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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Loyalty is Very Important in a Committed Relationship

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A committed relationship by its very definition is a relationship where you are both bound to each other by an invisible but almost tangible cord. It is a relationship where you have made a pledge or promise to each other that you will be loyal to each other. And when we think of someone as loyal it evokes in us the knowledge that they are faithful to us and would never betray us by their behavior or in their speech. A loyal person treats you with kindness and affection; you can rely on them because they don't change on you; and they are on your side and will defend you against those who would attack you. So why is loyalty important in a committed relationship?
1. It cements your commitment to each other. When your heart is at rest in regard to your partner's loyalty since you are completely assured that they are faithful to you and are on your side then the invisible cord that binds you together in a committed relationship is strengthened. But when you are doubtful about your partner's loyalty then you cannot put all your emotions and energies into the relationship since the relationship is risky to you and so your commitment will be low.
2. It ensures you are able to face life together. When you know that your partner is loyal and they are on your side then you can confidently face life together. You can invest yourself, your resources and your talents and gifts on your partner and on your relationship because you know that you are both part of a strong team. You know your partner won't misuse you and what you invest in the relationship. If on the other hand your partner is unfaithful and you cannot trust them then you are more likely to each face life on your own as you cannot trust them to invest what you bring to the relationship for the betterment of both of you and your relationship. You are unsure that they will represent and take care of your interests as they are untrustworthy and your commitment to them will be weak at best and non-existent at worst.
3. You can both grow your gifts and talents within the relationship. When you know that your partner is loyal and devoted to you then you are able to focus your energies on growing as an individual and as a partnership. Because you are devoted to each other then your desire will be to see your partner happy and living at their full potential. And you will support them financially and emotionally in that. If on the other hand your partner is fickle and you are unsure about their loyalty then you will tend to either spend your time and energy on trying to fire fight the relationship fires that result or you will try and grow as an individual without any input from your partner; and your commitment to them will be as low as their commitment is to you.
4. You are able to support other people. When you know that your partner is loyal, dependable and is fully devoted to you only then you have enough energy to fend for others. And you can both take care of children. You have the support you need to raise healthy, well adjusted children. But when you cannot trust your partner since they are unreliable and their devotion is to themselves primarily then your energy tends to be dissipated within the relationship as you cope with this unstable and rocky commitment. If you have children they tend to suffer from this dysfunction.
The level of loyalty in a relationship is directly proportional to the commitment that you can have in any relationship. Minimal loyalty or loyalty that varies with circumstances tends to result in little commitment since you just cannot rely on each other. Complete loyalty that stays steady regardless of circumstances results in high relationship commitment as you can rely on each other.

Friday, June 10, 2011

3 Sure-fire Ways to Test If He Is Truly Your Soulmate

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Are you wondering how you can tell if the man you're with is truly your soulmate? Here are 3 sure-fire ways to tell for sure:
First, let's make sure we agree on what a soulmate is, because if we don't agree on what a soulmate is, then my advice about how to tell if you're already with yours won't be very much help, will it?
 A soulmate is defined on 3 levels: emotional, physical, and spiritual. In other words, a soulmate is someone with whom you share deep feelings of love, contentment, and commitment; someone to whom you are physically attracted and with whom you are physically compatible; and someone with whom you are spiritually in tune and spiritually compatible.
With that definition in mind, here are the 3 tests:
First: ask yourself, "Am I truly, madly, deeply in love with this man? If I knew I could have any man I wanted, would I be content to stay with him? If the handsomest, richest, most eligible bachelor in the world offered to sweep me off my feet and give me everything I ever wanted, would I turn him down flat because of my commitment to this man?"
If you can honestly answer "Yes!" to those questions, you're halfway to passing the first test!
Now ask yourself, "Do I believe that this man is truly, madly, deeply in love with me? If I knew he could have any woman he wanted, do I believe he'd be content to stick with me? If the most beautiful woman in the world tried to take him away from me, am I confident that his commitment to our relationship would be strong enough that he'd turn her down?"
If you can honestly answer "Yes!" to those questions, congratulations! You've passed the first test!
Second: ask yourself, "Does he make me hot? When we're in the bedroom, do the sparks fly? Are we intimate often enough, and when we are, does it feel like we're truly making love, or does it feel like we're just having sex (regardless of how good the sex is)?"
If you're happy with the answers to those questions, then ask yourself if you believe you still make him hot, that he still feels the sparks flying, too, and if you believe he's satisfied with the frequency and intensity of your sex life.
If you're happy with the answers to all those questions, congratulations again! You've passed 2 out of 3 of our tests!
Third: ask yourself, "Do I feel comfortable talking about spiritual matters with this man? Do I feel as though I can share my spiritual beliefs openly and honestly with him, without fear of being judged or put down for those beliefs? Do I believe he's open and honest with me about his spiritual beliefs? And are our spiritual beliefs in alignment (or at least not totally at odds with each other)?"
If you can honestly answer "Yes!" to those questions, congratulations again! You've passed all 3 tests! Chances are excellent that you are already with your true soulmate.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Do You Believe In Love At First Sight? Read on....

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What is love at first sight? Love at first sight is referred to the strong level of attraction, that you feel for a person when you see them for the first time. However how far is this theory true? Does love at first sight actually exist, or is it plain infatuation that is misinterpreted as love?
Many individuals claim to have experienced love at first sight. According to them, they felt a sudden and unexpected magnetic attraction towards a particular person, right from the first time they saw them. Later they say that no matter how much they tried, they just could not get the person off their mind. However this theory is rubbished by many others who state that, the first time you meet a person you can get attracted only to their outwardly appearance, and getting attracted to a person only on the basis of their looks can't possibly be love. You might have also heard of incidents when people get attracted to a person when they see them for the first time, but when they talk to them they realize that they have no connection at all.
Can something like that be called love? The answer is no. When you see a person for the first time, on the basic of their looks you tend to derive certain assumptions about that person. It is on the basis of these assumptions that we get attracted to the person. However, not always these assumptions turn out to be right. In fact, most of the time the assumptions that we make when we see a person for the first time, are proven wrong when we get to know them better. It is then that we realize that it was mere attraction. Love is something much more deeper than just a person's outwardly appearance. A person may be the ugliest person you have ever seen, yet you may seem to have fallen in love with them because of the kind of connection that the two of you share. When you are really in love with someone, their looks don't count. Love can happen at the strangest of places and when you least expect it.
The truth is what happens in one glance is infatuation, and often people mistake it to be love. Love takes time. It happens over a period of time. It takes place only once you get to know and understand a person completely.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Seeing These Signs? Is Likely He May Be About To Leave!

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1 - You no longer have romantic time together, just the two of you
If you have noticed that you 2 are spending less and less time together (just the two of you), it may be a bad sign, especially if accompanied by his inviting friends every time you 2 are going out. If your time together has changed into a group outing, it is a clear sign he's ready to leave you. This is particularly the case if you notice that his eyes wonder towards other ladies in the group, or if he is acting flirtatious with any of them.
The breakup wish may still be in his subconscious, but it's there if he acts this way.
2 - He changes his looks
If your man suddenly looks much better, or different, you may have good reason to worry. For example; let's say your man is the casual guy, someone whose attire is limited to T-shirt, jeans and trainers; if all of a sudden he starts to buy designer clothes, for example, well he's clearly trying (subconsciously or consciously) to meet new (and different from you) women, or simply trying to impress another woman in particular. The same if he's just bought cologne whilst until then he wasn't even wearing a deodorant!
On the other hand, when a guy is comfortable in a relationship he let himself go, although nowadays, with the pressure to look good or at least be fit, this may no longer be the case. But since this is the human tendency (namely that when we are single or think single we take 'special' care of ourselves, whilst when we are comfortable in a relationship we don't), if your man is starting to take 'special 'care of himself in any way, especially if he has not been doing it before, it is a warning sign suggesting he's acting or thinking 'single' again.
2 - He's in a bad mood and/or overly critical of you
Do you feel like he's no longer interested in what you have to say, no matter what it is? Or do you feel that when you tell a great, funny story everybody is entertained whilst he looks bored and absent-minded? Or do you complain about some stranger treating you badly and all you hear from him is that he's taking the stranger's side? Do you feel like he's started to criticise you for no real reason, or become judgemental against you, whilst before he used to praise you or compliment you? Do you find that he's become snappy, bad-tempered and moody? If this is the case in your relationship, this could well be a sign that he's ready to dump you. You feel he has developed contempt towards you or the relationship and you are probably right (if the above behavioural signals are in place). The reason why he's psychologically torturing you this way is because he's acting out his frustration. He may feel bored or frustrated in the relationship but incapable to change things; when this is the case a man will often act out in these ways; the key is not to take it personally because you could be the most beautiful, the nicest, the kindest, the most charming woman on the planet and he would still act out in this manner if he's psychologically thinking 'single' again, or if he's feeling powerless or frustrated within the relationship (often for his own psychological reasons which has nothing to do with you).
4 - He's no longer available.
Has he suddenly become really busy at work that he finds less and less time for you? Or, are you suddenly the one who makes the effort to maintain contact? Are you the ones making more phone calls to him than he makes to you? Is he replying to your text messages or emails with unusual delays? Is he not returning your calls as quickly as he used to, if at all? Has he cancelled a few dates with you lately? Or, is he no longer planning anything in the future with you (holidays, living arrangements, and so on) and avoiding the subject when you bring it up? These signals are all clues that he's trying to 'get out of the relationship', subconsciously or even consciously; let's not forget that a guy finds it very hard to split up with any girl in person, face to face, so he resorts to these types of behaviour instead.
5 - Body language changes
Despite what a guy may be telling you, watch his body language when he's with you, talking or listening to you; body language signals such as shrugging his shoulders rather than answering you, or giving you a pathetic one-shoulder hug (this is a sign showing that he's subconsciously distancing himself from you).
If the above signals are cropping up in the relationship, rather than being upset or closing up (which are both understandable reactions) you need to establish or re-establish openness in your relationship, without any form of censorship or criticism; this is a good method to avoid an otherwise inevitable breakup and to restore love in the relationship.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Secret Of Using Text Messaging To Win His Love Back

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If your man was into you one minute then his feelings for you have seemed to disappear, I know how frustrating that can feel. Do you know that using simple but proven text messages can reignite the spark back into your relationship and have him feeling like a romance addict towards you?
The text messages you can send to create intense attraction in your man isn't any ordinary text messages. They are texts that works on the primal instincts of your man to pursue you which means that he's the one who will be doing all the work instead of you.
In order to create these kinds of messages, you have to key into a man's desire to be visually stimulated. But this isn't really about sexting or sending him dirty text messages. You do this by using the language of romance. You use words that are full of details to make him feel the need to drop everything he's doing to give you his attention.
Your texts must be short but descriptive, the language you use must be full of the ability to grab his curiosity, and it has to make him feel intense attraction for you on a gut level.
And this will work on your man like a magic spell because you are appealing to his desires to want to please you. When you come from this mindset, you understand how powerful text messaging is, since it is a tool that can create the exact feelings and desires in men to want to pursue women.
This works even if you've been together for a while and you've even talked about marriage plans, but the relationship is in a stall somehow. His motivation seemed to have waned. He may have become more distracted by work, hobbies or the everyday drill.
The reason why text messaging can create even more of a seductive power over his mind is because it helps to delay the instant gratification mechanism in his brain so you are training his brain to anticipate pleasure and in doing this he is motivated to work for more of you.
Here's a a way to use text messaging to create magic inside of him. You can say something like: "Imagine I'm right beside you and you can feel my soft breath against your ear as I reach over and whisper what I'm thinking about right now..."
He's obviously going to want to know what you're thinking about and this is how to use text messaging in a playful manner to unlock the passion within your man and make him crave for you over and over again.
This method will unlock explosive passion in your relationship with just a few text messages. With this also, you can turn even the biggest romantic numbskull into "prince charming" just by pushing a few buttons on your cell phone.

Monday, June 6, 2011

These 4 Tips Can Save Your Marriage

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Save a marriage, try these 4 tips. They are all common sense, they are not difficult to do, yet many people won't try them, not even to save a marriage.
Tip 1) Stop arguing. If you and your partner seem to argue over little things, then maybe you should learn to let it go. Don't try to start an argument every time you talk to each other. Leave it be. When you stop trying to argue with your partner, you may notice that your partner wont be arguing as much with you.
If you are trying to save a marriage, then you will have to be the one to start the process of not arguing as much. When both of you stop arguing as much, you may find that both of you want to save a marriage. So be the first to keep the peace.
Basically, If your partner thinks that the glass is half full, then don't think the glass is half empty. No need to start an argument over something little that can be blown big. Just think what's more important, saving a marriage or trying to prove a point. Let it go!
Tip 2) Try dating again. Think about how you met, where you went for your first date or maybe your partner has talked about going somewhere different. Make it a date. Try to keep things "new" in the marriage. Not only new things but try to keep yourself new as well. What did your partner like about you when you were dating? What do they like about you now? What was it that got the two of you together?
Remember how exciting and new everything was when you first got together. What was it that made it that way? Try to create it again, or something new that your partner is looking for. Don't fall into that proverbial rut where your partner thinks of you as boring.
Have a date night. Try to make it exciting and new just like when you first started dating. Just stay out of that rut and don't let it get boring.
Tip 3) Love your partner. Show them love the way they want to be loved. Some like to be touched a certain way, some just like to hear "I love you' more, while some just like the little things that are done for them.
No matter how you have to do it, just do it. Whether you have to stop everything you are doing, grab your partner in your arms, look them in the eyes and say "I love you"  you want to make them happy by showing them you love them.
Tip 4) If you want to help save a marriage, be physically affectionate. Hug, kiss and touch your partner as much as you can throughout the day. Could be just a brush of your hand as you walk by or sitting next to them on the couch as you watch a movie. Show them that you love being close to them by being physically affectionate.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Is He In Love? Check Out These Signs!

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Looking for signs that he is in love? You may have been dating this guy for a while and you are starting to have deeper feelings. How can you know if he is feeling the same thing? This is a tricky situation in many cases because those signs he is in love can be quite similar to someone who is merely possessive. Keep this in mind as you consider the following signs he is in love with you.
Does he seem to want to be with or around you all the time? Is he swinging by after work? When he cannot stand to be away from you this is a definite sign that he is experiencing deep feelings for you. This is especially true if he is a workaholic or never seems to have time for anything other than his career. At this point, he may not know what he is feeling, but as they say actions speak much louder than words.
Have you come to the moment in the relationship that he is taking you to meet the family? For most men this is a definite indication that he is getting serious. Involving you in his family life not only points to the fact that he is thinking about a long future, but that he is willing to open himself up personally. Most people have at least one or two crazy relatives and by introducing you, he is risking rejection. This can be a major step in your relationship.
Is this guy taking the time to really get to know you? Instead of bringing you chocolate, did he procure your favorite book or movie? Perhaps it is a flower you have always longed for or something even more obscure. The fact that he is breaking with the traditional "gifts" and seeking to offer you things that have meaning is a clear sign he is falling in love with you. Most guys do not take the time to understand a woman they have no long-term interest in.
Be Yourself
Has he seen you at your worst and still come back for more? One of the biggest mistakes you see in dating is the temptation to put on a front and not be yourself. This is generally done out of fear and is understandable but a solid loving relationship will withstand bad hair days, swollen eyes from crying and even an angry outburst. Let him see who you truly are and if he comes, back for more you can rest assured the feelings are real.
It is not difficult to know when you are falling in love; it is just one of those things that you know. However, determining if the object of your affection feels the same can be a bit harder. Consider the way he looks at you and particularly the way he does not look at other women anymore. When he is falling in love even beautiful, model type women will pale in comparison, because he loves you.