time. Know the different ingredients of a happy and healthy relationship.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How to Test a Man to Know If He Loves You! Now You Will Finally Figure Out His True Intentions

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It's wonderful to know that a man could love you with all of his heart. But there have been known cases of guys who pretend to fall in love.
Look into the level of respect that he gives you.
A guy who gives you respect could only mean that his feelings are for real. This is a guy who would behave and talk gently in front of you. He will never be like those calloused guys who just take you for granted and who even find it easy to get mad at you.
His concern is genuine.
This guy surely loves you if he shows that he truly cares for you and your welfare. He will always put your needs ahead of his and he will be the first to give you a helping hand every time that you ask for help.
His love is constant.
He isn't cold and distant one time and romantic on other days. You can truly depend on him because he is highly reliable. This is one guy that you can count on even during lean times. His love drives him to be there no matter how difficult circumstances may get.
Appreciation will come.
This guy will make you feel confident about yourself because he'll always have compliments for you. He  loves your best qualities.
He is ready to commit.
A guy who is truly in love would never be bothered if you bring up the topic of commitment. In fact, he would even willingly discuss this matter with you because he welcomes the idea of spending his future with you.
He has already introduced you to his folks.
Though his parents live far away from where you both are, this guy will come up with ways to make sure that you get to meet them. This is a major proof that any guy is serious with you as no guy would take a woman to his folks' place if he doesn't have any real feelings for her.
He's volunteer that you should date exclusively.
He isn't just playing with you if he would be the one to volunteer exclusive dating. To this guy, casual dating won't work because he believes that you're the one that's already meant for him. His heart is now locked to you that's why he wouldn't want to date around anymore.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Understanding Men - Down and Dirty Secrets To Getting A Man To Fall In Love With You

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Understanding men can be a powerful tool for any woman. You can pretty much get anything you want from a man if you know what he's thinking, what he needs and wants and what makes him happy. And if the first thought that comes to your mind is sex you couldn't be more wrong. Read on to learn what men really want and how you can use this to your advantage.
Pay attention to him. It sounds so simple and boring and most women don't even give it a second thought. Men crave attention and the more attention you give him the more he will respond to you. Nothing boosts a mans ego more than a word of praise from a woman especially if it's within earshot of some other guys. Simply put, take notice of him. Perform this simple yet powerful act and he won't stand a chance.
Let him be himself. Men must put up all sorts of fronts to those around them. Men are always thinking about how they should act and it's usually not they way they want to. If he knows he can be himself around you and that YOU feel comfortable with him just as he is he's going to do just about anything you ask him to. Love him for who he is and he'll return that love to you many times over.
Let him know you need him. Men have become confused about what their role is when they are in a relationship with a woman. But make no mistake about it if he's a decent man he wants to be there for you. Nothing makes a man feel better than when he can take care of the woman he loves. Show him that you need him and you'll have a man who will fall in love with you and stay in love with you.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Love Tips for Men - Why Nice Guys Have Such a Hard Time Making a Woman Fall in Love

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It gets said again and again by nice guys all around the world that women just don't seem to fall in love with them as much as they do the "bad boys." It almost gives you the impression that you cannot be a nice guy if you want to make a woman love you. Is this really true?
For most guys that describe themselves as being the classic "nice guy," it IS true for them. However, it does not have to be true. There are things that you can do that will help you get past the usual rejection that usually comes up and you CAN be more than just friends with a woman even if you are a nice guy.
Here are some reasons why nice guys have such a hard time at love and some tips on how you can change that for yourself:
1. Nice guys just try way too hard.
Most women have the impression that love is just supposed to happen. They really do believe that it just happens. So, what happens when they see that you are trying too hard? They begin to think that it must be not right, since it is clear that you are trying too hard. The way to get around this is to ease up a bit. Not only will you avoid that objection that it's just "not right," you will also take a lot of pressure off of yourself which will allow you to be more comfortable and come across as being more "real."
2. Nice guys do nothing to challenge a woman.
When you never challenge a woman, when you never make her think or never make her feel like she has to try and win you over, you disrupt the natural order of things. Don't be afraid to challenge a woman, whether it is challenging her opinions and ideas, or if it is challenging her by making her do some of the work to try and impress YOU.
3. They usually end up acting more like a friend than they do a boyfriend.
For some reason, guys usually end up thinking that starting off as a friend to a woman must be the secret to making her fall in love with them. What you have to realize is that even though this does sometimes happen, it is a rarity and not the norm. More often than not, if your focus is friendship first, then that is how she will always end up thinking about you. You have to cross the line between friendship and being more than a friend.