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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Quick Tips On How to Make a Relationship Work

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Learning how to make a relationship work usually starts with both partners learning to build trust in their relationship. I often get asked for relationship advice from people trying to prevent a relationship break up and the lack of trust in a relationship is usually the biggest cause of problems. With that in mind here are my top five tips:
1 Building trust in a relationship
Learning to trust your partner is my number one tip whenever anyone asks me advice on how to make a relationship work. Lack of trust in a relationship is usually the main cause of relationship break ups. If you have already done something to break your partners trust, it is vital that you talk to them about this. You talk about how you fear losing them after you have broken their trust. Trust can be gained or regained with time and it is the vital ingredient in making a relationship work.
2 Communicate about everything
Communication is another key element in how to make a relationship work. If you want to save your relationship you must be able to talk to your partner openly and honestly about everything. Even though you might think your daily life is boring this does include your day to day activities. You don't have to tell your partner about all the mundane events at the office; try selecting a couple of key moments from your day to talk about.
You must also be able to communicate your problems with your partner as soon as they happen. Bottling problems up rarely resolves them and usually leads to further problems in the long run. Your partner is with you for a reason so make sure you communicate with them. In addition you should be open and understanding when your partner wants to discuss their problems with you.
3 Pay Attention to Your Partner
I heard the following saying a long time ago; "You have one mouth and two ears - use them in that proportion".
One of the best ways to avoid a relationship break up is to pay attention to your partner. Make sure you listen when they tell you things and learn to understand what they like and what they don't like. No matter what commitments or activities your partake in, you most definitely should aim to spend quality time together at least once a week. This can range from a quiet night curled up with a DVD to partaking in an event you both enjoy. Whatever it is; make sure you make the time to do it.
4. Fight For Your Love - Not With Them
In any relationship there are going to be situations where two people do not agree on everything. Fighting in a relationship happens but instead of acting with pig headed stubbornness try to use the opportunity to better understand your partner and why they think like they do. Your partner is an individual.
If you have a fight resolve it and move on.
5 Learn the Benefits of Positive Thinking
I am not going to start preaching about the benefits of positive thinking but it is certainly something you should give some consideration too. And surely it can't hurt to give it a try! Think about the people you work with or socialise with on a daily or weekly basis. Do you enjoy spending time with the negative or positive people?
Instead of saying things like "I haven't got time to do that with you" you could try and say "I will make the time to do it with you"
Used with the other points above, positive thinking can greatly reduce the possibility of a relationship break up.
The key point to remember if you are trying to save a relationship is to learn to build trust.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Is Your Relationship Going Somewhere?

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One of the saddest circumstances to be caught up in is a relationship that doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Each party has just sort of snuggled into a stalemate pattern. It is almost like being in limbo. 
This type of situation is a life waster. Years go by where couples are merely content. Love surely is not meant to be this way. Also, it doesn't mean that the spark of love has gone out, but it does mean though it needs to be fanned where it will burn brightly once again. It isn't going to happen though unless you recognize the problem and take some steps in the right direction.
First you need to determine that the feelings that are still there are mutual. You don't want to be wasting efforts with a partner who has no interest in salvaging a loving relationship. This can only be determined with a heart to heart talk. Most often in a relationship that has become complacent, there haven't been any real talks in a very long time. This is a good starting point.
Once you are sure that there are feelings there to be rekindled, then you have two steps to take.
The first step:
Is to draw attention to yourself once again. Take a walk down memory lane. What was it about you that drew your partner to you in the first place? Now you may be thinking it was your good looks, or your great figure that isn't so great anymore, but these features are just the calling cards. They are really not what triggers the love. If they did, and the love is lost because you don't possess them anymore, then your partner isn't worth having. You now have to create an attraction with what you have now. If you have gotten into the habit of serving dinner in your normal gown, then how about dressing a little bit sexy. Start taking some subtle steps to make yourself more romantic.
The second step:
Take a hard look at your partner. What was it that they had that you found so appealing. Look deep for this once again, because its still there, you have just lost it. Start focusing on these, and when its close to the time for your partner to come home, think about these and you will pre-set the mood.
These are the starters. If you continually focus on all the old flame starters you will start looking for some that are in the here and now. Before you know you may have rekindled the old dying relationship.

5 Tips to Help You Create Impression on Woman

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If you are here just to see what the trends currently are, sit back and enjoy, if you are here to learn close all the other doors to your brain except the romantic one and focus. Pleasing a woman is no cup of tea. Especially, when no two women are alike, you certainly cannot rely on a certain formula to impress or please them. However, there is something you can do your best. Be yourself. Women dig reality and individuality in a man. Emulating someone or inculcating a culture in yourself that you do not belong to is a complete turn off for women. 

Here are a few tips for all those ignorant men who have no clue how to please a woman in the right way: 

1. As I have mentioned before, you need to be real. You need to enhance your strong points and showcase your special talents and instantly be the reason to lighten up an atmosphere and have no room for boredom. 

2. Although, men are likely not to talk much, times seem to have changed and there are a few who blabber around with a big mouth. Doesn't matter the kind of knowledge you possess, keep something to yourself and never give the impression to your audience that you are smarter than them all. You need to connect with women in an utmost modest manner, of course not seeming too low on confidence either. 

3. Talking about confidence, having that to a certain limit makes you the center of attention and that is what you need now when you are willing to know how to please a woman. Women, generally, like men who can gather attention due to special skills, it could be as simple as communication, and be able to keep them interested with witty dialogues now and then. 

4. Where there is wit there should be humor. Humor, a healthy and sensible one, is always on top of the charts on how to please a woman. You would be termed ‘gifted' if humor is one of your prominent qualities as making a woman laugh would be your brownie point on how to please a woman. 

5. Automobile or electronic gadgets may not impress your woman right away but if you apply them on to help out a woman or guide a woman she may be impressed on your proactive helping nature as well as technologically equipped trendy behavior. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How to Get Your Man to Propose to You

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Warning: We are talking of a real relationship based on genuine love here! (Not going about experimenting sex that might ruin one's life). However to prevent HIV and STDs abstinence is still the best option. 
Have you been with your boyfriend for some time already but he did not propose yet? Did you try "everything" but still have no results or even hints that he might ask for your hand? No worries, there's a way to get your man to finally propose. Here are a few simple steps.
First, you have to understand your man better. Is he in the market at all? Is he afraid of commitment, having children or just not that into you to want to marry you? There can be many reasons stopping a guy from proposing. It can be a financial reason (he has no money for a wedding/children etc.) or he's afraid of how married life might end up like.
Your job is to make sure he doesn't feel like he'll be in a "cage" once you get married and that he'll keep on getting the best possible sex even years after you get married. The path to getting a guy to propose is a step by step path.
Next - I'll tell you ladies the cold hard truth: Amazing sex can get most guys on their knees saying "Would you marry me?" If you can give him the best sex of his life, and truly appreciate every inch of his body, appreciate him as a man, for his efforts, and if you truly want him to succeed, he'll consider you a kind of woman he wants to keep forever.
The core of a good relationship and marriage is great sex, so, before you get married and get him to propose your first goal should be great sex, since after that everything else is a routine. Whatever you want from him after that will be a lot easier. Men are simple, so don't complicate it. Sure, some are harder to conquer, especially if they have a big choice of women other than you that could please them better. Looks and sex are not everything, but they are a baseline, no matter how shallow this may sound - it's the truth.
So how do you give him that amazing sex? Simply - do what most other women don't do. He should get the best pleasure in bed with you and no other women. Make him feel like a King and feel like you really appreciate him and that you would make a great wife, especially if he knows that all this great sex will not stop once you finally get married. Since that's what many men out there are afraid of and what they hear from their married guy friends.
Tell him you love him and that you'd like to be with him forever, that you love pleasing him and that it makes you happy and that you want to keep on doing that forever as well, since it turns you on more than anything to keep him happy and satisfied. This all may sound crazy, but it's reality and a base that you need to build so that it will be much easier to get him to propose. If you can get this right, every other part of the process will be far simpler.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I Want A Real Commitment But How Long Should I Wait!

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Very often women ask this question. Here is a sample story...
A relationship could look quite settled. A couple spend time together four to five days per week, possibly at his home. And they have been in this relationship for two to three years. The woman feels that she is ready for them to move in together. Her boyfriend agrees, but he fears that after moving in together their relationship could possibly break up. He is mindful that some of their friends have had relationship problems - a couple did split up after moving in together. However he admits he has never felt about anyone like he feels about her now, but he is worried about hurting her feelings if they do break up.
A woman may feel he is not ready for a real commitment and doesn't know what to do. She wants to continue nurturing a serious relationship with him and has strong feelings towards him. He appears not to be too sure about living together as he does value his independence. Also he is busy with his career and has taken on a new project.
I understand a woman in such a situation feels frustration or uncertainty about her future in this relationship. A good point in this case is that her boyfriend explained his reasons.
However, there is a need to examine his answers, to understand his fears of intimacy and where he is coming from. In fact, it's healthier and more honest than someone who blindly throws himself into a relationship, and then later on, puts up emotional barriers. I actually feel that a man who says "I'm not ready" might be behaving with incredible honour and respect for you - he doesn't want to commit until he feels right in every possible way.
Here are some points to consider when analysing commitment issues:
1. Sometimes men are afraid to discuss their fears of making a commitment because the woman in their life seems so sure that everything will be alright, and he doesn't want to hurt her feelings. Still, it is important for you to share your own concerns about mutual issues, and give him reassurance - for example, that you want to work together with him to make sure the spark is kept alive in the relationship. Let him know that you feel hurt when he doesn't want you around permanently. With your reassurance he may find his fears and uncertainty will dissolve.
2. Some men could feel financially insecure and need to put lots of energy into developing their career. This may indicate an honest and responsible approach to building up a committed relationship. A question then arises: is there room for a serious relationship in his life now in view of his current lifestyle choices? In this case it can be useful to ask him when he will be ready for you both to live together.
3. Some men don't like change. If he feels comfortable with the present arrangement, why would he want to make changes? An extra effort is needed when new demands and added responsibilities are put on a relationship. It is unfair not to consider the needs of a person who loves you and her feelings of wanting added security. Some men could make excuses for not making a commitment which could leave the relationship in limbo.
4. Some men could have negative experiences from past relationships, or make judgments based on comments from their friends or family. Well, each case is individual and we cannot go into a healthy relationship if we don't have faith that there will be a positive outcome.
5. A man could still have doubts as to whether a woman is really the right person for him. And this situation could be unfair to her, as she will continue to hope, as she has put her heart and soul into developing the relationship, in addition to expending her time and energy.
To create a lasting relationship requires a mutual effort.
It can be a valuable test moving in together as this provides an opportunity for a couple to analyze how they manage life together. You may have heard the saying - falling in love is easy, to stay in love is challenging.
What does make a lasting relationship? Is it only a desire to be together? I believe something more is needed. In order for it to work each partner needs to exercise a willingness to be patient, trustworthy and flexible. You can add to that the ability to compromise and be financially responsible.
However, by creating a relationship nobody can guarantee one hundred percent that there will be a successful outcome that will last forever. As Mark Twain said only one thing is permanent and that is uncertainly for the future.
Constant changes are always taking place in a life partnership with such things as economics, environment, our jobs, desires, physical body, mind and so on. You cannot just sit back, do nothing and hope for it all to work out for the best. When living together you will get exposure to each other's full range of emotional reactions too. One of you may find that your partner's lifestyle doesn't fit with yours, something that would not be discovered unless the same living space was shared over a period of time.
There is always a percentage risk in making a decision to live together. But on the positive side there is a good chance to make the best possible relationship.
Perhaps, not everyone has such capabilities or a willingness to give up their own independence in order to share their life with someone else. Who knows some men may not be ready to really commit to a relationship ten years from now. On the other hand, it is a very lonely feeling to be deeply in love with somebody and want a future with that person, but that person does not want a future with you. Why do you want someone who doesn't want you forever?
In some cases if someone feels they have met the right person they can then find extra strength and energy to make each other happy in their relationship. This love can grow into something that is strong enough to last a lifetime based on a sense of individuality with sharing the same goals and values. For any two people it is very important to feel safe and secure in a relationship.
Also romantic relationships have phases of progression and evolvement. This is a process where two people reach the point where they can decide if they have a future together or not. If two people don't share the same vision and are not prepared to understand each other's needs then it takes time to rethink compatibility issues for a harmonious relationship.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Do You Want To Get Him Back? These Might Be The Reason Why He Lost His Attraction For You

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Remember the times when you felt really close to your man and he was showing you how much he cared about you? How would you like to get that back?
Right now your self-esteem and confidence is probably at an all time low because your relationship is on the rocks and you're wondering what to do to turn it around. The reason why you're in so much pain is because of all of the good times you had with him but now it feels as though you can't recover from this. You're wondering how to get things back on track, how to get past the hurt, pain, fear or anger.
Because you are feeling unhappy right now, it may seem impossible for you but I want to share with you the top reasons why he lost his interest in you and how to turn this around.
2 Top Reasons He Lost His Attraction:
1. Drama
There are a few things that act like a plague in relationships and it is the inability for women to control their emotions. Whether it's anger, fear, misunderstanding or resentment, most women just don't understand how to be emotionally attractive to men. It is very difficult for them to control their emotions in the face of what is taking place in their relationship. If you want to have power in your relationship, learn to cultivate inner power so that you aren't the kind of woman who's pushing him away from you. You can get his attention back if you give up drama.
2. Emotional Baggage
If you haven't dealt with your past relationship baggage correctly, you will always bring it in your present relationship. More than likely all of your feelings of insecurity seeped in. Your man may have seen you react to him around something that wasn't very important or your response towards him made him see you differently. It took sometime to get to where you are now, it didn't just happen overnight. You were painting a picture in his mind and creating an idea of what your future could be with him in a way where he didn't want to be apart of it.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Importance of Gratitude in Relationships

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Gratitude is an important part of life and appreciating our good fortune. It indicates that we do not take things for granted but take the time to stop and value what we have. Gratitude is an important part of communicating successfully and building relationships with others. People need to be thanked and appreciated in order to feel good about themselves and their actions. For children, receiving gratitude helps them to feel good about their behaviour. It reinforces good behaviour and is an important component in mutually beneficial relationships.
Let's look at the importance of gratitude:
- It acknowledges in a positive way what someone has done. Whether it be a thoughtful gift, action or word, gratitude recognises the other person's thoughtfulness and acknowledges it. Rewarding good behaviour by being appreciative allows that person to know that they have done something special and that it has been identified as significant. Many people say that it means a lot to them to have their efforts recognised and acknowledged. Being ignored can make a person feel invisible or inconsequential.
- When others feel appreciated they are more likely to want to behave that way again. Children especially, learn from being praised when they have done well. Often child experts will advise parents to ignore bad behaviour and praise the good behaviour. They reinforces a child's desire to receive good, positive attention.
- Good manners are about showing gratitude when someone has done something thoughtful for us. Even if we do not like, need or particularly want the gift or offer, it is important to have good manners and respect and be grateful to the other person. It shows that we value the thought and effort that has gone into their actions.
- Empathy can also feature as part of gratitude. Empathy shows that we have insight into another person's situation and mindset. Seeing things from someone else's point of view enables a better appreciation of their words and actions to occur. We can empathise with their rationale and be respectful and thankful for it, even if things don't work out as intended.
- Encouragement comes from receiving gratitude. Gratitude is often a more effective method of providing motivation and encouragement than money in a work environment. When people realise how important their efforts are, how much their endeavors are valued they will often be prepared to put in extra commitment. Genuine gratitude can be a significant factor in motivating staff. They value being noticed, appreciated and thanked.
- Thank the experience. It is relatively easy to be grateful for sunshine, good health and a happy family life. But bad experiences can over time be seen as a gift. It may seem a little simplistic to be grateful for the bad experiences in life but we learn the most from the tough times, the mistakes, the successes that we had to fight for. Bad relationships ultimately teach us what we don't want from a partner. Mistakes teach us how to do things better. Being grateful for these experiences is the best way to heal them and move on.
Gratitude is an important part of appreciation in life. It shows a graciousness and respect for others, for our good fortune and the experiences and lessons that come our way. Being grateful means that everything that happens to us is seen to have a value. Gratitude demonstrates the wisdom to respect that insight.