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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Honesty Is The Best Policy When Trying To Find Your Soulmate

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The dating scene is quite a show. We get dressed up and prance around showing off the best of ourselves. But are we kind of wasting our time?
When you're looking for your Soulmate you're in a different kind of game. You're playing in the big leagues. And when the stakes are high and the competition is fierce you need a way to really up your game.
And I think that honesty may be the key ingredient to doing just that.
Well because when you're finally ready to meet "The One" you're looking for, a different kind of person. Someone that's special. An individual that loves you for all that's good about you. But someone who can accept and help you with everything that isn't so shiny as well.
And those parts of ourselves that we're not that proud of should be brought to light sooner rather than later. You have to remember that they're going to find out anyways. So why not be up front about it from the very beginning?
The German novelist and poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe had this to say about honesty,"What is uttered from the heart alone, Will win the hearts of others to your own."
And when you're looking for your Soulmate you really want to lead with your heart. There needs to be an honest innocence that pours out from you.
That way you can have a level of certainty that the other person will respond in kind. That they'll show you the full truth of themselves as well.
Leading with honesty can be terrifying. Because we're sort of naked. Standing there for all to see. But that's really what you truly want once you get past the fear. When you push past that tiny voice that wants to protect you from being hurt you come in contact with the innate strength that dwells within each and every one of us.
That honest vulnerability works for you. Helping you weed out the frogs from the prince's. It clears the field so you can see clearly who's really out there and who's truly going to love you the way that you deserve to be loved.
 Why rush into a relationship just because it's convenient or because you're lonely. Stick to it and trust that there is a person out there for you. Someone who can love and accept you for who you are and what you're about.
So honesty is the best policy when you want to find true love. True love demands that of us. Rewarding the brave few that have the courage to face that challenge. Drawing into their lives people of a higher caliber. People who are ready for the same. Individuals that are strong enough to walk hand in hand with you through this journey we call life.
The journey can be hard at times. And during those hard times you want someone who's going to have the conviction to be committed to you and what life throws at you.
Be honest, be yourself.

5 Ways to boast Your Relationship

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Relationships are always a work in progress. So many people work really hard  building a relationship and then once they feel comfortable with it they just stop altogether. If you stop paying attention to the relationship or stop trying to improve it on some level then your relationship will start to lose the closeness that it once had.

Here are 5 ways to enhance your relationship and make it stronger than ever before.

1. Study the Opposite Sex

If you don't understand how your woman feels for telling her she looks alright in that dress than study they way women hear things and how they interpret them. And if you don't understand why your man stops talking when you ask him to share his feelings then study how men deal with their feelings about negative situations.

Men and women see the world through different eyes and the sooner we realize that the healthier our relationships will be. For instance, one sentence may be interpreted completely different by a man than a woman, and vice-versa. It's your job to really understand why that is and how you can say and do things to please your partner based on how they see the world.

2. Spend More Time Together.

The days are filled with work, kids, or school and the nights are filled with supper, TV, and bedtime. When is the time for your relationship?

Spending even an hour a day together talking, sharing, and being close is vital to a happy relationship and will instantly make you feel closer to your partner when you do it.

3. Share Your Common Interests.

Common interests are what bring us together in relationships and they make our relationships have strong ties that hold us together. You have to nourish those ties and make them an important part of the relationship. Not only does it make you feel connected on a deeper level but it's just fun to do things that you both love together. Your relationship will thank you!

4. Offer Each Other Support
So start being more supportive of each other and the ideas that each of you have. Support shows that you are on their side of life no matter what, and that you are behind them no matter where they choose to go. This will only make your relationship stronger and more fulfilling.

5. Keep Sex Alive and Interesting
If your sex life is boring, then you need to study new ways to make it more exciting. If your sex life has become a drag then it can become a huge issue in your relationship.

And don't get caught up in the thought that only the act of sex is important. Every other aspect of sexual relations is important in enhancing a relationship and keep you connected including touching, caressing, and even hugging!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Mend A Broken Heart Being Busy

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When you are dumped by the person you loved most and your heart is broken at that point of time it seems to you that life has suddenly become miserable and not worth living. It is very painful to accept the truth that your partner is no longer with you and the relationship is no more. Sometimes people used to take the aid of intoxicants and other drugs to cope up with the pain. It is very true that going through this phase is very difficult one. If you are feeling lonely and need to talk to someone you should reach out to a friend or your family as they know you better. To cope up with your broken heart try to avoid the belongings of your ex. You should get rid of all the contact details of your ex the moment the relationship is over. In this manner you are able to resist the temptation to call or hear the voice of your ex.
Tips For Healing A Broken Heart
While you are looking for the ways to heal from a broken heart there are many that you can successfully adopt. After a bad break up it is very difficult to kill the time as your thoughts tend to drift towards your ex. For healing a broken heart it is better to engage yourself in some sort of activity or hobbies that gives you entertainment and enjoyment. If the broken heart has been caused by your partner cheating on you it is evident that you will have feelings of pain and rejection. With the help of this you are able to get your mind off your ex successfully.
If the reason for the break up is disloyalty you should take this bitter truth in your stride and move on. This makes it worse if you trusted and banked on your ex a lot. Most of the time it has been seen that after being cheated by ex lover a lot of people feel that they are not worthy enough to get into another relationship. This often leads them to live alone and they shun themselves from other relationships. There are millions of people who have suffered from broken hearts and they have moved on with their lives. It is not the time to sit at the corner and thinking about how to mend a broken heart.
Best Ways For Mending A Broken Heart
Healing a broken heart requires time and with the aid of it you will be able to get over the pain and the hurt that was caused to you by the break up. Time is the best healer and with the aid of it you are able to get over the past relationship and move ahead. You should also start meeting new people and begin dating. This will aid you feel better and if the relation broke on account of infidelity and you lost your self esteem in the process, this step will help you to regain it.

How to Please a Woman Perfectly

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Men are physiologically and emotionally different from women. A woman is hardwired to feel sexually active after spending an enjoyable evening with a guy, while a man is sexually charged mostly during mornings, after waking up. Even after sex it seems that men enjoy taking a nap while women feel like chatting. However, it cannot be denied that both men and women love sex. Men maybe are more vocal about their sex lives, but it does not mean that women are not up to it. You just have to know and determine what makes a woman happy so you will know how to please her.
Women are very different from each other. What may be good for a woman might be disliked by another. Therefore, when learning how to please a woman it is important that you take many different aspects into play.
Pleasing a woman takes time and effort. This should be well-remembered by men who want to please their woman. In a sexual context, men should take it slow, rather than going straight to intercourse. If you want to please your woman, you should start with a little foreplay. Foreplay arouses a woman. Then, when she's all wet and ready for you, that's the time you penetrate her and get in sync with her. Don't fast track everything as if you're a track and field athlete out to oust your competitors.
Creativity plays a vital role in foreplay. Doing things that will pleasure your woman takes creativity. Anyone can put  their penis inside a vagina, but not every man can pleasure a woman the way she likes to be. Start from the top and cover her with kisses from the lips, to her neck, behind the ears, her cleavage area, suck her nipples and across her abdomen.The rule to abide when you want to please your woman is to give first before receiving. Be careful not to be rough with a woman's vagina.
Women have various erogenous zones. Make it your mission to find these areas by exploring her body with your mouth and hands. Make it a trial and error mission while enjoying the whole episode. She would love it if you can discover her pleasure points without her needing to tell you anything. But, if you can't find these points, there is nothing wrong with asking her what feels good, and what doesn't. Remember to work your way into things rather than just trying to stimulate her sensitive areas. For example, use your fingers to gently pass over her skin on her legs in a circular motion, slowly making your way to her vagina. Once you get there, touch it for a few seconds then, move back onto her leg.
The actual coitus and intercourse need not be the end of the whole sexual activity. After reaching climax, cuddling her and making her feel cherished and loved would please any woman. Just like helping her brush her hair and giving her a massage as part of your foreplay act, cuddling and soft-pillow talk will give you the edge over men who view sex as the sole act of pleasuring a woman.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

How to Make a Man Want to Marry You

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You're in a committed relationship with the man of your dreams... He's smart, caring, funny, handsome, sexy, capable and much, much more. He loves you, you love him, and you've decided that he's the guy you absolutely want to marry. But, the problem is, he hasn't proposed to you yet. So what do you do? How do you make a man want to marry you?
First of all, you've got to understand that marriage is a big deal for both a woman and man. But especially so for a man. Because a man knows, that once he gets married, his responsibilities will increase. He must have the ability to take care of you and feed his family.
While you may work right now, a man knows that once children come along, his wife may want and decide to stay home to look after the kids. Thus, the possibility of him needing to become the sole provider of his family is great. Much greater than it is for the average woman. So, a man has great reason to be cautious about asking a woman he loves to marry him. After all, he wants to be able to provide the best possible lifestyle for the woman he loves.
So, one way to make a man want to marry you, is give him a little confidence boost. Do this by sharing your thoughts on the subject of the future. Choose a timing when both of you are relaxed before bringing up the topic. Then let the man you love know what you think about his abilities as a provider. Make him feel successful and capable. Most of all, tell him how much you love and support him. Hopefully, doing this will put some of his fears about marrying you at ease.
Another way to make a man want to marry you is to give him reassurance about what your future together will be like once you're married. Men are extremely afraid that once you get married, things will change (possibly for the worse). And since it's the unknown for him, you need to talk about this with him. Ask him how he thinks his life will change after getting married.
However, the fastest, and most effective way of how to make a man want to marry you, is to become a woman he can't bear to leave, by becoming an exceptional woman who is filled with and continuously exudes feminine grace and beauty. By becoming a woman who understands and accepts him for who he is, he will find you irresistible and never want to let you go. He will be eager to marry you, so you belong to him.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Do Men Like Nice Women - What Do Men Really Want in a Wife?

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When I saw this question: Do men like nice women? I quickly realized that everyone's definition of nice is very different. So what seems nice to a woman, really may not seem nice to men at all. And that's where all the confusion is.
I am sure you might have had some extremely nice female friends; some of them are now happily married with kids, while some others have been single for years. On the other hand, there might be female friends who aren't really so nice by your estimation, and it's the same - some of them are happily married, and some of them have been single for years too.
So, I think if you're looking for a formula about what men want... in a girlfriend, and ultimately in a wife, there has to be something more than just being a nice girl or a bad girl. Men must want something more than that.
And I too, spent a long time wondering about this and nothing clicked for me until I heard and read this sentence: A man wants to be with a woman who makes him feel like a man.
That's right. A man wants to be with a woman who makes him feel like a man. To be even more specific, he wants to feel like he is a successful man to the woman he loves. In order to understand this concept better, you need to understand what makes a man feel manly. He feels manly when:

  • He makes you happy (when you smile and when you laugh).
  • He knows he's doing well at his career.
  • He feels useful.
  • He gets things done.
  • He wins at games e.g sports, etc.
  • He feels sexual.
So nice women can give him some of these things... by laughing at his jokes and praising him for doing well at his job. But on top of this, a man really needs to feel sexual passion and excitement towards a woman before he falls in love. If he doesn't feel excited, he will probably only have friendly feelings towards you.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Solution to Marriage problems

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Marriage problems can come on suddenly. As if out of nowhere, your spouse may decide they no longer love you and no longer want to be together. No matter the cause, this is understandably a difficult and confusing time for anyone. You may never have been in such a situation before and really aren't sure what to do. Luckily, there are some things you can do to deal with a marriage crisis and rebuild the relationship with your partner.
Be willing to give more
Successful marriages get that way because both partners invest similar amounts of time and effort into making it work. When your marriage is on the rocks though, you have to be willing to contribute more. Especially if your partner is less than interested.
Don't give up hope, even if your partner has requested a divorce. Even if they believe there is no hope for the future, it is possible to get your marriage back on track. The strongest and longest lasting relationships are not without their rocky patches. The key is hanging in there through the tough times. When you get through a crisis like this, the relationship comes back even stronger than before.
Find out the underlying causes
Though they complain about everything you do, and pick holes in every statement you make, don't mistake the content of these outbursts as the cause of the problem. Most often, underlying feelings of guilt and frustration express themselves as anger as your partner justifies their feelings towards you. So don't take the complaints personally, listen and try to understand how your partner is feeling without reacting and fanning the flames.
A marriage crisis is not an easy thing to get through by any means. Once a spouse has decided to end the relationship, it is often a response to something else going on within themselves. It can take a lot of time to work through it, but as long as you remain committed and put in the effort to support and appreciate your partner, you have every chance of pulling through with a stronger relationship in the end.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Tips For Strong and Lasting Relationship

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A relation is built on 3 very important pillars - Love, Trust and Loyalty. Loyalty and Trust may seem the same - but they in fact are totally different. When you know that your partner will never cheat on you - its TRUST and when you decide not to cheat on your partner, no matter what - That's LOYALTY. It could be put best as the 2 faces of the same coin, without either side - the coin is useless. Now you would wonder what LOVE would be in this coin - I'd say the coin itself could be called the love the more the LOVE the stronger the coin.
So is there any limit to how much you can trust someone in a relationship? The answer is a straight NO, there definitely is no limit as to how much you can trust your partner. When you are in a relationship, it is very necessary to trust your partner with all your heart and soul. Of course by that I don't mean you trust them blindly, because if you do that - the next thing you know is that you've made a terrible fool out of yourself and you've grown a weird beard with a bottle of wine and a pack of cigarettes and of course a broken heart. Here's when transparency comes into picture. If the relation you are in is the ONE, then its important that you remain transparent to your partner, tell them about all the small little things which happen in your life, how your day had been, and most importantly never ever keep a secret from your partner; it doesn't matter if its a big one, a small one or whatever - secrets have a tendency to bring gaps in a relationship - the longer you keep a secret from sharing with your partner, the more damage it may create, sometimes the secret may not be the reason to the distance in your relation, its the fact that it was kept hidden for such a long time which may create the distance. Of course there's always a right time to share everything, but you need to make sure that you tell it out at the first opportunity you receive to spill the secret, because if the secret is found out by your partner in any way other than from you, its going to be bad and depending on the intensity of the secret, it may even break the relation.
Now let me clarify that by a secret I don't mean the one's like you once puked in a classroom in front of all your friends. By secret I mean things that really really do matter to your partner. For some, it may be you talking excessively with someone your partner hates, for a few it may be a past relationship, for a few it may be a lot of other things. Secret in the true sense is a relative term which is moved up and down on an intensity chart based on factors like Culture, Religion, Ego, Insecurity, Previous history, etc. So, clearly a secret which may break ones relation may not essentially be a relation breaking secret in another couple. But whatever it be, the bottom line is if you want your partner to trust you you have to be transparent - its that way or the highway!
 Be there for your partner, because if this is THE relation - then your partner needs you all the time, not because they can't do without you, but because they love you and wouldn't want to be without you.
According to a recent survey 70% of break ups happen because people don't communicate properly. If there is something in a relationship that bothers you - you need to sit and talk, because the more you keep the botheration to yourself the more it will build and one day it will reach a point where you will just blast out, and blasting out in a relationship would mean a terrible fight, and a terrible fight would mean a lot of time wasted not loving each other. So it's best to talk to your partner about anything that troubles you, perhaps your partner does not even know, that they are doing a particular thing bothers you, for if they did they wouldn't do it. Sometimes you may feel its not the right time to talk about something and yes that is true, sometimes its just not the right time, sometimes talking about a particular thing would only make matters worse. But again, put that "need to talk"alarm to snooze for a while but do not turn it off, because we all know what happen when you turn of the alarm without waking up. It's very much the same case - if its not the right time wait till it is and at the first chance talk about it. In case you think its always a bad time, then you need to tell your partner in a way that she would listen to you; tell them, " Hey I have been wanting to talk to you about a certain thing that has been bothering me for a while, and I really need to talk about it because its troubling me from the inside" and create an atmosphere and then talk, don't just tell your partner, listen so and so thing about you bugs me! - that will simply turn out to be a natural calamity!
Usually it happens that when you try to talk to your partner they go very defensive and start getting angry at you for no reason what so ever; although mostly it may mean that they feel guilty and don't want to be the bad person and they would just get angry at you for telling such a thing or thinking of such a thing, but that's not the case all the time, sometimes, they just are too scared to confront the argument and perhaps don't want to lose you and they go haywire with their emotions. When things begin to go out of hand in a situation like this, it is necessary that you keep your calm and step down the argument, for if you lose your calm too - lets just say it won't end well. But don't ever leave the argument hanging, when things become normal explain to your partner that you are not angry with them for anything but that certain thing has been bothering you, express yourself, tell what you feel in a way that will reach out to your partner, and sooner or later your partner will understand what you feel.
For example, if there's somebody at your partners office who tries to come close to your partner and you think that the persons intentions don't seem good- express the concern,tell them why you feel so, tell them how it has affected you, may be your partner was too busy to observe someone trying to get close to them because a true loyal partner would draw the line immediately, but sometimes it goes unnoticed and you see it and that does not mean your partner was crossing the line, it perhaps means your partner is too innocent or too busy to notice it. Express your concern and I am sure your partner will do the right thing. Again talking about things does not mean you crib about things all the time, Love is also about adjustment and sacrifices, don't be nagging like a little baby, believe that your partner wants the relation as much as you want it and allow them to make certain decisions as well and be there to advice them on the decisions, try not forcing it, for sometimes it may just go against you - although the relation may not break but for that moment things might go ugly.
Remember, you don't have to be blind to the truth and at the same time you shouldn't be a suspicious character all the time, and in some cases just because you were suspicious once and your partner may think you are spying on them all the time, you need to clear things out, for all that I have known- no matter what your loved one says, no matter how the react - they know it when you tell them the truth.So, If you are transparent with each other with complete trust on each other, one thing could be made concrete - You are in a true strong relationship. After that its about a little adjustments here and there and well then its - happily ever after. :-)
So to put it all in a nutshell, While Love, Trust and Loyalty are the 3 pillars of love; Transparency and a healthy regular Communication about the relation is what keeps the relation going by strengthening the pillars and of course a bit of sacrifice and a little adjustments here and there for your loved one would make your loved one feel special and important too. So, that's that!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Signs to Be Looking For When Falling in Love

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Falling in love signs are all about, if one knows what to look for. Falling in love causes involuntary changes in a person's attitude and demeanor. The feeling that one gets is a state of euphoria. It is intoxicating, thrilling and scary all at the same time. Love is not like the feeling of lust or infatuation. However, without knowing what signs to look for it can be hard to tell if it's love or something else.
One of the first signs of falling in love is being completely vulnerable. This vulnerability can be shown through sharing feelings, passions and fears. When you begin to fall in love, your heart opens up to your significant other. You begin to trust them with your innermost being. For some people, being vulnerable is frightening. This is especially true if you have had bad experiences with previous relationships or you had an unhealthy upbringing. When we are open to being vulnerable, we began to share those things that we may try to hide from everyone else.
Another sure sign of falling in love is the ability to see the inner beauty of a person. In the beginning of a relationship, much attention is given to the individual's physical appearance. As time goes on, and feelings of love start to flourish, you then begin to see the real person - their inner beauty. This is when you can look past their flaws and is here where the saying "love is blind" rings true.
If you are in a current relationship with someone and they want you to meet their family, you can be sure that this person is either falling in love with you or already loves you. Family is very important and introducing a significant other to family is considered serious. This proves that they are ready to have you completely entered into their world and you two are serious. If you have been introduced to both family and friends, you can guarantee their feelings for you are real.
Relationships tend to progress over time. What may start as a few dates during the week, can soon turn into spending every day together. When in love, couples will try to spend all of their waking moments together. This means spending time over at each other's houses, phone or text conversations in between. When falling in love, the idea of spending time in each other's presence is a very comforting and exciting feeling. You may also notice increase public displays of affection.
Finally, the last and most telling sign of falling in love is pure selflessness. This is when a person will put their significant others needs in front of their own. They do everything in their power to make sure that their partner is happy. It gives their partner a feeling of being taken care of and produces a feeling of satisfaction to meet their partner's needs.