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Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Man Can't Commit-Why?

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You've been dating a man for sometime now, and things are going great. You have fun together, you feel an obvious connection with him and the two of you seem to care a lot for each other. In your eyes, it seems like everything is going so well and this is a good reason to take your relationship to the next level, and be an exclusive couple. However, when you bring the subject up, the man in your life suddenly starts back peddling and telling you he is not ready. Now you wish you had never brought up the subject because it's driving you nuts. Why can't a man commit? What is holding him back. There could be so many reasons why a man can't commit.
  1. He could have been hurt before and doesn't feel ready to trust another woman with his feelings;
  2. He could be afraid of losing his freedom;
  3. He could be afraid of what happens after he commits to you;
  4. He could even be afraid that he's just not good enough for you, and won't be able to make you happy.

But ultimately, the only reason you need to know right now, is that a man can't commit because he doesn't really have any good reason to. And frankly, it also means that he's really not that into you. When a man is serious about a woman, he finds a way to get over all his hang-ups, just so he can hold onto her. But he will only do this if he thinks you are a woman who is so unique, so special, so undeniably different, that it will be his loss if he doesn't hang on to you.
At this point, you may start wondering: What can I do to become that kind of woman to him? In the beginning, you may think that you need to become a detective, and to directly ask him what he's looking for in an ideal wife. But that is really going about it the wrong way. Because: Men can't explain it except that it's a feeling.

Friday, April 1, 2011

How You Can Cope With a Break Up

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If you just had a break up with someone whom you loved for a long time then you may think that you can never get over the pain and lead a normal life again. There are very few things in life that can be more painful than a breakup. If you are feeling that awful heartbreaking pain right now you might want to know how to get over it. To begin with, it is a very difficult phase of life when you need to get over a broken heart. At first it is very difficult to accept that you are no longer together and have to live your life without the person whom you have loved with all your heart.

This may start affecting your relationships with your friends and family, as well as your work. All that you can think about is the happy times that has slipped through your fingers . You have to learn to let go of the past and appreciate the things in your life. Moving on with your life will make your life better and will help heal your heart with time. At this phase of life you should keep yourself surrounded with people who love you and those you love. You should engage yourself in fun and recreation. If you want to mend your broken heart then you must not do things that will remind you of your ex. You should engage in things that will distract you from your break up. When you occupy yourself with something that you find pleasing you will be able to let go of the pain in your heart for a certain time.

It can be to act rationally when you are dealing with the collision of a relationship. At such a time a straightforward advice is very welcome especially when you are desperately in need of it. It is better not to let things get on top of you. Your approach to the present situation with your partner will shape your chances of getting back together. When you want to get your ex back there were so many things you have to straighten out right in your head first, so that you were ready to do things at the right time and in the right manner. You don't have to rush into anything with your ex and make any mistake which you will regret later on. However you need to be absolutely sure about what you want and what is right for you so that you do not indulge in any thing which could make our heart crushed again. You need to thank the almighty for his compassion and blessing because of which you are able to come out from this worse situation and got another scope to set right about your mistakes. You must never lose faith in God and yourself. If you believe in yourself you can keep your life going for you. Just remember that what does not break makes you strong.

Factors That May Be Responsible For His Low Sexual Acts Drive

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You and your spouse  have had great sex all along. It's like he is always ready for lift off once you whisper in his ears. However, you gradually notice that things are not what they used to be. His does not want sex as often as he used too and sometimes he does not want it at all. You are hurt. You feel rejected. Before you jump into conclusion below are some things you should consider first:-
Plain Tired
After a long hard day at work or after very demanding or strenuous exercise, the guy is just plain old tired. This has the effect of dropping his hormone levels and he is just not there physically and mentally and could fall asleep anytime. When he is tired and is still trying to make an effort to get the show on the road, the concern that his tiredness will affect his performance actually helps push the lack of arousal over the edge, leading to frustration for you both. Best way to handle this situation- let sleeping dogs lie.
Bringing Work Home
Sometimes people bring work home just to catch up and finish a deadline they have to meet. For some it is a constant thing they always bring work home and it quickly becomes an enemy of the bedroom. When a man brings his work home, he does not realize it, but he is not ready to play. His mind is wrapped around the work he has to do, and is not interested in what you are throwing at him. The best way is to always wrap up work at work and head home for home activities. I am yet to see the guy that took his spouse to work to continue where they left off at home in his office.
When your guy is on pills for one ailment or the other it might actually reduce his sex drive. Medications for treatment of some condition could reduce his sex drive by driving down the testosterone levels. If your man is on any medication, try  to find out what the side effects are, and remember he can always check with his doctor.
Substance Abuse
Remember, too much of anything is bad. While a  few drinks may get you relaxed and maybe remove some inhibitions. Indulging in drugs or alcohol is not only bad for your overall health but will pour cold water over your sex drive. Say no to drugs
Cheating On You
It is sad but true; in most cases the last person to find out about a cheating spouse  is you, the person being cheated on. When all the above mentioned causes of low sex drive have been removed from the equation, then this is the one you have to look into, is he cheating? When trying to find out, brace yourself for the outcome. It's rarely a happy day.

Tips For a True Loving Companionship

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For millions of men, it is very tough to have sexual married life. Especially in long term relationships, men lose the profound sexual passion. They become emotionally absent and put their relationship under stress. Therefore, the adversity of the relationship makes their women cheat on them.
A woman desires an extraordinary sexual man in her life. She extremely loves when you show your sexual lust for her and make her feel desirable. She wants you to not only win her emotions but also be her loving companion. Always remember, "YOU CAN NEVER HAVE A THRILLING SEXUAL MARRIED LIFE WITHOUT BEING A TRUE LOVING COMPANION."
A true loving companion is immensely meaningful for a woman. He is responsible, loyal, loving, authoritative and interesting. He understands the actual emotional needs of his woman and tries his best to fulfill them with his extra attention. He knows that a woman needs to be cherished and loved each and every moment. That's why; he always provides his woman special treatment and relish sexual married life.
If you want to keep on experiencing the sexual passion in your relationship by being a true loving companion then here I am giving you some meaningful tips that will make her fall in love with you again and again.
• A woman desires profound compassion in her relationship. She immensely loves a man who can risk his life for her. Although, there is always profound compassion in early stages of relationship but, unfortunately, the boring rituals in relationships eliminate the harmony and passionate sexual activities.
Do meaningful things for her for enriching profound compassion in your relationship. For example, compliment and appreciate her little things with clarity. Let her know that she is inevitably good in everything and you appreciate even small efforts of her.
Hold her hands often while giving her meaningful kisses. Welcome her in home with warm long hugs. "A WOMAN IMMENSELY LOVES THAT MAN WHO DOES THOUGHTFUL THINGS FOR HER, WITHOUT EXPECTING HER TO JUMP ON HIS BONE."
• You need to fulfill her emotional legitimate needs for being a true loving companion. Remember you are her sexual partner. So, always do extraordinary effort to support her in every area of her life and protect her.
There are plenty of other things which you can do in order to make her fall in love with you again and again. For example, highlight your accomplishments and give entire credit to her, in front of other people. Tell people that if you are successful in your life/work then it is only because you have a great wife. You made everything possible only because of her. Give all the credit to her and make her your soul mate.
Increase her values in front of others and provide her sources of harmony. Make her feel that she is the most special lady in this world and she always deserve special treatment.
A true loving companion provides a lot of fruitful time to his woman and relish sexual married life.
A woman's life is exclusively concerned with thrilling sexual activities. Most of the women do not like the way their husband/man loves them. They want a man who can control them and ravish them sexually with his masculine power.
Unfortunately, the boring sexual rituals of an average man turn off a woman emotionally and sexually. A woman feels confusion and becomes overwhelmed with boring routines.  Ultimately, she wants thrill and excitement in every form of love making and romance.
Use the power of anticipation in your sexual moves. There are plenty of moves that make a woman thrill with excitement and turn her into a sexual being instantly. For example,
• Put your hands on her hips while enjoying her lips. Squeeze her hips slowly and do slow sensational kissing. Slow down your kisses but keep the passion on. Slow passionate kisses are more powerful than fast kisses. Do this in unpopulated area and enhance the sexual sensations inside her body. She will lust after you entire day after this type of sexual kissing.
• Stand close to her while talking and rub your fingers on her chest softly. This move is full of extreme anticipation and makes her heart beat fast. Try this move next time on your wife and notice the sexual emotions on her face.
• Give extraordinary special attention to her lips during foreplay and lovemaking sessions. Millions of women complain that their partners avoid their lips during love making session. So, give proper attention to their lips, not only in intimate moments but also without any reason.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

What To Expect From a Committed Relationship

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Commitment for some is a scary word and an even scarier concept. Today we are going to be talking about what you should expect from a committed relationship and why these types of relationships are empowering.
When you are in a committed relationship this is more than just vowing to stay together and to not "cheat" this is a commitment to be there for one another through the good times and the bad. The accept each others differences and to be there to build each other up when times get tough.
When you are in this type of relationship your perspective needs to change. Growing up, you probably only had to worry about yourself, think about yourself, or even make your actions based sole and exclusively on your own needs but what changes when you decide to share your life with someone else is that you are no longer the only focus. You now consider the other person in the relationship.
When you are invested in them you will care about their overall happiness. If you check around you will find out that the couples who lasted in their relationship are those who acknowledged their own needs but also appreciated their partners needs and vice versa.
Being in a committed relationship is very similar to personal-growth because it takes continually growing as a person, as an individual for the "unit" or "couple" to be successful.
During my studies of Napoleon Hill's book titled "Think and Grow Rich" he talks about the energy behind the concept of sex and its direct relationship to genius and success. He was not talking about the act of sex but rather the state of being.
When you are intimate with your heart and soul a deep connection is formed and that energy, that force, can be so powerful it can be life transforming.
Does that mean that there will never be days when you wonder if you made the right decision? No, because each person is different and depending on your level of fears and insecurities it may take you a long time to gain the confidence you need to be able to fully embrace the commitment.
For you, expect good things, expect talks, honesty (once you start down the path of deceit you will find it difficult to come back but when you are ready to bare all prepare to face the consequences but trust in the truth and it will guide you), friendship, love, and companionship. These are the testaments to the committed relationship.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ways to Communicate Effectively In A Relationship

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As we know, communication is an important part in a relationship. Poor communication will destroy a relationship while good and well-established communication will make our relationship more harmonious. Ineffective communication can lead to misunderstanding and conflict. It's often we hear couples who are arguing or breaking their own relationship because of miscommunication. This is a proof that communication in relationship can't be taken lightly
Communication is not just about how we speak but also facial and body expressions, and our attitude while we are listening. It is because communication is a two-way street. Here are some guidelines to communicate well in relationship:
1. Speak Clearly
Speak with the appropriate tone. Don't be too loud (because it's like you are shouting). Use simple words instead of using terms that are difficult to understand.
2. Focus on the topic
If you're talking about certain topic for example your partner is talking about his/her problem with his/her friend, don't arbitrarily change the topic because it would be very annoying. Stay focus on the topic that you're both discussing until it is completely finished. This will make your partner feel you care about the problem and willing to listen.
3. Don't always talk. Listen.
You have one mouth and two ears for a reason. As I stated earlier, communication is a two-way street. When talking about certain problem, let your partner express his/her opinions and views. People who just want to be heard are selfish people. Listen to what he/she said with enthusiasm and expressive gesture. Don't be reluctant or do other things when your partner is talking because he/she will feel offended. Remember! You should really listen, not just with blank stares because you're thinking something else, or thinking about what would you say afterwards.
4. Honest in words
Be honest in every word you say. Remember! Honesty is always painful but lie always kill. It's better to say what really happened rather than piling up the lies that will become a boomerang for you one day.
5. Don't always get defensive
Get defensive means you always defend your arguments or interpretations of something (even sometimes with reasons that make no sense) without giving attention to others' opinions. You can't be the one who is always right in everything. Being a stubborn person won't make you and your relationship better. Avoid words like "I don't want to know, You must..." (this is an example of selfishness.)
6. Choose the right time and place
When you want to talk about certain issues that are private or sensitive, do when you feel "this is the right time to tell".  This is to ensure you can focus on the problem and no other problems are sacrificed. Also, choose a more comfortable place to avoid interference from outside.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Solution to Orgasm Problems

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If you're a woman who has difficulty achieving orgasm, you're probably feeling both frustrated and slightly lacking in sexual self-esteem. After all, the one thing that you want to do is to be able to show your man that he is a good lover, and that he is able to satisfy you in bed.
Conversely, if you're a man in partnership with a woman who has difficulty reaching orgasm, you're probably feeling not good enough in bed, and have a low sexual self-esteem because you can't actually bring your partner to the point of her ultimate pleasure during the most intimate act of lovemaking.
Often lack of orgasm in a woman (sometimes called anorgasmia) is caused by sexual abuse during childhood, in which case professional help may be needed. But much more often it's simply a lack of the ability to relax into sex fully and open one's whole being to one's lover.
As you've probably guessed by now, the good thing about anorgasmia is that it's easy to overcome. You don't necessarily "need" to be orgasmic during sexual intercourse - indeed, very few women actually do reach climax during intercourse (probably no more than 10% and conceivably quite a lot less). But it is a very good and pleasurable thing to be able to reach orgasm.
 The two main complaints from men and women are: the frustration caused by a woman's inability to reach orgasm; and the fact that men in general want sex more often than women do. So here's an interesting idea: if orgasm was more rewarding for a woman (which means the sexual experience would be more rewarding), and she could have orgasms more easily and more often, there would be a much lower disparity between men and women in their desire for sex, simply because sex would be so much more enjoyable for the female partner. The interesting thing is to know such things as the location of the G spot, how to stimulate the G spot, methods of clitoral stimulation that are satisfying for a woman.
So, for example, a good sexual intercourse would focus on the need for extensive foreplay since women have lower levels of testosterone than men and take longer to become sexually aroused. The idea of foreplay often seems to put men off, but it needn't - mutual caressing and kissing, intimate connection, and gentle eye gazing or conversation with your lover can lead to a deep feeling of connection which brings a couple much closer together and produces much more harmony in their relationship.
The only reason that men don't engage more fully in foreplay is that they feel an urge to achieve orgasm as soon as possible, even at the expense of their partner's satisfaction. By curbing the desire to have an orgasm as soon as possible, and by ensuring that the needs of the female partner for gentle stimulation are fully met, a man can ensure that when intercourse does occur it is much more rewarding for both partners, producing high arousal, more intense climax, and a greater feeling of fulfillment afterwards.
Of course 10 or 20 minutes of foreplay may ensure that a woman is much more likely to reach orgasm. This is where knowledge of a whole range of vaginal and clitoral stimulation techniques can be very useful.
It is obvious that a woman can be brought to orgasm by either internal vaginal stimulation on a particular area of tissue called the G spot or by external stimulation on the clitoris. It generally takes somewhat longer to bring a woman to orgasm with vaginal stimulation than with clitoral stimulation, but women who do experience vaginal orgasms report them as being more fulfilling and satisfying, almost as though the sexual energy was passing through the entire body rather than just through the pelvic region, and they also report that vaginal orgasms have a much deeper emotional component.
And for a man, sex after a vaginal orgasm is much more satisfying because the woman with whom he's making love is fully aroused - that is to say, her internal tissues are fully swollen, completely moist, and extremely warm. It's satisfying in the extreme for a man to enter a woman when she is at the highest possible peak of her own arousal, and this is achieved through vaginal orgasm. It's a perfect blend of physical and emotional satisfaction for both partners, which is why I regard it as essential for any couple who want to aspire to a good sex life.

Monday, March 28, 2011

How You Can Increase Chemistry In Your Relationship

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Are you struggling with chemistry in your relationship? Did your marriage have an early spark but now it's gone? There is a lot of things you can do and increase chemistry in your relationship.
Is There Chemistry?
If you have never built strong chemistry, you might find it difficult to get an idea about what it is. Chemistry is when 2 people feel a powerful sense of attraction for each other. They are comfortable with each other and share the same thoughts, beliefs, dreams and aspirations.
This sparks chemistry in a relationship. So if you don't communicate with your partner or appreciate them, you will have a problem on your hands. And increasing chemistry in your relationship could be a tall task.
Work on Rapport
You cannot build any chemistry if you do not have a rapport with your spouse. To create rapport, always look for easy and interesting topics you can connect with. Make sure the topics are fun. This influences everything that you do and helps you develop a sense of attraction for your partner.
Be Funny
Treat your relationship as a happy place and not a military barrack. Make jokes and you will see it will increase the bond between you and your lover. Just keep your jokes clean, so that you don't offend your partner or her beliefs.
Expression is Key
You cannot build chemistry with people who do not know you. Instead of keeping your opinions to yourself or hiding things you feel your partner might not like about you, air them out. Share your thoughts and feelings about anything and everything.
Express yourself and hold nothing back, this shows you value your relationship and your partner.
Be Physical
Where will chemistry be if you cannot be physical with your partner? Absolutely nowhere. Action speaks louder than words, so show your attraction by touching, caresses and light kissing. However these physical things have been proven to show that they help and make a happy relationship for you and your partner.. Also talk about the physical features you find attractive in your partner
Chemistry in a relationship can come naturally. You can also create this chemistry with partner by developing rapport, being funny, expressing yourself and being physical with your partner. This is how to increase chemistry in your relationship. Use all this and you are off to a very good start.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Need For Love

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The need for love is the twin baby of our hearts. The songs, "No Man is an Island, All By Myself, All You Need is Love," and many more love songs and poems whisper the great enchanting and comfortable feelings true love can give.
The complete definition of love is in 1Corinthians 13: 13. It says in one line "Love is the greatest" That says it well about life and in love would we find meaning.
Sometimes, things aren't just so right and we have lots of problems, but all these, too, shall pass, and we're left with the love in our hearts. Love remains. And though our minds couldn't fully express in words and actions completely; in our hearts, true love is felt. The receiver understands; the giver is happy. Love gains something and joy for everyone, here in life and thereafter.
The love we need comes from ourselves. We give love to the members of our family, to close friends, colleagues, communities, and to everyone. We even pity our enemies. And then, we are loved, too.
Where do we get true love? We get it from God, the Father of all. The source of this love in us comes from someone omnipotent. This love that we share is strong and honest. This love will teach wisdom, humility, kindness, and collaboration, among others. So those times that we feel down, let us keep loving.
I wondered if an angel would come and help us in times we need some miracles. And they do really come, in the people around us. God supplies our needs in special ways we don't understand. The plan and mission of our lives are clear to Him. So in what goes, we don't have to be afraid.
Love is making others happy. It is respecting the rights of others. It is admonishing them kindly. It is feeding the poor, helping the sick, and giving dignity to the oppressed. It is being just, and serving one another without waiting for a return or interest. It is inspiring others to achieve their goals and making them good workers for God's kingdom.
Let us try to love, though, even if sometimes it is quite difficult.
Let us try to love, though, and joy will follow.