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Saturday, April 16, 2011

How Sensitive Men Get Jealous in A Relationship

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It is not obvious that man is a sensitive person in relationships. Though women are the most expressive with their feelings, men express it too but in a different way.
They say men who are secretive and not expressive outside are the one's sensitive and romantic inside. Barely you can see a man cry in front of his girl and give her goosebumps. Men are supposed and expected to be robust and masculine to prove to women that they are strong for them.
Some women love these type of guys who show the real sensitive side. It is a pleasing way to show affection and care and it is easier for the relationship to grow and communicate. But some women may not like sensitive men. They feel that the relationship may seem so dramatic and that they always have the hold to their affair when supposed to be their man should do it that way.
When problems come up like jealousy in relationships, guys act different ways to show that they are jealous. For sensitive men, they may not show it by telling you frankly what they feel. But instead, they show it by how they speak and in their body language. Oftentimes, men only get jealous to boys who are spending lots of time to their girl.
Men are quiet when they get upset. They don't give hugs or annoy you like what you usually do. They sometimes ask questions which are irrelevant. They don't give an angry tone. Instead, they give short lines and frequent pauses in a conversation to make you think that something is wrong. If you ask them if they're jealous, they'll give NO as an answer. But apparently, they really are. Then they'll come up saying they just don't want a guy to take advantage of you.
It is somehow your man's indirect way of showing he cares. Sometimes, you should be happy about that because it proves that you mean something to him. He doesn't want to lose you for some other guy.
For vocal men, jealousy is expressed by telling you straight what is wrong and what they didn't like on that day. One advantage for vocal men is that you are able to solve the problem in an instant since communication is clear. Yet they are less likely to be the romantic ones. They are quite not affectionate upon conversation.
It is normal for guys to act like that but too much of it could also be something not to be happy about. Both secretive and outspoken men could over react and may result to a feud in a relationship especially if conversed not in the right time. Nonetheless, men doesn't treat jealousy in relationships as something to talk about. They let it pass like it's no big deal. But they are human, they would sometimes feel that too. So for women, just be sensitive to your man's feelings too.

Preparation Key of Giving Your Woman Pleasure

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Women always complain that they are not pleased enough during sexual intercourse. It could be really frustrating for them, and it could really hurt a guy's self-esteem. Sometimes to spare the feelings and self-esteem of a guy, the girl would fake orgasm. However, it is them who are left hanging and wishing for more. Here are some tips to give her pleasure.
The first thing you need to do is to slowly and teasingly make her sexually excited. This could be done by flirting and teasing. You could do this hours before having sex, like texting naughty messages or leaving her notes. Let her know what you are thinking, or tease her about the things you feel like doing to her when you get back. This would surely make her sexually excited, and they key to orgasm lies in the mind and mental state as well.
When the time comes, never skip foreplay and go straight to penetration. Foreplay is very important to get her into it. This is what you want to do. Teasing is a must during foreplay, and always gets her wanting more, and even begging for you. Give her pleasure by touch and kisses, but always stay away from sweet spots and just go lightly around them to make the girl go crazy and wanting more. Teasing is the biggest key.
When she is finally ready, you can penetrate her. Just like every other things, teasing is the key. When you feel she really cannot take anymore teasing, go for her clitoris and just work on it, and make her orgasm. To give her pleasure, you should also consider positions which would hit her g-spot for more intense orgasm.
Sex is fun, but to please your girlfriend you have to be willing to do the proper preparations for it. The bigger the anticipation, the better the sex will be.

Friday, April 15, 2011

What You Must Do to Have a Good Relationship

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A good relationship is one where you experience some significant expressions of love or as they say 'you are loved well'. It is a relationship that brings out some of the very best in you and releases in you some wonderful things. You feel deeply for someone else and that motivates you to do and be great. You are able to achieve much more together as a couple than as two separate people. There is some synergy when you come together as a couple that makes both of you better than when you were alone. Together you are somehow more than two individuals. But how do you have a good relationship?
1. Affirm your partner. See the great things that make up your partner and let them know that you notice each quality and that you appreciate how each quality just makes your partner so special. To have a good relationship you must pay attention to your partner so that you can notice the great gifts and qualities that they have. And then you can be their greatest cheerleader.
2. Strengthen them when they lose heart. Life is hard and there will be bumps in you and your partner's life and you need to stand with them and encourage them when the hard times come. Again be alert so that you don't add to their stress during difficult moments.
3. Fight fair. All couples fight but those who have a good relationship fight about the issue at hand and do not belittle or abuse or disrespect each other during the fight. They deal with each conflict as it arises and they resolve it so that they don't keep rehashing it over and over again; once they deal with it, it's done. They also let their partner know when something bothers them and the partner hears them so that they don't walk around with hurt feelings pretending all is well when it is not.
4. Love your partner. Learn what makes your partner feel loved and appreciated and then use your imagination and creativity to love them in those areas. Don't just do the traditional boring old thing but stretch yourself and really spice up the traditional or do something exciting and memorable for them.
5. Believe in your partner. Believe in your partners abilities. Whatever they do as a career believe that they are doing an awesome job at it. If they are learning a new skill believe that they can do it and let them know that you are with them 101%.
6. Trust your partner. To have a good relationship you must trust your partner's character and that they will not hurt you. This will of necessity take time as trust is a two way street that is built over time. As you get to know your partner you test their character a little each day and if they prove themselves then you trust them a little bit more. It is unwise to trust someone whose character you do not know as it's giving something precious to someone who may trample on it with little concern, care or appreciation. A little like throwing pearls to pig's?
A good relationship requires deliberate effort and a daily alertness to your partner so that you can build your relationship and not destroy it.

Tips That Could Keep Your Man From Leaving You

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Have you experienced a break up or divorce and find yourself wanting your man to fall back in love with you again? This feeling is expressed by women from all walks of life all over the world every day. When you miss the intimacy of your relationship your thoughts will drift back to your former lover and wish you could get him back into your life.
There are many women that have gone through that divorce or break up and have a strong desire to find a way to get their man back or learn how to prevent them from leaving. Below are four tips that may help make your relationship better by learning what it is that men look for in a relationship, and prevent a break up.
1. So what is it that men desire in the relationship to make them happy? One is admiration, which means he wants to be admired and wanted. If you can achieve this with your man you are on your way to making a happy man. If you are not sure how much admiration to give him, going a little overboard with it can't hurt.
2. How do you dress around him? Have you become too comfortable in your relationship and forgot about looking nice with the makeup and nice clothes? This could be a reason for your man not staying with you or showing less interest. You do not have to look great all the time but do not let yourself go.
3. Did your husband or boyfriend run off with another woman? The first thought many women have is that the other woman must be better looking than them. This is actually not always the case, your man may have been looking for that admiration and found it from this other woman. She may not even be good looking, she just provides him with that boost to his personality which is what he craves.
4. Also what men would like is for their girlfriend or wife to accept them for who they are. They know they are not perfect and you do not need to nag them for all the faults they may have. The feeling they get is you are not satisfied with who he is and this can drive them away from you.
All of this does not mean you have to suppress your feelings; you can express your  true feelings. But you can show your man how proud you are of him when he deserves it. Keep these tips in mind and make use of them. They can help you save a relationship or even get back the man you have lost.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Most Important Move To Get Your Ex Back

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Are you wondering how to get your ex back without messing up your last opportunity to be with them once again? You should read this article before you do anything so that you can avoid making any mistake that might spoil any possibility of getting your ex back. You must be feeling terribly sad right now, but don't worry. We have all been in the same situation at one time or the other. Given below are a few effective ways on how to get your ex back and get over that heartbreak.
Breakups are usually the last resort of your partner, when they are just fed up of the relationship and don't  have anything to do with you again. Your partner may have tried to talk to you and maybe even threatened to breakup with you if the same mistakes were repeated again. But finally, one gets fed up and wants to just take a break and relax.
It's no use feeling sorry for yourself, there are chances that you can still get your ex back, i.e if you do the right things and don't get desperate.
The first tip on how to get your ex back is to accept the breakup so that you can respect the decision your ex has made. It might be hard for you to do that, but it is required if you really want your ex back.
Certain patterns can be observed with most couples after breakups. I am referring to the mistakes people make just after a breakup, which worsens the situation even more and destroys whatever chances the person had of getting back with their ex. One of these mistakes is, continually calling or messaging your ex and harassing them repeatedly. This will only make them feel that they have done the right thing by dumping you.
No one wants to be in a relationship with a potential stalker, so if you are doing any such thing you have to stop immediately. This is the key factor that differentiates the couples who get back together from those who never speak to each other again. Post breakup behavior is crucial. Don't think that you can repeat the same mistakes as others and then get a different outcome.
No one wants to deal with a needy, desperate ex who won't leave them alone. Push away your neediness and desperation to get back with your ex and think calmly before you make any move. Although this tip seems so weak, you will realize that if you can just stop yourself from making those mistakes, you improve your chances of getting your ex back.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

There Must A Relationship Willingness If You Want To Go Into It

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The greatest help any relationship, especially the one with your partner, can have is willingness. When there is willingness present, most relationship trouble can be addressed, worked on, and healed. Willingness allows the doors of communication to be and remain open as well as for positive changes to occur.
If willingness is not currently present in your relationship, the easiest way to develop it is through gaining understanding. When we understand the wounded areas and inabilities of the other person, mountains of hurt, pain, anger and resentment can melt away. For example, if your husband is blaming you for your child's acting out behaviors, it would be very easy to get angry and attack your husband back. However, if you are able to take the time to gain the understanding of why your husband is acting this way, you could actually bring a positive healing to the relationship. Perhaps you would discover that your husband actually feels a great deal of guilt about causing your son's behavior and is unable to face that in himself, so he projects it onto you.
Having the willingness, you could step back and ask in a calm and neutral manner, without anger or defense, "Why do you feel it is my fault Anthony is acting this way?" By simply asking the question, you are providing the willingness to hear what your husband is really saying. You could reply by saying, "I hear that you feel I spoil him and that is why he is acting this way, I am sure I have a role in Anthony's behavior, do you feel it is possible for each of us to take responsibility for how we contribute to his behavior and work together to find the solution for Anthony? I would really like to work with you to find the right solution for our son." Providing this type of open willingness leads to solutions instead of continual conflict and problems.
That is not to say that this will be easy. It takes a great strength of character to not get angry and proceed to attack the other person while defending yourself and your position. In fact, that is the more common interaction when people start arguing. It becomes a continuum of attack-defend, defend-attack, attack-defend with a negative downward spiral into further anger and hurt. This creates a shutting down of any type of possibilities of effective communication and potential solutions.
A great tool to use to avoid entering into the attack-defend mode is to simply ask yourself, "Do I want to be right or do I want to be happy?" When the goal is to be "right," the means includes beating the other person into submission of seeing your "rightness." If the goal is to be "happy," the means includes working together for a positive solution for all involved. When we work together with understanding and willingness, it leads to positive solutions; however when we try to beat someone into submission with our arguing, it only creates more relationship trouble.
The good news is that the choice is yours. You can choose to gain understanding and provide willingness or you can choose not to. The choice is absolutely yours, which means you are empowered to choose the way you would like to interact in your relationship. By empowering yourself, you are set free from blaming your partner for; "Making you act in certain ways, making you angry, or being the one who is causing all the problems." Instead, you have the choice in every moment to decide how you will interact with your partner. You have the choice to continue on participating in a negative cycle of behavior or to create positive changes....which will you choose?

Your Man Will Get Commited in Your Relationship If You Use These Methods

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Are you in a loving and caring relationship? Yet your partner has not committed himself to you fully. Maybe he has not asked for your hand in marriage and you have had many rounds of sex together. He is like many other millions that are phobic and afraid of commitment.
These relationship tips will make you get your man to commit himself:
1. Always make it easy for him to confide in you. Listen to whatever he has to tell you without criticizing him. He wants to be sure he is safe to tell you his problems and experiences. He may decide to tell you or ask for your advice on confidential and private issues when he realizes he is safe with you.
2. Make him feel special by showing him that you love only him. Avoid asking about his level or wealth in the initial stage of your relationship so that, he will not believe you are going into relationship with him because of his pedigree. Always congratulate him whenever he is successful and share in his pains when required. All these will make him open up unless he is secretive which is a bad sign.
3. Be natural: Try to open up and do not conceal your tastes, likes or dislikes. If you are sharing ideas and he mentions new things or names you have never heard, you need not pretend as if you know them. You should be free to express your mind. Do not put yourself under unnecessary pressure or fear by starting out with lies.
4. Let your man knows he has his freedom. Your man may feel threatened and unsecured if you want him to change his routines. Make him to understand that he can still see his old folks along. He should be made to know that you are neither taking over his life nor dictating to him.
5. Avoid making him jealous. He will see this as a device of building interest in you. He is likely to commit into the relationship if he finds out that you are loyal and faithful basically because you see him as the most attractive and charming man in the world. Do not discuss your past relationship, even if he wants. This may likely make him doubt you in future.
6. Man love affirming their senses of maleness by fixing everything in your house. Do not allow this to go far. If your man is the type that likes spoiling their women financially, do not encourage him, so that he will have a little respect for you and will not see you as a burden. Do not present yourself as a costly material. Get most of your fixing done by a hired hand.
7. After few months into your relationship, discuss meeting his relatives, friends and anyone important to him. If he agrees to do this, it simply shows his commitment, an important step into an everlasting relationship. A man that does not want to marry you will not make you interact with his relatives. He will be happy to have you as a wife when he sees how you interact with the precious very precious to him. His making you part of his social life shows his commitment towards you and the relationship.
If you use these methods with care, he will surely sing a new song that will promote your relationship to marriage.

How To Attract A Man

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One of the first things to consider when you are trying to learn the best techniques for attracting men is the type of man you are interested in. Make a list of qualities that you find important and then work on finding a man that fits your list, not the other way around. Part of knowing how to attract a man is knowing where to look. If you want a man that spends his spare time going to church then you aren't going to have much luck finding him in a bar.  You know what qualities you look for in every other aspect of your life, you should be able to determine what type of man you are looking for.
Finding a man's interests and talking about them is sure to get his attention. If you have spotted a cute guy that has a passion for soccer, then you can use this subject to get him to pay attention to you. However, if you don't have at least a small common interest, then your conversation is going to be limited. He may be satisfied with having a woman who is willing to listen but you should be realistic. If it works out, there are going to be a lot of football games in your future.
Sometimes, all that is needed to get a man's attention is the right look from you. If you make eye contact and give him your biggest, brightest smile, then it may be enough to let him know you are interested. Leaving it up to him to make the next move will give him the feeling that it was all his idea and will give him the confidence to carry it to the next level.
If blind dates are out of the question, that doesn't mean your friends can't still give you a hand. Many ideal matches have been made through mutual friendships with people who know you well enough to know what you are looking for. If your friends want to introduce you to someone, go along with it
Always look your best. No matter where you go or what the occasion, you need to make yourself attractive.
Finding men that are attractive to you may not be the problem. If you have trouble getting them to respond, then you may not be projecting a positive image. If you are self-conscious about your body or the way you speak, it can be apparent in your body language. Have positive thoughts and you will be received in a positive light.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You Want To Know The Joy of Falling in Love-Go To Details

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Why do we want to fall in love? Because the sensation of being in love makes us feel complete as well as emotionally and sexually satisfied. When everything goes right, days drift by in a dreamy haze of happiness and contentment. Can humankind imagine life without love?
How many poems, songs, novels and movies have been created by one theme - romantic love? I believe human beings are designed to love and be loved. It is like a special meaning of our existence. What is falling in love?
This is a correlation of emotions, feelings and hormones that suddenly recharge us and bring enduring quality to our lives. It is like two batteries where the polarity of plus and minus makes something alive and energizes us to move in a new direction, coupled with excitement, feeling rejuvenated, attractive, wanted and fabulous. Moreover, to have a loving relationship is rewarding for many aspects of our life. Really it underpins our wellbeing and remedies the sense of loneliness when no one special is in our life.
And what next... here is a secret revealed: Yes, falling in love may be the most celebrated aspect of a relationship. But sometimes it might be a challenge to create harmony in a loving relationship.
"Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition." (A. Smith)
It should be simple: We fall in love, create a nest in our home, we make babies, and live together happily ever after. Oops...not always does it go according to the desired plan. There could be many reasons why it doesn't.
"Recent research has indicated that people need to understand the importance of having the ability to consciously evaluate the compatibility of a potential partner." (D. Steele)
Crucial parts of a dating journey are to clarify what a successful relationship means and what each person is willing to contribute to create a happy relationship. To establish such a relationship involves several factors. For example, a vision of each partner moving in the same direction, taking into account all the responsibilities of living together and meeting each other's needs in the relationship.
Sometimes people who fall in love can fail to measure the personal traits of compatibility by denying the reality of the true situation because they might idolize a new partner. Then it becomes necessary to evaluate the situation before stepping into "deeper water". By letting the heart rule the head can sometimes lead to a reliance on luck or chance, in much the same way as trying to win the "international lottery".
Therefore understanding how to be masterful in dating and relationship skills is essential for a rewarding relationship. Believe me, there are millions of singles out there, each searching for that special person. It might be that someone is searching for a person just like you already. How can you meet your future partner if you don't begin your dating journey today?

Monday, April 11, 2011

10 Ways To Know If It Is Real Love

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You are experiencing true, real love when...
1. You are giving real love.
You have consciously checked your own intentions for getting involved with the person you are in a relationship with. You desire to give to them on a daily basis without having to get something back in return. You have a desire to reflect the image, and express the essential nature of God in your relationship.
2. There is stability in the relationship.
Your feelings, or rather your actions toward one another, do not change in the face of adversity. You still hold one another in high regard and favour, are tender toward each other, and feel loyal in the midst of storms, tests, and trials in life.
3. You are considerate of one another.
You are both unselfish and take the other's feelings into account before you act. You do not deliberately do anything to harm your significant other. And an apology is swiftly given when one (or both) of you unknowingly or accidentally do or say something to hurt the other.
4. Feelings of resentment, jealousy or discontentment, don't exist.
These feelings don't exist between you two or they are quickly checked, addressed and put in order if they do arise. You both understand the destructive consequences of the relationship becoming damaged or ending if you let these feelings fester and go unchecked. You both wisely choose to trust not in people, but in God to bring you through anything that people can do to you. A belief must exist inside each of you that whatever God can do in the life of others, He surely in His omnipotence can do the same thing & more for you.
5. You two are not arrogant toward the other. Neither of you speak or act in a manner that dishonors, disregards, or disrespects each other.
6. You don't remain angry at the one you love.
Flying off the handle at the love of your life on a regular basis (or mistreating them because of your own mishandled emotional state) is not an option if you want the relationship to last. Therefore, you both take the necessary steps and measures to ensure that your strong feelings of displeasure dissipate or are appropriately managed as soon as possible. The feelings of fear (and the cause of your fear) that are the source of your feelings of anger are quickly recognized and addressed in order to protect your relationship. You continually act with power, love and a sound mind toward one another.
7. You don't hold grudges.
You don't hold onto and keep rehashing the past. You don't keep score of how many times you were right and how many times your mate was wrong. You refrain from harboring negative feelings toward the one you love.
8. You don't revel, boast, or celebrate when your significant other is in pain
Now you may think "duh" when you read this, but this is an issue in many relationships because a large number of people are hurting, discontent and worn out in their regular everyday lives. As we know, misery loves company. People tend to take pleasure in the low points of others because they don't want to be in the ditch, valley, or pit all by themselves.
9. You tell each other the truth.
You both faithfully, consistently tell the other the truth. Being honest should be the standard in your relationship. Truth spoken in love will bind you two together, whereas lies which lead to mistrust will eventually break the relationship apart. Honesty will cause you to grow in your relationship with one another and mature in your relationship with God. It is both of your relationships with God, who is love that will hold your relationship together. Remember a threefold cord (composed of you, your significant other, and God) is not easily broken.
10. You always look for the best in each other.
Somehow you see the best in your significant other even when or if others around you see the worst. You see beyond where they are now, to the man or woman they can become. You envision their bright future and destiny, and you encourage, exhort, uplift, and partner with one another to get there!
"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails." - 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 (New International Version)
"Real love, true love is giving of oneself and one's resources without expecting anything in return.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Solid Explanation Why Men Leave Women

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So why do men leave women? How can he change his mind so quickly? How can he go from someone who loved you a lot to someone who doesn't even want to be with you anymore?
Well this isn't something which happens overnight as most women assume. If your man has decided to leave you then the whole process must have started quite some time ago.
And there could be several reasons for that. Let's discuss this in a bit more detail...
Possible reason #1 - The relationship isn't fulfilling enough anymore...
And when I say it's not fulfilling enough, I am not talking about you but rather him. When a man decides to leave a woman one of the major contributing factors to this decision is the level of fulfillment and satisfaction he is getting out of the relationship.
Do you know what every man wants in a relationship? No, it's not a big list of things. All he wants is to FEEL GOOD. That's it!
Yes, it's really that simple. As long as he feels good in your company he will never ever think about leaving you. But you see in most relationships it starts of really well but then it gets to a point where everything is just extremely negative. And that's the point when the relationship starts to crumble.
Here are some of the things which can cause this -
  • Having very high expectations and asking him to live up to them.
  • Trying to change or fix him.
  • Trying to push him into doing things he normally doesn't want to do.
  • Complaining, arguing, nagging etc.

I am sure that you are thinking - Well what if he is wrong? What if it's all, his fault? Well if that's the case then why do you want to be with someone like that anyway? Why are you even reading this?
And we are actually discussing why do men leave women and that's the topic of this article so let's keep it at that for the time being.
Possible reason #2 - Attraction has died...
I am sure you are well aware of the saying that attraction always wears off after a while. You can't be all crazy about the same person after being together for some time. Well, let me tell you - This is one of the major reasons why men leave women.
Attraction isn't really a choice. It's not something one can choose to feel and it only occurs by itself.
I am sure you've had days where you just didn't feel enough attraction for your partner. But you see the main problem starts when you start having those days consistently.
If your man consistently feels a level of boredom in the relationship where there is absolutely no spark whatsoever, he is very likely to leave you.
Here are some of the things which cause it -
  • Following the same old boring routine and not doing anything new.
  • Not trying new things with your man including sexual things.

Sometimes you have to go back to your old self and be the person your man first fell in love with. Attraction will only last when you are willing to make the right amount of effort.
Possible reason # 3- You have become just too NEEDY...
Have you ever heard of the saying - "A relationship only lasts when it's balanced?"
What do you think this statement actually means? What is balance really? Well a relationship is termed as balanced when both the partners need each other equally.
But when one partner becomes needier than the other, it creates a level of imbalance in the relationship. And this imbalance can lay the foundation of a possible breakup.
Really think about it...When you start needing your man for every little thing, you will indirectly come across as a very demanding woman and he will feel the burden to fulfill those demands which is never a good thing.
Men want to be free even when they are in a relationship.
Important points -
  • Just like you expect positive things from your relationship, so does your man. The only way to make him stay is to keep things positive.
  • Don't make him feel trapped by being too demanding; learn to keep his needs in mind as well before your own.
  • Whenever you feel that your relationship is starting to feel a bit boring, make it a habit to do something fresh or new. This will bring the spark and attraction back.