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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Learn to make your PC tight (part 1)

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PC means pubococcygeal muscles. These are your pelvic floor muscles. To exercise them squeeze like you are stopping the flow of urine, mid-stream, and hold for 10-15 seconds.
The PC muscle should be about 3/4 inches wide when fully developed. It's located about 2 inches within the vagina and runs circularly. This muscle contains most of the nerve endings found in the vagina and is the source of the sexual vagina feeling. First you need to find the muscle. Sit on the toilet, spread your legs as far as possible, and start and stop the flow of urine. For both women and men, the PC muscle is the only one that can accomplish this. Start and stop the flow three times to set the PC action in your mind. Then empty the bladder completely.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Is your PC strong or weak?

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A woman's PC muscle controls her bladder and vagina. If her PC muscle is strong, her vagina will hold her husband's penis tightly. This will help her to feel pleasure during sex.
But if her PC muscle is weak, her vagina will be too loose. Then she will fail to find much pleasure in sex.
Many women have an overly loose vagina. Why? Because they don't know how to exercise their PC muscle.
Even when a woman is told "your PC muscle needs exercise", she may not know how to do it. For example, a lady( not named) began trying to exercise her PC, she made the mistake of squeezing the wrong muscle. Every time she told herself, "Now I will squeeze my PC", she actually squeezed her thigh muscles instead.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Commitment Phobia - Getting A Man To Commit And Be Happy About It

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Commitment phobia in men is a problem women face when trying to take their relationship to the next level. There can be one or several reasons why a man struggles with developing a deeper intimacy with a woman. By identifying the problem and working on a solution men can overcome their commitment phobia and experience love and happiness with a woman.
Men who are afraid of relationships are often unable to verbalize their feelings and explain exactly why they won't commit to a relationship. To a woman this can be frustrating and confusing. The man seems to enjoy her company but does not want to take the relationship to the next level. A woman must know the reasons that men who are afraid of relationships have to better understand what is holding him back.
Past relationship experiences. Men with commitment phobia might have experienced painful and unsatisfying relationships in the past and understandably want to avoid a similar experience. If this is the case the woman can try to assure the man that each relationship is unique and presents the opportunity for a new beginning.
Loss of freedom. Some men who are afraid of relationships fear the loss of personal freedom that comes with a serious committed relationship. If the woman senses that this might be the reason for a man's hesitancy to become more seriously involved, an honest and open conversation in which topics such as mutual respect and boundaries can be discussed and some ground rules agreed upon.

Monday, February 21, 2011

17 Signs You Found True Love

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The chemistry between a man and woman can be either good chemistry or bad chemistry. Many of us, through lots of experience know what it feels like to be in a relationship where the chemistry can be very strong. 
What about good chemistry, what does it feel and look like, and how do you know the chemistry between the two of you is good? How do you know you are with the right person?
1. You feel very comfortable with one another, as if you have known each other longer than you actually have.
2. You tend to agree with one another on most issues, and there is a feeling of warm familiarity surrounding your personal belief systems, values, philosophies and life goals.
3. You are very much involved in one another's daily affairs and conversations between the two of you are generally mentally stimulating and lively.
4. You joke around with each other a lot, and your relationship is spontaneous and light, adding a happy and friendly boost to your interactions.
5. You nurture each other with specialized attention, mutual appreciation, acceptance, admiration and playfulness; these keep the romance alive.
6. You enjoy spending plenty of quite time together in homely surroundings giving true meaning to the words feeling "at home" with one another.
7. Open communication is alive and thriving, making it possible to be yourselves with one another.
8. You are more able than most couples to remain objective about your relationship and to work through problems that most couples find very difficult to deal with.
9. You are warm, gracious, compassionate and flexible with one another, and tend to expect the best from one another.
10. You easily forgive each other when things go wrong and trusting one another keeps you closer.
11. You are quite protective (not possessive or controlling) of one another and of the privacy of your romantic lives. Others see you as a positively bonded and caring couple.
12. There is no fear of losing the other and commitment to each other and dedication to your relationship are important for your sense of security as a couple.
13. There is an earthy sensuality to your relationship and the sexual chemistry between you is so apparent it's almost tangible.
14. Expressing yourselves emotionally and sexually comes naturally and without inhibitions. Feeling secure with one another puts you in the "mood" for intimacy and strengthens your affections for one another.
15. Together you are able to take big risks knowing that you will always have each other and can always count on each other.
16. There is a whole lot of positive energy generated between the two of you, and together, you are enthusiastic about life itself.
17. The longer you're with each other, the stronger your relationship becomes.
Hopefully this information will put your heart and mind to rest. But if it causes you to feel "uneasy" then you need to really look at who you are with. You can be honest with yourself and face the pain that comes with the realization that you may not be with the right person for you, or you can ignore it now and later regret why knowing what you know you still pursued a relationship that was not good for you. The beauty of all this is that you have the power over what you choose to do!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Why Are Men Afraid Of Commitment? The Truth

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One main reason is the women in their past. All those women who seemed so cool in the beginning that turned into nagging, drama queens. You know the type, she was clingy and needed his constant attention and validation. She threatened his freedom to the core. Yep, he is probably going to be a little more cautious. There really are a lot of crazy women out there.
He fears you won't accept him as he is, and will try to change him. This is a common fear that keeps some men from committing. You can bet there are also a lot of women out there who try and change a man. When a man feels like you are trying to change him, he doesn't feel like it's actually him you are attracted too. He feels you are attracted to the man you want to create or a fantasy that doesn't exist.
So you ask Why are men afraid of commitment? The truth is, they really aren't afraid of commitment, they are just afraid of commitment with the wrong woman. They fear once they get him hooked, it's all going to change. The excitement will be gone. Men want excitement and the thought of not having any isn't appealing to them.
Trust is one the reasons: I don't mean trust as in he won't cheat on you trust. I mean trust in that you trust that he has your best interests at heart, you trust that he can make his own decisions. You don't try and tell him what he should do because you trust his judgement.
Men also won't commit if they haven't built a deep emotional attraction with a woman. This has to be an attraction that causes him to think of her when they are apart. This attraction has to be present with men. When it's not, it's one of the reasons why men are scared to commit.