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Saturday, June 4, 2011

How to Win The Love of Someone You Are Interested in Without Scaring Them Off

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You love them and you want to let them know but you want to do it in such a way that you do not scare them off. Essentially your problem is how to subtly let them know that you really like them (much more than a friend) without coming on too strongly and overwhelming them so that they bolt. You want to use various understated and under the radar ways to slowly draw them to your side. And your question is; how to do this without scaring them off?
1. Attentively and considerately! To show someone that you care about them you need to be attentive to them and to take into account their feelings, concerns and interests. Nothing shows your interest in a person than listening to them and actually hearing them. To hear them when they talk you need to pay attention and really listen to their words and watch their body language and then let them know that they are interesting to you by asking relevant questions and making appropriate comments. And think about their feelings, concerns and interests even as you are attentive to them. Treat them cordially and ensure that you do not hurt their feelings by saying or doing inappropriate things. And if you tell them that you will do something for them or you will be with them at a specific time then you need to do as you said and do not inconvenience them.
2. With warmth and friendliness. To show someone that you love them you need to treat them with warmth and to be their friend. Being indifferent, cool and aloof may work for your non romantic interests but if you really like them and want them to know then you need to thaw out. As a friend you will have fun with them; you will talk about everyday and serious things with them; you will tell them your secrets and you will keep their secrets; and you will stand up for them when others criticize them and you will stand with them during tough times. You will thus be affectionately engaged in their life as a true friend.
3. Intentionally! All these things you will do on purpose. So you need to determine in your heart that you will do these things even when you would rather focus on yourself. The person you like and are behaving like this to will slowly begin to reciprocate but you must be the initiator and the one who carries the relationship until the person you like reciprocates all that you feel. To show someone your love requires your inner motivation and purpose that this is something you want and are willing to invest in otherwise you will run out of energy and patience.
4. With your ability and practically. To show your love you must do things for the object of your affection. You know the saying 'words are cheap' well it is true and you just cannot speak yourself into a relationship without doing any deeds of love. You will need to use your resources which will include your money, your time and your gifts to do imaginative and memorable things or deeds for the one you love. Only your imagination and your resources can limit what you can do.
To show someone your love requires that you implement all of these 4 components. As your love becomes clear and obvious to them they will in turn reciprocate but make sure that at the appropriate time you let them know that yours is a romantic interest and not just friendship. There is nothing more frustrating than being treated only as a friend by someone you love and want more from.

Friday, June 3, 2011

How Do You Score Your Relationship?

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If you want to feel really alive, have high energy and mental alertness, you must be comfortable with your sexual connection. Your sexual, soul, mind, and heart connection make up your relationship
Can you assess how good your relationship is right now?
1. Are you Soulmates?
Does being with your partner make you feel "like you have come home"?
2. Are you Mindmates?
Do you share common values, beliefs and goals? Do you understand and appreciate your personality differences? In terms of the overall relationship are you happy with the friendship that you have, the trust, the love? Are you happy with the honesty of your partner - the amount of communication, the equality of communication- or is there a power struggle?
3. Are you in love from the heart?
Are you happy with the amount of romance - the quality of romance and the balance of who initiates the romance in your relationship? Are you happy with the feelings, thoughts and experiences that are shared and the fun that you have?
4. Are you sexually fulfilled?
Assess your quantity of sex: How often do you currently have sex? How often would you prefer to have sex? What days of the week, time of day or specific situations do you usually have sex? When would you prefer to have sex? (Some people are limited to a routine of only having sex on Saturday nights. Some people are lucky if they have sex only a few times a year on festive occasions such as Birthdays and Christmas!)
Next think about the quality of your sex-life: Is the chemistry fantastic? Are you passionately intimate? Are you happy with the affectionate touching, the foreplay, the time spent? Is sex sensational? OR could your sex-life do with some sparking up?
If the brain is the most important sex organ, the tongue is the most important sex tool. Do away with your external stresses and internal resentments.  Sex is one of the glue for lasting love so it must be reignited if you want your partnership to last.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Showing That You Care Can Always Keep Your Love Alive

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As time passes we become more comfortable with our partner. Our relationship becomes more secure and it is natural that we perhaps forget to make as much of an effort as we once did. Some couples can gradually become more like mere friends than lovers. They lose their special intimacy as their lives become more preoccupied with other matters.
But a little effort, regularly invested can keep a relationship alive. The best way to keep your love alive is to show that you care. Here are some of the areas that you can consider in order to achieve that positive result.
- Invest time in your love. Demonstrating that you want to spend time doings things together is important. When we love someone there is no other place we would rather be than in their company. Continuing to show that is still the case makes your partner feel loved and special. Sometimes declining to work overtime or committing time over a weekend to do things together can show your partner that you want to be with them. You regard your relationship as important.
- Invest attention. By committing your full attention when you are with your love they feel important. Often you see some couples in distress where one person feels that they may spend time in each other's company but their partner is always on the phone or showing no interest. Attention makes a person feel special and attractive. Show you care by giving them your full attention. Be interested in each other's day, follow-up on previous conversations, know what is happening in each other's lives.
- Invest gestures. Touching your partner gently as you walk past, linking arms, holding hands, comfortably resting a hand on their leg all show you care and that there is an easy, relaxed energy between you both. When there is tension in a relationship the physical space between two people increases as the love decreases. Enjoying a comfortable physical presence demonstrates a relaxed easiness between you both.
- Invest thought by undertaking little actions that mean a lot. Making the evening meal on time, running them a bath, ironing a shirt for their important meeting the next day are all actions that show you care, love them and are thinking of ways to make their life easier.
- Invest romance by sending an occasional text that says 'I love you' or I'm thinking of you'. Take them out to lunch on a day when the children are at school. Romantic gestures don't have to be expensive or extravagant. It is often the little things that keep your love alive, the little reminders that they are in your thoughts.
- Invest pride in your love. Show them you are proud to introduce them to your friends, family, work colleagues. Letting your partner meet the important people in your life makes a difference to their confidence in you and the relationship.
By nurturing your relationship you take care of the most special friend, ally, supporter and lover in your life. By showing you care in many different ways the other person feels an important part of your life. You reinforce the bond between you both and keep your love alive.
Relationships can so easily be taken for granted. It is often those closest to us whom we forget to value and respect. Over time the relationship can start to struggle. That is why it is very important both partners make every effort to keep the love alive

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How strong? Love and Passion

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Let's get real, that is what is most important in all long term relationships. That is what everyone should be looking for in a new relationship. How do we find it, that can be the hard part. It takes a lot of work from both partners. Are you willing to put in the effort to accomplish this goal? You should be if you are reading this. Are you willing to use all you are to achieve it? Is your love willing to enter into a relationship that will make both of you in love and passionate forever? That is the love you should be looking for and longing for the rest of your life. Not many people find it. Why, because they settle on relationships that they are not comfortable with. They try to find love and passion in the relationship and never find it. They wander from one relationship to another without searching for what they really want and need. Check out the divorce rate. Why is it so high? I think by now you can make a good guess.
Do you cry at a sad ending to a movie or story? Do you cry at a happy ending? That should show you that you have a lot of emotions. You have feelings that need to be shared with another person, a person that you are willing to open up to no matter what. Don't settle on a person you can't share this with or does not care. If you do you will be in the divorce rate. You deserve better. Life is too short. Set goals for what you want in a relationship. You have a lot of love and passion to give and you deserve to have it in return.
This is about what people feel,or what their emotions are in a relationship. Love and passion are feelings and emotions that are beyond words. Look into yourself and feel your emotions at times that your emotions come out. The good emotions are the ones you want to build on. If you have these emotions you have a love to give that is beyond words. And you are deserving of a relationship that will enhance your feelings and emotions. Not a lot of people have these. Consider yourself extremely gifted. It shows people what a wonderful and loving person you are. I bet you never looked at it that way. Don't get depressed about your emotions and feeling. You have something that other people have never and may never know. You have more to give than you may ever receive. you are the type of person that people secretly envy. Look at other people's emotions in trying times. Do they have emotions similar to yours or do they have any emotions. Or maybe they just suppress them or they just don't care. Do they really have love and passion in their lives or do they seem to just wander aimlessly. Just taking life as it comes. You may not feel it but you are one of the most beautiful people in the world. You deserve the love and passion in your life and I pray you find it.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

These Tips And Tricks Will Help You Have Better Sex With Your Partner

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If you're looking for a few simple ways to have better sex then read and use these suggestions.
Be more spontaneous sexually. Don't just have sex at the same time, and same sexual positions! This gets boring.  You can still maintain an exciting sexual relationship with your partner just by being spontaneous.
Another simple tip is to tease them by stopping any stimulation just before they are about to orgasm, then build them up again. By delaying orgasm they will have a much more powerful one when you eventually allow them to have one. Make sure not to ruin their orgasm though by stopping stimulation whilst they are already having one as this will decrease the intensity of their orgasm. Make sure you time it to just before they are about to climax, not once they already are! Your ability to relax and let go of stress will improve the pleasure you have during sex.
Use stress busting methods like regular exercise, sports and meditation to reduce stress and increase your relaxation levels. Meditation in particular helps you directly control your stress levels generally (including during sex) and not just during the meditation itself.
Make foreplay last significantly longer than you are currently making it last. Women especially appreciate this. Next time you have sex make the foreplay preceding it last an hour or more and notice the difference in pleasure you both have compared to shorter foreplay sessions.
It's important to communicate with your partner about what they like and don't like. Whether that's simply directing their hand or motion to how you prefer it or whether it's actually asking, this will make sure you both know how to best pleasure each other.
I hope you've enjoyed this article