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Saturday, February 12, 2011

How Do You Cure a Broken Heart?

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Break ups can be very difficult and can leave you with a hurting heart that will ultimately take time to heal. It is not easy to get over being dumped, but there are ways to answer the question, how do you cure a broken heart? Here are a few ways you can ease the pain and make your life much better in the future as you get over being left.
1. Take time for yourself
Treat this time as you are broken up as time to work on you.   Now is the perfect time for you to start going to the gym more, and stuff like that and really work on yourself. This will help to keep your mind off everything and it will also build up your confidence.
2. Have Patience
The best answer for the question, how do you cure a broken heart, is simply time. It takes time to heal. Sure you may always have feelings of some sort for your ex and that is natural, but over time you will start to have less feeling for them and you will be able to move on to someone else that is right for you. In fact when the time is right someone might come along that is just right for you and this will help tremendously with, getting over the relationship.
3. Getting your Ex Back
. Now you do need to understand that getting them back is not something that happen overnight, but if you have a plan in place that can help you not only get them back, but keep them forever, then you will start to feel the pain go away as you move closer to this goal. The secret is that you do not want them to come back out of pity or desperation for you. You really want a stronger and much more loving relationship that can stand the test of time. This means you have to be willing to follow the plan you put together no matter the situation until they are properly back in your arms where they belong.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Blue Valentines Do Not Give Up On Love

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The one day of the year we endorse and notarize and support "THE LOVE DAY."
What happens the rest of the year? Do we give up on love the remaining 364 days of the year? Do we feel and act blue when that little inner voice tells us "you are alone on this HOT RED DAY" totally loveless, singled out and isolated from the reality exposed out there wherever YOU go, expressed in bold letters " Valentine's day" Red ribbons, red hearts, red roses, red candy, red bows decorating red wrapping paper and the entire world around us painted in bright red. What do we do when our hearts feel blue and the entire universe around us is flashing in red?
LOVE! The 4 letter word each and every one of us wants to experience and feel; a high without measure. We were born to love and be loved. Love is simply a necessary ingredient in our daily diet. PLEASE do not give up on it 365 days of the year.
The perception of love is the seed you plant in your private garden and don't let anyone tell you it's not necessary, has no impact and it does not grow. You master your own intimate relationship with love. Love and rising in love, giving and receiving love will color your days, warm your hearts, kindle your souls and you will learn to dance to the rhythm of your exclusive tunes.
We've all been there at least once. If you are an active member of the lonely hearts group; THE "EMPTY loveless people" I can assure you that love will reach you again. Don't be down on love. Love starts with you.
1. If you have a significant other - make time for each other. Share with him/her all that is important and dear to you and in your heart. Talk about and express what are your deepest needs and listen and be open to hear his/her deepest needs. It's a perfect day to do so AND KEEP in mind nobody is perfect. Utopia is when you learn to cherish love. Replace letting go with letting IN with passion and good energy and genuine intentions.
2. If you are in a new relationship and the word love hasn't been mentioned; - Do not build expectations because it's Valentine's Day. Be patient; be true to yourself and to your partner. Be authentic, don't play games. Don't compete and don't compare and don't be envious of others. Do something spontaneous and follow what your heart and mind desire. Action speaks louder than words. Giving unconditionally is a precious gift.
3. If you are not in a relationships and you feel alone and totally lost and empty. Be good and loving to yourself. You've got YOU! Chose an activity you feel passionate about; a good work out, a hot cup of coffee, call your parents, text your siblings and distant friends (tell them you love them) go for a long walk on the beach, connect with nature, read a good book, stay home and turn on your favorite music, dance in front of a mirror, watch a great movie, buy yourself something unique, schedule a trip for this year to an exotic place, prepare a dream board and list your utmost 3 wishes and resolution for 2011. Give a donation. The options are unlimited. Feel liberated.
Smile regardless of what you do!
Don't ever give up on love! The pool of love is out there inviting you for a swim. Take a few laps without hesitations. Love life and life will love you back. Embrace it with a happy, open and enthusiastic attitude.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

What Will Your Message Say on Valentine's Day?

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Valentine's Day is almost upon us and for the lucky ones that will mean flowers, chocolates, cards and engraved gifts as people shower their loved ones with tokens of affection.
It is an occasion when the pressure is on to say something meaningful and memorable and for some of us that doesn't come too easily! Coming up with the right words to put in a card or have engraved on a gift is even harder when people in the movies make it look so easy.
In every film the handsome lead character seems to know the right words to say, so when you are sitting there in front of a blank card chewing the end of you pen, where do you start if you aren't blessed with the linguistic talents of Shakespeare (or even Hugh Grant?!)
Be Yourself!
If the rest of the year round you aren't really the kind of person who will come up with a thousand poetic ways of expressing your love, it's just going to look weird if you go totally overboard on Valentine's Day. Think about what you and your partner laugh about, the interests you share, the conversations you have and most of all the things you think but may not say.
Be Honest!
It may sound overly simple, but just say what you think. Your partner isn't looking for meaningless sentiments, they just want to hear what they mean to you. It's easy to get embarrassed if this isn't the kind of thing you're good at, but suck it up and do it as it will make your partner's day.
Don't Be Scary!
If you've only been with your partner a short amount of time, or if you're not together yet at all, it may be wise to steer clear of the declarations of undying love and plans for a never ending future. If you're still in those nervous early stages just use the occasion to say something nice, going overboard at an early stage might lead to you spending next Valentine's Day home alone with a cup of tea.
On Valentine's Day it can be scary if you're not that good at expressing your innermost feelings. The pressure is on when it comes to writing cards and coming up with something to say on engraved gifts. Be honest, be yourself and say something nice, your partner isn't expecting the height of romantic poetry! Keep it simple and your Valentine's cards and engraved gifts will be a huge success this Valentine's Day.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How to Keep Husband Satisfied Emotionally - Here's How to Make Him Want No One But You

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Being sexually in tuned with your husband isn't the only aspect that you should be worried about in your relationship. Having great sex is nothing compared to being emotionally one with him. In fact, these two aspects aren't the same. So how would you work at keeping your hubby emotionally satisfied?

Look through his eyes.
See how you look through his eyes. Imagine how he would describe your relationship as a couple. Don't just keep thinking about you and what you want, doing so will be unfair to him. This man deserves to be happy, too, keep that in mind.

Satiate all those sexual cravings.
And that's for both partners! Don't just keep giving him what he wants and then you are left wanting. Satisfy him sexually and tell him how he could also satisfy you sexually.

Pure appreciation, nothing less.
Always be grateful for all the things that your husband contributes into your relationship. A guy who knows that he's being appreciated will work harder at giving you more. He'll also feel a lot manlier - and that is definitely something that you would want him to feel!

Learn to anticipate your spouse's needs.
Show to your husband that you're willing to share his responsibilities. One of his needs is to be off the hook every once in a while. Know all of the things that he wants and give them to him. As long as they don't harm your relationship, pamper your husband with all of these things.

Assert your right, he'll love you for it.
If you have to emphasize what you need or want, at least make your assertion respectful. Don't ever demean your man by making him feel that he's inferior. Learn to assert for your wants and desires in a calm manner.

Love all of the members of his family.
Though some of them may not be that lovable, still, you have to do everything in your power to love these people. They are the ones who he grew up with so learn to embrace them into your life.

Agree on your future plans.
After all, you're a husband and wife team so it would be futile to plan on two different futures. You'd have to agree or you'd never be able to formulate a workable plan for your family.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Relationship Readiness - How Do You Know When You're Ready to Date Again?

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You've just been through a divorce or a break up, you have been through a lot of pain, and you think that you might be ready to date again. This begs the question, how do you know when you're ready to date again. If you go out to soon then the chances are you are just looking to be with someone, it doesn't matter who, just someone, you could meet someone who is woefully incompatible to you, you have a lousy date and end up feeling even worse. We all want to be with someone, but it is far better to find a person who is right for you, and with whom you have a chance of building a relationship.
Before you can move on to the next chapter of your life, you need to make sure that the old one has come to an end. You'll probably have some issues from your previous relationship, you have to deal with these and bring them to closure before you can move on. It's rare that just one person can be responsible for a relationship break up. You need to be able to accept and take responsibility for your part in the break up, and you need to be able to forgive your ex for the part that they played. I realise that forgiving your ex is far easier said than done, but if you can forgive them then it draws a line under the episode, and if you can draw a line under it then you can leave it in the past.
You can forgive your ex, you can work through the pain, you can do things to boost your self-esteem and confidence, but the difficult thing is in regaining your ability to trust. Trust is the foundation that you build a relationship on and you give it freely to your partner. Your experiences with your partner can erode or increase your trust, but when something happens to destroy the trust then it can be difficult to get close to and trust anyone again. How do you know when you're ready to date again? When you understand that your next partner is not your old one, and when you can freely offer your trust to them.
A good sign that you're ready to date again is that you have stopped going on and on about your ex. Possibly you noticed the glazed expression on your friends and families faces, or maybe the thought of your ex just doesn't mean that much to you anymore. If you can spend your days without thinking about your ex then you have left the past behind you and you are looking to the future.
You need to be comfortable living a single lifestyle, you need to be able to live alone, if you cannot then you need to look at the reasons why. If you are not happy being single, you go out and find someone, the question is, is that person someone you have real feelings for or is it the first person that showed an interest in you? If you are happy being single then you can take your time in looking, and you can wait until find someone you are genuinely interested in.
Now, you might have or indeed might be making the most of your time being single by leading a full and active life, which also has the added bonus of making you appear more interesting to potential partners. Do you have time to commit to a relationship. If you want your next relationship to work then you have to commit to creating the best possible relationship that you can, are you ready for all that?
Are you happy with who you are? Do you like yourself, and can you see all the positives that you can offer a potential partner? Or are you going about bewailing your situation, assuring yourself that you will never find someone and never get married? If you want to find someone and build a happy, healthy relationship, then you need to believe in yourself and be positive. Smile, be friendly and you'll find someone to match you. If you are unable build your self-esteem that you are likely to find someone with low self-esteem which would not make for a happy relationship. If someone is looking for a partner they want one with life and energy, not negativity. If you are still on an emotional roller coaster from your previous relationship, then wait until you have recovered who you are. If you are struggling with low self-esteem then look at ways on how you can build it, you will be surprised at what you can achieve if you just learn to believe in yourself.
If you can leave your past in your past and not let it affect your life, if you have been able to resolve all your issues from your previous relationship, if you have been able to build a full and active life as a single, if you are over the pain and hurt of your break up, if you are ready to wait until you can find the right person, and most important of all, if you can trust that person and treat your next relationship as something new and full of potential, then you know that you are ready to date again.

Monday, February 7, 2011

The ABSOLUTELY Best Position for Quick Female Orgasms!

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Female orgasms are very confusing - sometimes you try your best but your partner just can't reach an orgasm, and sometimes she can start screaming euphorically when you're not even trying. While female orgasms are not as well understood as men's orgasms, lately there has been extensive research into it and now we know a lot of things we didn't before.
Why Woman On Top Position Is The Best:
I'll cut straight to the chase. Probably you are one of those people who think they have to have sex in exotic, never-heard-of positions for their partners to have an orgasm. No - you're wrong. The absolutely best position for quick female orgasms is the woman on top position. Why?
Simple. It gives HER the control. When you are in charge of sex, she isn't in control, she doesn't know what you're going to do next. In addition to not being able to adjust even one parameter; she can never be sure if you're going to be doing it in the same rhythm in the next few minutes or not. Maybe you're going to slow down. Maybe you're going to just stop for a second. These things all affect orgasm heavily.
The moment she is in control is the moment she knows what's coming, and it's the moment she can adjust everything to her wishes.
Now - just "get your woman on top and she will orgasm" will be a wrong thing to say. Female orgasm has many factors. Sexual position is a very important one. Putting her on top will take care of THAT. However, many important points are still there:
  • Foreplay
  • Hitting the right spots in the vagina

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Best Way to Meet Women - Should You Really Be Yourself?

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Are you looking for tips on how you can win the heart of the woman of your dreams? Do you want to be able to settle down before the age of 50? Do you consider yourself to be a dating failure because of the string of unsuccessful dates you've had over the past months? If you answered yes to any of the questions we just asked, then it's about time that you get your act together. The only way that you'll be able to meet women that somehow bear similarities to you is by being yourself. The following tips might just help you get your foot in the door of dating success.
The first thing that you need to do is to focus on your strengths. List down all the positive qualities that you see in yourself and get started on building your confidence one step at a time. If you don't know who you are, how else would you be able to market yourself to that special woman?
Next, learn to package yourself. The same way that many businesses have managed to market themselves to reflect only the positive aspects of their products and services, you should also learn to subtly advertise yourself in a way that you're showing off all your positive traits. Look for positive character traits that you want your personality to be defined as and stick to that definition. Once your mind starts to believe it, it's only a matter of time before the rest of you catches up.
Last but not the least, muster up all the courage you have and make that move. All that planning is not going to amount to anything if you don't execute the plan. If you're serious about finding the best way to meet women, you'll make that effort to get out there and start mingling. It only takes one small step to make all your dreams come true.
So there you have it. You don't have to be a movies star to get the woman of your dreams. Just remember to always be yourself and you're bound to run into that special someone you've long been waiting for.