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Friday, March 18, 2011

It Looks Like He Doesn't Want To Marry Me-Discover What He's Really Thinking

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You've been dating for a while now, perhaps even a couple of years. And maybe, you even live together. And even though marriage has come up a few times in your previous conversations, he hasn't proposed. And now, you can't help but wonder: Why doesn't he want to marry me? So to discover what he's really thinking, and what you should do next, read on...
Women have a fantasy of marriage. There's the beautiful wedding, the romantic honeymoon, the building of a family nest, and even having children together.
Don't get me wrong. Men want this too. But men tend to be a lot more practical than women. On top of desiring all the love, passion and romance of being in a committed relationship, he is keenly aware of the responsibilities he is committing to, once he decides to tie the knot and be married.
So if the man you love doesn't want to marry you, it's probably because he has doubts about his ability to make you happy and provide for all yours (and future children's) needs.
On the other hand, if your relationship has been filled with problems, and the two of you tend to fight quite a bit, his reluctance to marry you right now is probably because he's not sure that things will improve once he marries you. And he's right.
Marriage isn't a bandage that can help to solve all your relationship issues. It will only make them bigger. And men are very aware of this.
A man who comes from a broken family will be even more wary about making a commitment to marry you - because he's seen his parent's marriage breakdown before, and even experienced the consequences of it. Hence, he will do his best to avoid re-creating his parent's mistakes.
Ultimately, the reason why a man doesn't decide to marry you right now, is that he's not ready to settle down yet. This doesn't mean he will never marry you. But, if you try to push him into marriage - by manipulating him with tears, guilt, etc, you are playing a dangerous game.
Men hate being manipulated (women hate it too, don't you?). And the more you try to use emotional blackmail against him, the further he'll run away from you. So right now, instead of constantly worrying about why doesn't he want to marry me, the best thing you can do is to let him off the hook and change your focus. Think about all the great things he is doing and how much you appreciate him for being in your life.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Why Do Men Lose Interest In a Woman So Suddenly? And What can be done about it

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It is extremely perplexing when a man who you've been having fun with, talking a lot with, who genuinely seemed very interested in you just a few days ago, can suddenly transform and lose interest in you so fast. when something like that happens, not only do you feel hurt and angry, but you also really want to know the answers to:
  1. Whether it was something you did wrong?
  2. Is there something wrong with that man?
  3. Why do men behave this way?
  4. and what can I do about it?
Probably the most common answers to these questions are... because he is
  1. a jerk,
  2. afraid of commitment,
  3. got what he wanted and didn't feel excited about the chase anymore.
You see, what we have here are non-quality men. And there really is no use talking too much about them... because they are not the kind of man you truly want in your life. You do want a man who cherishes and adores you, don't you?
So instead of focusing on why do men lose interest in a woman, why don't we talk a little bit more about how to keep a good quality man's heart and interest instead - the kind of man who wants to make you happy and marry you?
Once you understand how to get and keep a good man's heart, you will be grateful that the man who suddenly lost interest in you did. Because now you have the opportunity to meet someone much more suitable with you.
The key to getting and keeping a good man's heart is to first be able to spot a good man. And the only way to do this is to be cautious with your heart and take things slow. Get to know a guy better first before giving your heart to him. See how he behaves towards others, and notice how he treats the people who are close to him - his family, good friends and work colleagues. This truly takes time.
Next, you need to cultivate your own inner beauty - by learning how to love, it will be impossible to love another if you don't love yourself
Lastly, you need to truly get to the heart of what men really are about and learn how to look at him with eyes of love. Because a man wants to be with a woman who loves him and appreciates him for who he is, and makes him feel like a man.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Learn How To Become An Exciting And Attractive Wife

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There is a tendency for the sexual life of a couple to become droning, boring and not so exciting. This must not be allowed to happen. The purpose of this article is to demonstrate to wives how to improve and make their sexual lives with their husbands more exciting and fulfilling.
Please, let me be quick to add here that if you are a proud wife or a lady who hates to kowtow, especially to your husband, then do not bother to read this article. The suggestions in this writing is only revealing to the woman that walks in humility. There are several ways in which a woman can attract and excite her husband.
A wife who really wants to step up in her sexual life should be prepared to do these few suggestions:
  1. Enticingly dress when you are alone at home with your husband. Do the same thing when you are both in the bedroom.
  2. Try serving your husband's food dressed in a scanty top or short nightie. Try leaving your blouse open. You could also serve him with only a towel wrapped around you.
  3. When your husband is in the bathroom, you could go to the bathroom with only your underwear on and hold and hug him. You could also go behind your husband unexpectedly, grab his genitals, including his "balls" and begin fondling them. Please my dear ladies, do well to get your timing right.
  4. Deliberately lie on the bed and fall asleep naked. Believe me, this sight will catch your husband's attention when he walks into the room, immediately igniting his penis to erect. Do not forget to apply lotion to your body so to make it succulent and appealing. Also lie in bed completely naked and cover a part of your body with a sheet.
  5. Try lying down naked on your face at night and spread out your legs so that he can see your seductive buttocks and vulva. Let me warn you wives at this point that you should be ready, prepared and anticipate to receive certain erect  things in your vagina when you do this. Oh come on! Is that not what you've always wanted?
  6. Persuade him to please help you shave your pubic hair as you cannot reach the hairs down below very easily.
  7. When your husband is watching TV, do these four things:
    • Undress completely.
    • Go sit down next to him.
    • Put your head on his lap.
    • Anticipate a kiss, especially on your breast.
  8. Purposefully undress and ask your husband to give you a massage. Pretend to have a slight ache in your breast, back or buttocks and ask him to massage them for a while.
  9. Just mooch around naked in the bedroom when your husband is there. Surely, this will draw his attention to you. Please, do not blame me if your husband jumps on you to "devour" you. But what do you expect?
  10. Finally, sit in a chair reading a book with your blouse and bra off and spread out your legs to show your pants. Warning! All these should be done when you are alone at home with him.
Do not be a boring wife. Get exciting!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ingredients essential to a healthy and lasting relationship

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What must couples do to build strong and lasting relationships? There are some who would make light of this question. They argue that people marry and divorce every day, and life goes on, end of story. That's an attitude that scares me. I believe that a relationship between a husband and wife should be held in much higher regard. Furthermore, I don't believe that most husbands and wives who make a mess of their marriage get up one day and decide to screw everything up. Rather, I believe most people need some help-lots of help-in this area. Divorce is ugly, painful, and costly, and there are no true winners.
Being a Christian, I should argue that having the right relationship with God is vital for a husband and wife, or for a man and woman who are dating, if they are to build strong relationships. That is certainly my conviction. Wasn't God the one who who ordained marriage (Ephesians 5:31)? However, just because a man and a woman are Christians and they love each other do not guarantee a vibrant relationship! Let me quickly share with you three important ingredients essential to a healthy and lasting relationship:
  • A strong relationship requires hard work. Strong marriages and relationships between a man and a woman are not happenstance. Every couple has to work at it. Believe me, the honeymoon expires, and the dream world comes to an end. Also, with time, you will see the side of your mate that you haven't seen before. And though through marriage two become one, each person is still an individual with personal aspirations and dreams and God-given potential. Couples must work through these and other issues, and sometimes the work is hard.
  • To build a lasting relationship, couples must labor to keep it fresh over time. Why do we think that because we are married, we no longer have to date one another? Or that longevity gives us a license to take each other for granted? The longer the relationship lasts, the more difficult it can be to keep things from going stale. On the other hand, the longer we have been with someone, the better we know what pleases him or her. These are the switches we must turn on to keep the fire burning.
  • To build a strong relationship, couples must weather the climate changers. What are those? They are the things that can happen during the life of a relationship that can change its very climate. The person we met five years ago might not be the same person today, though they are really the same person. For example: the woman might not be that sexy as compared to when you initially met and these changes can become game changers in a relationship. Other examples include the arrival of that first child, a serious health problem in one mate, financial woes, etc. We can't cry foul when life throws our relationship a curve ball or two. Like good soldiers, we must endure hardships (2 Timothy 3).

Monday, March 14, 2011

Kissing: the most physical and purest forms of romance in the world

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Kissing is one of the most physical and purest forms of romance in the world-yet there are many who don't get to enjoy it. It's because they fear it.
If you're afraid of kissing, then you're missing out on something important. The following tips, nevertheless, may help you loosen up a bit:
Know the reason for the fear. There is a long list of reasons why you don't want to kiss. Perhaps you're scared of getting a disease. It may also remind you of a traumatic event in your life. You may have been sexually or physically abused, or your parents may have divorced after many years.
You need to get over the fear before you can go on and kiss someone. A good way to relieve yourself of the fear is affirmation or subliminal message. Some of the following are applicable:
I am not afraid to kiss.
For me to kiss, I should let go now of my past.
The past doesn't have to affect my present or my future.
I am going to kiss someone I deeply trust.
Kiss someone you truly care about. A kiss is best if it's shared with two people in love. By then it gains meaning. That's why you have to kiss only those whom you really care and love. Besides, if the person truly cares about you, he will also go on to great lengths to make the moment very significant, special, and intimate for you.
Do it when you are both alone. It helps a great deal if you reserve the kiss when the two of you are alone. You have no distractions, and there's no one who will increase your nervousness or anxiety.
Share your fears. Never be afraid to let the person know that you're afraid of kissing. The best guys are understanding and patient. They are willing to wait for the time when you're fully ready. If not, they can be your guide all throughout the process. They'll make you feel very comfortable about the idea and of the kiss itself.
Let your emotions guide you. You can reduce the pressure and fear of kissing if you allow your emotions to be your ultimate guide. This means that you kiss only when you have to. No one should force you to do it. Moreover, when it's emotions that direct, the kiss is always at the perfect time.
Don't kiss a person immediately. It's not a good idea to kiss someone in your first meeting unless the attraction is very compelling. Instead, take some time to get to know more about the person. Build trust and respect. Do it when you're at your most comfortable stage.
Start slow. If you're not used to kissing or if you have never been kissed by the opposite sex, to be kissed directly on the lips can be very shocking and awkward for you. You can avoid that by telling your partner to start slow. Perhaps you can begin with kiss on the cheeks or on the forehead.