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Friday, February 18, 2011

Is Love Really Blind?

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You may have heard the expression that love is blind, and while it hold some good merit to it that is not always the case when we first meet someone.
When we first meet someone we normally size them up as we would with anything we are investing in for the long-term future. We see what they can offer us in terms of happiness, companionship, and even financial stability. We base our attraction on the finding of our research and decide whether they are worth pursuing more or whether we should avoid the person and move on. And they are doing the same thing. I know it sounds harsh but it's the truth.
Most of us spend our first impression and first few dates trying to convince our potential love interest that they will be getting a good deal if they choose us. We are on our best behavior. We are wearing our most flattering clothes. We are trying to say all the right things and do all the right things to ensure this person see's us as a good candidate for their life.
Now if love was really blind then we wouldn't have to put on our best behavior in the start. We would instead let it all hang out for the other person to see. We would do all of our disgusting habits in front of them and we would act as we do when we are sitting at home on a Monday night. But we don't do that until later in the relationship. This is when love really becomes blind.
Later in the relationship, after we have hooked our love interest firmly into our lives, we stat to let our true colors shine through. All of our annoying habits and traits that only our mother could love start to come out. This is when our partner see's through many of our 'faults' and instead views us for who we really are inside.
They look past the things that normally turn off a new love interest and instead focus on the things that are important to them in the relationship like security, companionship, and being loved.
Of course there is an exception to this rule. Sometimes the person loses their best behavior only to reveal a nasty and ugly behavior beneath it. This could take the form of abuse, cheating,;etc. This is when many people struggle with their relationship and whether to stay in it or not.
In fact most people do not let their love blind them from the truth of what their partner is doing to themselves and their relationship. Instead they either start fighting with their partner and live in unhappiness or leave their partner because love is not enough.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

How To Find True Love Without Getting Hurt

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Do you imagine yourself all alone when you get old? Do you dread that kind of imagination? Do you want that to happen to you in real life? It is a definite no. It is safe to say that no one wants to grow old alone. You notice that nearly all of your friends are headed to the altar and wear that white gown. You feel that you are being left behind. You are still single and can't find a man you want to spend with for the rest of your life. That's kind of miserable feeling. But you don't have to worry. You can find a guy who you will treasure for the rest of your life. Just like hunting, finding the perfect mate can be painstaking. You just need to know how. Here's how.
1. Get rid of your bad habit.
You need to be able to sell yourself. The best thing you need to do is to get rid of your bad habits. Talking out loud with your girlfriends is a big no-no. You might want to get the rid of the bad habit of biting your nails or yawning when you are talking with a male being. The change won't happen overnight. You can do the change day by day until it vanishes. Getting rid of those things will make you become a better person.
2. Say goodbye to all your insecurities, fears and inhibitions.
One of the major reasons why you are still single is because you are afraid. You have not released any emotional issues. You got hurt from the past relationships that you had and you seem to be scared of getting hurt again. It seems that you are still holding on to the hurtful things in the past. You need to move on. You need to identify the things that have been bothering you. You need to deal with it. You have to settle things.
3. Love yourself first before anyone else.
Just like the one written in the Bible, you can't give love if you don't have love. You need to learn to appreciate yourself. So how do you do that? You can take yourself out on a date. Eat pizza, chocolate, pasta and all the other dishes that you want. Make it a point to spend quality time for your own self. You can say good things about yourself. You could also list down the good qualities that you have. Also, get a makeover. You can cut your hair or go for a shopping spree.
4. Learn to forgive and let go of your Ex
You won't be able to let a man enter your heart if you still have feelings for your ex. You can accept their apology for the wrong things they have done. You need to have closure. It will help you remove all the emotional baggage.

Love Brings Peace - Such As Peace to Egypt

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The love shown by so many people within and outside Egypt during this relatively peaceful revolution is something to admire.
Images of tanks facing protesters and protesters offering gifts and hugs to soldiers, who reciprocated in kind, shows that anything is possible when love is the basis. These images brought back vivid memories of the 1989 Tiananmen Square face-off, with the lone protestor facing the line of tanks. This protest, which unfortunately ended with hundreds of protestor deaths, arguably led to the China of today, a China developing in leaps and bounds. Images which also brought back memories of the peaceful revolution in the Philipines a little earlier in 1986, which themselves led to a democratic Philipines. The latter inspiring the 1989 revolutions which led to the fall of the communist dictatorships in Europe and Asia.
Love is an extremely powerful force which can peacefully lead people to dramatic and revolutionary events and outcomes. History has numerous events which began out of love and ended in peace. Some of the greatest people in history influenced such impacts, for example: Jesus - God to Christians, Mohammad, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, etc.
We, the everyday people, are challenged to likewise allow love to bring peace to our particular part of the world, our community, our family, ourselves!
Just as in Egypt this month, there will be many challenges and threats to peaceful outcomes for us. However, if the intention is legitimate, the outcome will often be special. However, at times, considerable work is needed to convince various parties to become involved and think similarly for peace. Heartbreak is also an option and sometimes reality, but an option which often needs to be experienced and learnt from... Out of pain and hurt, love often brings happiness and joy.
We can all be inspired by the events of this month in Egypt and last month in Tunisia. Peace was not totally attained without violence, however violence was minimal and usually from the threatened force - the cornered 'animal' syndrome. The peace-lovers were mostly just that, peaceful.
 Love once again wins out! Love brings peace - a peace to Egypt and hence a more peaceful world! We can all learn from this and make love the top priority.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Body Language Signs Of Love And Chemistry: The Eyes Say It All

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The eyes emanate a large amount of signals which, if analysed objectively and properly, will give you all the answers you need with regards to your loved one's feelings for you or at least attraction towards you.
First of all, and this may sound obvious though absolutely true, our eyes go towards what we love to see. If someone is attracted to you, they will look at you as often as they can; they would look at your all the time if they could, if they did not feel embarrassed by doing so. If they are not sure of your attraction for them they may try to hide this but you should be able to 'catch' them looking at you many times. If someone does not look at you, they are not attracted to you; plain and simple.
Now, let's talk about the movements of the eyes when they look at you: they may gaze into your eyes of course, for prolonged moments, but this is proportionate to their confidence that their attraction or love for you is reciprocated. If they are not sure about your feelings for them, more 'subtle' eye movements will take place instead: whilst talking or listening to you, after their initial short gaze into your eyes, their eyes will quickly move to another part of your face, such as eye to eye to mouth or eye to hair, as if they were caressing you with their eyes. If they have even less confidence or if they don't know you, they will look at you often and then look away.
The common belief that those who find us attractive have dilating pupils is true; however, since this event takes place in a number of other circumstances (such as in a poorly lit room or after consumption of certain drinks or foods), you cannot rely on it as a one-off signal. If they raise their eyebrows, on the other hand, whilst looking back at us after looking away, it is commonly believed to be a strong indication that they find you attractive.
If you are talking to someone close-up and you notice not only that their pupils are dilated (larger than usual and larger than other peoples in the room) but also that their eyes seem to be somewhat watery, you can safely assume that this person finds you attractive.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How To Stop Ejaculating Early While Having Sex - Covert Tricks To Last Longer In Bed!

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Premature ejaculation can be pretty embarrassing for a man. It's one of the things that are considered to be an insult to his manhood. If you've been suffering from it, let me tell you something. You're not alone. Almost 90% of men suffer from premature ejaculation.
Some take steps to fix them. But almost 80% of the men live their lives without doing anything about it. There are solutions to last longer in bed. You can stop ejaculating early by gaining control over your arousals and your ejaculation. It takes some persistent work. But once you do it, you will be able to satisfy your woman by lasting all night long.
Doing kegel exercises - Kegel exercises are designed to help you gain control over the PC muscle. The PC muscle is the muscle that affects your arousal and your ejaculation. A weak and overly sensitive PC muscle will cause you to ejaculate very fast. However, a strong PC muscle will help you control your ejaculation. The only way to strengthen this PC muscle is by working it out. The kegel exercises can be very powerful. Here's one kegel exercise:
When you are urinating, try holding off your urine for a few seconds. You will feel a contraction in your penis. The muscle contracting is your PC muscle. Do it when you are free. Do 2 sets of the exercise (10 reps) once in the morning and once in the evening. Keep doing the exercise on a daily basis. If you do it for a few weeks, you will definitely see significant improvements in your sexual stamina.
The first - The first round might end up in quick ejaculation because of should not worry.  The second will last longer since the excitement is being reduced thereby help you satisfy your woman in bed.

Monday, February 14, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

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The rose doesn't just happen. It takes a lot of care. A rose garden comes with aggressive legions of weeds to be pulled. Many pests lurk in rows ready to take down the plant and take advantage of the rose's tender nature. One un-attended weed, or small aphid can easily destroy the young rose. But the hard stem and bristly thorns have rooted resilience that comes back year after year.
Our relationships have so much in common with the rose, it's the first thought for a Valentine's gift. In ancient times, the rose was ground up and used in love potions. Today over one hundred varieties of roses fill greenhouses and florists shops, waiting quietly, patiently to cast their spell. According to floral industry research, over thirty-three Billion dollars are generated in the floral industry annually with Valentine's Day ranked as the number one holiday for gifting flowers. About three out of every four flowers given are roses. Most of the buyers are men. It's our human courting ritual, our attempt to compete with the male Peacock at showing off brilliant colors, to do a little dance and make a little love.  .
In our fragile relationships come the thorns, miss-placed words, neglect while the weeds grow, and occasional bouts with disease that threaten to strangle what love is left. As you reach for the rose, remember to avoid the thorny branch. Protect the tender flower of your un-conditional love with all the attention and care you can muster.  Keeping the fire alive is our job as we tend the garden of our love, the way that ancient farmer fulfilled his duty to nurture and bring to life that very first rose.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

How to Know What You Are Feeling Is Love

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You see them for the first time, your heart skips a beat and time stands still, you whole focus and being is directed at that one special person, you could be the last tow people on earth because at that point of time you can see no-one or nothing else. You talk and make a date to see each other again. You are excited by the prospect of seeing them, they are all that you can think about. But, how to know what you are feeling is love and not infatuation?
When you meet someone for the first time, you form a temporary bond based on physical attraction, infatuation and lust. It's where you have an instant chemistry between you rather than caring for that person. If there is a real connection between you then your love will grow as you get to know each other better.
While physical attraction is a big part of love, after all you are not going to form a bond with someone who you don't like, love is much deeper than that. If what you have is love then you have a relationship that is based on caring, commitment, trust, and most important of all friendship. The person that you love is your best friend, they are someone who you can completely open up to, who will support you, and be there for you. You have no secrets from someone who you love, you are a complete open book to each other, which allows you to be yourself with them
Love can be a difficult thing because it means accepting each other for who you really are, and not trying to change them into something that they are not. The person that you fall in love with has their good and their bad points, but that is what makes them who they are. If you try to change them too much then you will lose their individuality, they will not be the same person that you fell in love with, will you still love them then? The same goes for your relationship, don't try to change it into something that it is not, real life is not like the movies, accept your circumstances and with your partner commit to building the best relationship that you can.
How to know what you are feeling is love? If you are genuinely in love then you are in a relationship that you hope will go the full distance. You can see and feel that you have a future together. You probably have similar ideas as to how the relationship can develop and you share a joint vision for the future.
There is something about your partner that makes you feel comfortable with them, you feel safe, happy, and warm inside when they are around. It doesn't matter where you are, what you are doing, you might just be sitting quietly in a room together, but you feel comfortable being with them, it feels right. Being with your partner also makes you feel good about you are, they make you feel appreciated and wanted.
We all have our flaws, habits that probably need changing, or things about ourselves that could do with an overhaul. When what you are feeling is love,you don't see any of the imperfections, or if you do you are able to overlook them because you are so much in love. There will come a point when you will notice all these things, but hopefully by that time you will have come to love the person for who they are, and not who you want them to be.
You know what you are feeling is love, when the deep feelings that you have for your partner are reciprocated and you are able to tell each other just how much you love them. You can talk about nothing for hours at a time or be happy just being in a companionable silence. You become concerned for their well-being and their happiness is your number one priority.
So, how to know what you are feeling is love? You just know. If you are still early in your relationship then you might have the first flickers of love, but it takes time for love to develop and grow. If you have been long enough together to build a close, deep friendship where you are comfortable being with each other and where you have come to know each other, where you can see a future stretching down the years, and when your partner is the first person that you turn to, then, I think that you can say that what you have is love.