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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Reasons Why Men Cheat

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We all want to enjoy life and be cared for by our loved ones which is one of the reasons we get into relationships. One of the worst things that can happen in a relationship or a marriage is discovering that your husband has been cheating. This can be devastating especially if the couple had always seemed happy together.
I say "seemed" happy together because if two people are truly happy together, there will be no cheating or unfaithfulness.
One of the reasons men give for cheating is to get away from the relentless criticism that is sometimes part of married life or long term relationships. One of the things that happens in marriage is that in an attempt to take care of everything and everybody in their home, most women get into the habit of correcting others so that things will work better.
Sadly this tendency to correct can easily be called nagging. When this happens men complain about never doing anything right at home and seek solace in the hands of other women. Of course it is easy to be a loving easy going person when you meet someone only once or twice a month.
A second reason men cheat is that they complain that their wives have changed physically. They say their wives have grown fat and lost their shape. The men conveniently forget their own abdominal bulge and shamelessly apply a double standard to their wives. With this excuse they look for pretty young women to have affairs with.
A third reason men cheat is because they are looking for a source of excitement outside of their marriage. They want a person or a place where they can be free to try out their fantasies without being caught. They want to have a fling with others and still keep their marriage. Most of these men, will never ever take the time to get their own wives excited about their fantasies or desires, but they still blame them for the boredom in their lives.
According to Dr. Willard Harvey Jr., men cheat when they feel that they are not being loved, the way they want to be loved. If a man who prefers plenty of romantic gestures is married to a woman whose idea of  loving is related to activities like gardening, going to watch movies and doing concrete acts of service, there will be a problem. This creates a potential for conflict or an excuse for dissatisfaction between lovers. Men who choose to cheat will use such a dissatisfaction as a reason for their actions.

Friday, January 28, 2011

How to Experience That Special Love You Desire

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When you are in love you can't fall asleep because reality is better than your dreams!
Human as we all are, we desire love and once this feeling of desire sets in place, nothing can stop us until we get that which we want. If you so much want that special love you desire, go all the way out to trust your partner, be caring, accept blames, be honest and make your partner feel very important.
Trust is a very important factor in a relationship. It can either make or break it. If you want your partner to love you beyond all doubts, you have to learn to get rid of all negativity and trust your partner by giving him or her space and not pestering beyond reason.
Learn to listen and understand your partner to show that you care. A small note or gift once in a while will make your partner know you love and care. Have a sense of appreciation and never make a mistake of comparing your partner to his colleagues or others.
Accepting the blame for something done wrong goes a long way to revive and sustain a relationship. When you make mistakes, accept the blame and affirm to the fact that you are wrong and your partner is probably right. It is best when you accept them instantly than waiting for time to pass by before you do so.
Learn to be honest by being open to tell the truth and listen to things that may be difficult to hear. It is not always that your partner may be right so never hesitate in telling when he or she is wrong.
Above all, make your partner feel very important. Always be around when he or she is down. Do special things like opening the door, offering a seat, etc.
Love is a very special thing or feeling to experience. When you touch love, hold on to it very strong and never let it go. Always remember this, in order to experience that special love you desire, you need to learn to trust, care, accept blames, be honest and make your partner feel very important.
There is only one happiness in life- to love and to be loved in return.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tips for Lasting Very Long in Bed

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Sex is one of the most pleasurable gifts known to man. However, it can turn into an unsatisfying experience for couples if not enjoyed properly. Due to biological differences between a man and a woman, there is also a difference in how they enjoy sex. While men build up an orgasm quickly, it usually takes a lot more time for a woman to climax. This difference in time can lead to sex becoming a boring act for your woman that might leave her unfulfilled.
Here are some great tips to last much longer in bed than you normally do:
  • Learn to identify the feeling that comes just before you ejaculate and then try to slow down if you feel it approaching.
  • Kegel exercises have helped thousands of men in improving the muscle control of their penis area. Make it part of your workout routine.
  • Focus on her pleasure instead of yours and help her climax first. You can achieve this by longer period of foreplay and by giving attention to her erogenous zones.
  • It has been found that men tend to last longer during a repeat sex act as compared to the first one.
  • Letting her be on top of you helps in delaying your orgasm, especially if you guide her movements and make her go-slow while she is riding you.
  • Finally, stop obsessing about the clock and learn to enjoy the whole act of being together in bed.
Follow these tips and you are sure to have a much better and enjoyable time in the bed.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Successful Relationships - 3 Keys To Make It Happen

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The thing about successful relationships is that they're not too complicated.
They're based on simple principles that will work. And if you want to make your current relationship one of the most successful relationships you've ever been in, then you'd be wise to follow these foundational rules.
See, most people wonder and rack their brain trying to figure out how others can have such great relationships when they seem to struggle all the time.
But it's really not that hard.
So what are the secrets to having a wonderful relationship?
The first secret to a successful relationship is communication. Without communication, you can pretty much kiss your relationship goodbye.
Good communication is the glue that holds successful relationships together. And it's what makes them last, even during the toughest of times.
A good way to get into the habit of communicating properly is to always be open. Tell your spouse how you're feeling. Tell them what you're thinking.
If there's something that they're doing that's bugging you, let them know.
Otherwise, how can the other person fix whatever is frustrating you? What's more, how can they work on making this a successful relationship if they don't know what to work on?
Also when communicating, it's just as important to listen. Listen to what your spouse has to say. Listen to his fears, desires, frustrations with an open mind and heart.
This will take you a long way towards developing a relationship that lasts.
The next thing that makes for successful relationships is total honesty.
You and your partner need to be honest with each other at all times so you can maintain the trust. AS time goes, this trust will build and a successful relationship is inevitable.
Finally, the third thing you need to have is clearly defined boundaries with each other. What does this mean?
It means that you and your partner talk about what behaviors are right and which ones aren't. Also, it's a way to define what you will put up with and what you won't put up with.
This is critical to all long-term relationships, because this is an "insurance" policy to keep your relationship happy at all times.
So for example, maybe you have a boundary that neither of you can hang out often with members of the opposite sex. Or maybe, you have a rule that says if you're going to be late for dinner, call home as soon as you find out.
Small things like these go a long way to creating a relationship that's full of love, passion and trust. It's going to take some work, however, on both your parts.
It's also going to take a commitment to follow the principles as best as you both can.
So if you're wondering how on earth some people can have such successful relationships while you struggle, that's why. Communication. Honesty. And boundaries.
Use these three things and you're bound to have long, happy, loving, exciting bond with your partner. relationship. And better yet, other people will be wondering how on earth you're able to have such a successful relationship while THEY struggle. And then, you can pass it forward and help them out.:)

Long Distance Relationships Advice: How to Make the Relationship Work

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Do the obstacles of long distance affair make you think twice before pursuing it? Are you worried that the distance might make his love for you waver? Are you thinking of how you are going to make the feelings you have for each other stronger despite the distance?
Being in a relationship where you will be away from the person that you love is such a risky path to choose. Many people who are in this situation find it difficult to let their relationship blossom. Doubts, fears, and insecurities are the main issues that always affect and push the relationship to destruction. However you can overcome these trials if you are guided with a long distance relationships advice that will serve as your source of enlightenment and strength during tough times. If you are thinking of effective long distance relationships advice that you can apply in battling the distance, the following will surely help you.
1. Understand the Relationship You Will Be Involved In: A long distance relationships advice that you should consider before you decide in getting involved in a relationship is having a clear understanding of what you are getting yourself into. Ask yourself of the needs that the relationship requires and if you will be able to provide them. When you are confident that you will be able to face the hardships and responsibilities that it entails then you can pursue this relationship. Having the courage and the determination will make you persistent in making things work out for you and your partner.
2. Keep Communication On Top of your Priorities: In a relationship in which your partner will be away from you, communication will be your pillar. This long distance relationships advice will enable you to know how each of you is feeling and will erase negative thoughts from clouding the feelings that you have for each other. You can keep good communication by making it a point to talk to each other daily in whatever method is available, may it be text messaging, calling, or video chat. In this way you will not feel the distance that's hindering you from being together, thus emptiness and depression are erased.
3. Don't Let Distance Be An Issue In your Relationship: When you are in this type of relationship, which will put you in a difficult situation of being away from each other, you must not let the distance put a strain in your love for him. You must have faith and trust in each other. Instead of embracing negative thoughts, you should think of ideas that will keep your relationship enticing and fun. Keeping this long distance relationships advice in mind will enable you to defeat the distance that's separating you from him.
4. Have Faith in Love: A good long distance relationships advice that you can hang on to in time when your relationship is being put to a test is having faith in love. When the love that you have for him is true then it can brave any obstacles that will try to block its way. When challenges come, you should not let it affect the relationship easily.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In Relationships Little Things Are Big Stuff

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Little sayings that, if adhered to, make big differences. We've all heard them, you know, those sayings that make so much sense. Some of these include, "Less is more" or "Concentrate on the small things and the big things will take care of themselves".
It's the little things in a relationship that mean the most. Little thoughts, little changes of attitude and little actions make a big difference in the relationship with your significant other.
How important is it that the special one in your life knows you love and care for them? Well let's start with this, think about the last time was your sweetheart whispered in your ear that they love you or how much they have missed you. I bet you can remember this and all the emotions that it stirred up inside you. That little thing left a huge impact on you and in your memory. Yet if you can't recall a time when something like this has happened, then it's probably because you haven't had enough "little things" and haven't been told enough "I love you enough" or you just don't listen or remember. This again proves how important the little sayings and actions mean so much to us humans.
Many couples go through life without experiencing these relationship-altering and life-changing little things. It's not about the big house, the monthly income, the vacations, the presents. Those are important yet little things such as learning how to communicate in a healthy manner and expressing the small stuff that they may already know but need to hear more often then we express them.
Maybe you've never been one to offer the little things that mean so much. Maybe you don't know how to express what your partner needs to hear. How do you communicate how you feel and what they mean to you without feeling and sounding awkward? How do you do it without their laughing and not believing since this is such a new thing for the both of you? And how do you encourage them to do the same for you? By your leading and example, by the little things that you say and do the one who has your heart will respond and react in ways that you can't imagine. There's an old saying that goes you must first be the change you want to see in this world. This is totally paraphrased but totally relevant in relationships and communication too.
Small things that mean so much are crucial in building relationships. You can start with some of these ideas:
Leave a small note expressing to them what they mean to you or leave a message stating, "Remind me later to tell you something that is very important". Some people like to write notes and letters of expressions. Others like to tell face-to face. Either way little notes and messages mean a great deal to the receiver as well as the giver. By placing this note in their briefcase or on their computer.
Try a small and innocent as a gesture; a little nudge, a little flirt. Just like you did when you first got together. A rush of the hand as you walk by, a big smile, a squeeze of the shoulder or a quick neck rub or shoulder massage can speak so much. Not in a way that screams, "Let's get it on" but a gentle "Hi there." An added bonus is that all those little things may lead up to "Let's get it on" later and that can't hurt either!
Bring home a single flower or their favorite newspaper or magazine. It doesn't have to be a huge gift with a big price tag on some special holiday. Those little thoughts and actions for no reason at all on an ordinary day will make such a big difference and make your relationship extraordinary.
Sometimes what we do with the smallest of efforts makes the greatest of differences. It is indeed the smallest act of love and kindness that we teach that special person not only what they mean to us but what would mean lots to us. Just don't do these expecting something in return. Do the small things not to build you up but to build your relationship.

Effective Strategies to Make Your Wife Fall for You Once Again!

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Things are not good between you and your wife anymore. Actually, they are quite bad - you two are separated. You just can't comprehend being alone and being without her. You desperately want to know how to make your wife fall for you once again. You want to save your marriage.
The bad news is that it's not going to be easy but the good news is that it's completely possible. Below are some useful tips to make your wife fall for you once again. They worked for many men, so can't see why they can't for you!
- Analyze your marriage and look at what exactly went wrong. Before fixing the holes in your foundation, you must be able to locate what went wrong so you can take the necessary steps to fix them.
- Make a comparison of your relationship now to what it was like before. Once you know the difference you can look at it in more detail.
- Women like to keep all their feelings to themselves. Try to communicate with them and make sure that they're open with the problems in your relationship just like you are. Communication is the key to make your wife fall for you again.
You need to remain positive and upbeat if you wish to make your wife fall for you again. Things go wrong in any relationship. You just need to learn that it's not the end of the world and learn to be both patient and understanding of your partners' needs. Combining these will no doubt help you towards making your wife fall for you again.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Difference Between You And the Women Who Get the Guy

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Can't figure out why you're not getting the guy?
It's an ongoing mystery many women have a challenge unravelling. Many things can impact your results, but I've narrowed it down to ONE. And, once you grasp this, it will have a positive impact in your current dating life. I promise, you'll never look back
So, the difference between YOU and women who get the guy is:
You have stopped yourself in a place they haven't.
Now, before you have a big reaction and start telling me that ""you don't understand" just hear me out on this. It really is this simple (as all genius observations tend to be!)
Those women have learned how to push through their fears. Whatever stopped you internally or externally has simply not stopped them. When you really get this, it can make such a difference with how fast you move forward and approach your soul mate attraction goals,
So let's look at how this happens...
Lets say you set your goals. For example: I'm going to make this the year I meet my man". That may mean attending a singles event or being open to meeting new men. Now, maybe in the past you've attended singles events and you didn't have a good time or perhaps you've had a string of "bad dates" the last few months. So you decide you want to avoid all that happening again and STOP right there.
Often, you may not even be conscious that's why you're stopping. You'll come up with a lot of creative excuses like: "men only want younger women"  or "all the good men are taken".
You need to be honest with yourself if you're making these types of excuses. The instant you do AND the instant you face the reality that you're scared of...
  1. Being humiliated,
  2. Rejected
  3. Getting hurt again'll be free forever!
So this week, I want you to focus on where are you stopping yourself? It's not procrastination. There's a very good chance there's something deeper you're avoiding. It's getting in the way and it's holding you back.
All you need to do is remember that the only difference between you and the women who "got the guy" is that they don't stop at that place. You need to find a way to keep going.
Be honest with yourself about why you're stopping and remember that you can't stop there! The truth is everything you want but don't have, lies outside of your comfort zone. If it was in your comfort zone, you'd already have it!
To get what you want, if you want a different set of results, you need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  You have to do this time and time again in your love life and every area of your life.
Action Steps
  1. Get very honest about where you're stopping yourself
  2. Do whatever you need to do to breakthrough and do THAT thing that you've been avoiding.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Man Loves You - How to Know If He's Into You

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Have you ever wondered why someone does things that are somewhat unusual? Have you been wondering if perhaps a man loves you? Are you still thinking of ways to determine if he is indeed in love with you?
Women often have hard times figuring out why guys act strange and sweet all of a sudden. While others having speculations on this matter, you are left hanging without end results. And it bothers you even more on how you should respond to what they do. Now you may sleep soundly at night and conclude if in fact a man loves you. Here's how.
He respects you.
Guys love to brag and tease people regardless of the gender. As for this instance, if he respects every part of you or defends you from anything, then he might probably love you. There will also come times when he compliments your dress or even your look.
He calls for your attention.
If a man loves you, he'll do everything simply to catch your attention. Guys may act a little strange and may annoy you at times, but it only shows that they have something hidden in their actions. Your natural feeling about this will actually give you the healthy signs of him being in love.
He yells at you whenever you do something reckless and stupid.
If you think he's just concerned as your friend, you are wrong. If it comes to a point where he actually yells over you for something you've done to hurt yourself, then you are wrong with your thoughts of him being just a friend. A friend never screams or gets angry when you've done something that harmed you. In fact, they often laugh at your stupidity and just let you hurt yourself more. This is certainly something you frequently ignore because you think he's just concerned. Well he is, but in a different way. Something different that gives you the biggest sign to know if a man loves you.