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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Universal Love Relationship Advices

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There are 3 universal love relationship advices that you can use regardless of the relationship phase that you're in, and they all work because they appeal to the very basic human needs.
So if you want simple and yet universal love relationship advices to take your love life to the next level, here they are.
Treat Your Partner With Respect
Yes, I do admit that this first love relationship advice sounds like common sense because it's so simple. After all, if you love someone, wouldn't you naturally treat them respectfully?
Unfortunately, that's usually true when you only see that person from time to time. But when you live with each other or see each other on a constant basis, it's easy to forget all about respect.
So how do you deal with that? Think about someone you respect deeply, be it your grandma, a life coach or a business mentor. Then don't say or do anything to your partner that you wouldn't otherwise say or do to that person.
Remember, thoughtless statements can end relationships. So even if you slip up, try to bear this simple yet important love relationship advice in mind.
Learn to Support Your Partner
Have you ever shared an exciting idea with a loved one or a closed friend, only to be torn down because he/she thought your idea was ridiculous? 
By the fact that you're your partner's partner, your words will carry a lot more weight than others. So when your partner shares his/her goals and dreams with you, try to be supportive at least, even if you don't like the idea.
Of course, I don't mean that you can't point out major flaws in a plan, but cushion your words and be constructive in what you say. Something like, "Wow! It's a good idea to become a chef. After all, you love to cook! But being a chef is really tiring. Are you prepared for that?" sounds encouraging and kind, but yet drives home your concerns.
In short, your partner will look to you most for emotional and mental support, so bear this second love relationship advice in mind because your lack of proper support can harm your relationship.
Learn To Be Accepting
There will be times that your partner's habits will bother you greatly, but think for a moment and decide if those habits can be easily changed or it would require a lot of effort.
To be honest, if you can't see your partner changing after all that nagging, then learn to accept his/her flaws. After all, nobody is perfect and I'm sure you have shortcomings that your partner is putting up with.
Accept your partner for who he/she is, and you'll be glad you followed this love relationship advice because it will go a long way to help you. After all, it's this kind of acceptance and tolerance that contribute toward many successful long term relationships.
So really, regardless of the stage of your relationship, learning to respect, support, and accept your partner will always make your relationship better. Keep these 3 pieces of love relationship advices close to your heart and you'll be glad you did.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Who is Really Your Partner?

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How often have you gotten to a place in your life with someone you think you know, as well as anyone can, just to find that they continue to surprise you? The surprise might be a pleasant one such as learning about something really amazing they have done in their lives that you had no idea about.

Or the surprise might lead to a disappointment in a behaviour that you didn't know they were capable of.

What does this mean? The truth is that you can spend a whole lifetime with a person and not really know who they are at all. As is the whole planet we live on, we are constantly changing and adapting to our environment.

You are, today, simply a product of all your life's experiences and your responses to them. How you think, feel and behave is a consequence of all that has happened to you before this time.

And how you will be tomorrow will be a product of all that has happened in the past in addition to what you experience today and the decisions you make about yourself and others as a consequence of that experience.
Every couple needs exclusive time together to really get to know each other at the beginning of a relationship otherwise insecurities will naturally creep in.
Now, while I have said that you are constantly changing and this should require you to be constantly open to discovering who your partners are anew, there is also value in finding out where your partners have come from; their early life experiences as well as the experiences of their siblings and parents. All this information will help you determine what might be the core values of this possible partner particularly in reference to you as a couple.
So what might be some of the things that might be valuable for you to learn about your partner?
The questions are actually endless and could include how they acquired their name, their family history, their favorite things, how their parents resolve conflicts, how they resolve conflicts, what their relationship was like with their siblings growing up and what their hopes are for their future.
Don't ever stop learning about your partner because the more you know about him or her the more sure you can be about why they do the things they do.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Suspecting Your Wife of Cheating, 2 Important Signs to Look at For!

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Do you have that sinking feeling your wife might be cheating on you? If you do, you are certainly not alone. Infidelity statistics show that it is actually quite common these days, with both sexes putting a lot on the line for the sake of a fling. Infidelity is all over television and almost everyone has known someone who has been cheated on by their partner.
If you are a husband who thinks that your wife is cheating on you, there are a number of signs that you will want to be aware of. The following are two signs on to indicate how to know that your wife cheated.
 If you suspect your wife is cheating on you, just be sure to keep your eyes and ears open. Unfortunately for the cheaters, they often make mistakes and don't cover their tracks thoroughly. It's hard word to continually be hiding your new activities. Many cheaters get comfortable and slip up at one time or another. If you know what to look for, this is when you might be able to prove your wife cheating.
A wife becoming secretive where previously she was very open, can often point to an extramarital affair. For example, does your wife spend noticeably more time on the phone or the internet? If so, what is her reply when you ask her what she is doing? If you receive a curt "nothing," or "none of your business" response, something may be going on.
When talking on the phone does your wife quickly hang up the phone whenever you walk into a room? Does she shut off the computer or try to block your view of it? If so, your wife's secrecy may mean that she is trying to cover up an affair.
A Change in Affection
If you suddenly notice a decrease in the amount of affection your wife gives you, this could be a sign she is having an affair. If your love life was previously happy and healthy, your relationship was filled with fun, adventure, and great sex but all that has changed, it could point to infidelity. If your wife no longer compliments you as she did before or pulls away during a kiss, an affair may be under way. Some cheating women try to avoid close physical contact with their husbands in fear of letting their guilt show or simply because they would rather only be intimate with their lover.
If you do find out she is cheating on you, pick the right time to carefully approach the subject. Never confront your wife in front of your children. No matter how angry or hurt or shocked you are, do not get violent. Stay calm. Keep your voice at a reasonable level. As hard as it might be, calmly approaching the situation can better allow you and your wife to have an honest discussion. Bringing the affair out into the open will give the two of you the opportunity to address the problems in your marriage, and therefore, come up with a solution that will stop your wife from seeking affection outside of her relationship with you and your marriage becoming just another infidelity statistic

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Weird But True! How to SAVE Yourself From the Humiliation of a Cheating Spouse

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Why do so many men cheat? Why do men of any age, race, income bracket and even upbringing stray on their wives, girlfriends and significant others? Is it insecurity? Fear of commitment? Intimacy issues? Or maybe there is something hard wired into the biology of being a MAN, that makes cheating a natural extension of being alive?
So do ALL men cheat on their partners?
Absolutely not. According to most studies though... OVER 50% married men will stray at some point during their marriage, and considering more than 50% of marriages end due to infidelity, that number is actually most likely under-reported and much higher.
The REASON most men cheat?
Truthfully, some social scientists believe that men are programmed for variety by nature. That after the urge to "procreate" is satisfied, sexual variety is the next most powerful drive.
Now... I'm going to tell you a secret that MANY men will tell you is crazy, but it's really not:
There are plenty of men who are faithful. And FATE has as much to do with fidelity as physical desire. I believe that the BIGGEST cause of infidelity is actually because most people pick the WRONG partners.
For example, I have very rarely seen "soul-mates" cheat on one another. Two people who you KNOW are meant together... STAY together. (and don't have the desire to get any "action" outside)
I've seen it over and over and yet... OVER again - happy couples who are helplessly  in love, are the lucky few that remain in LOVE  for a lifetime. 
I believe you make your own fate.
You create your own destiny. And in matters of the heart... and spirit, the UNIVERSE has a plan for you. And that plan does NOT include the "pain" of a partner who cheats. I really believe that each of us is given a number of paths to pick from... and throughout our lives, we are challenged, chided and even nudged to choose the right one. Far too many of us, especially WOMEN, choose poorly anyway... and this leads to a smaller life (and love) than we were created to enjoy.
It's up to you though to claim it... and find it and OWN it! (your happiness that is - AND the soulmate you truly deserve!)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

4 Breakthrough Tips You Must Know To Attract a Guy

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Let's face it, not all of us are blessed with perfect  looks, outstanding personalities, or highly successful careers. However, we are all blessed with the capacity and the potential to become much more than we currently are.
That is the leading factor as to why these helpful tips come in handy!
With them you can learn something you may not have thought of, improve on what currently needs work, and even realize what should and should not be avoided at all costs.
Tip #1: Be Conscious of Your Outward Appearance and Physical Actions
Actions really do speak louder than words and sometimes, depending on the actions you portray, you could send either a positive or negative signal to a man, even if he is observing you from across a crowded room.
So be honest and kind with people from the very beginning even if they initially aren't with you.
Why? Because you may have already captured his attention, so whether or not he is ogling you, play it safe and always practice being mindful and improving your character. Use common sense and maturity and things will be so much easier on everyone.
Plus, your appearance can play a large factor as to whether or not you will even be approached. Be sure to maintain your personal health and upkeep until you feel confident enough to meet a man, or perhaps even deal with rejection.
Some claim that the color and style of your clothes help attract certain men.
Although there are no official studies on this, it would make sense that classy-sexy and bright clothing would attract like-minded men, whereas dark and/or clothes that are falling apart will likely attract men of a similar nature.
However, what better way to test that theory than to get out there and experiment!?
Tip #2: Be The Center of Your World
You are single, after all, so focus on what makes you 'you'. Be confident in your abilities to strike an interesting conversation about something that interests you and that can hold his attention.
There is a difference between being confident and then being cocky, however, and some women struggle with both almost as much as some men. *wink.
Cockiness is being so full of yourself that you spout random nonsense (true or not) just to inflate your ego, whereas confidence is actually knowing what you are talking about, humbly of course, and then having the proof to back it up as well.
So point-blank, don't be afraid of being yourself and to speak your mind whilst keeping the proper respect and courtesy toward others.
Another unique way to garner his attention would be the area in which you associate yourself within any given locale.
Tip #3: Tap Into and Use Your Radiant Aura
We all have an aura
The positive energy that seemingly exudes from beneath the skin when we're having a good time and sharing the experience with others.
Make it a priority to enjoy yourself and beam with confidence in everything you do.
This will make you feel damn good about yourself and also help you be more approachable in a given situation.
Plus, when we feel secure about ourselves we are more apt to handle things like stress, humility and uncertainty with better ease and fluidity.
So instead of letting an issue overwhelm you, try to take a breath and deal with it accordingly. For the sake of being embarrassed we might instead turn our shame into humor.
In order to have the ability to laugh at ourselves we must first be able to view the bigger picture, which 9 times out of 10, is the fact that mistakes do happen yet they can be rectified.
Above all, don't forget to smile and enjoy yourself!
A positive attitude and an upbeat outlook on life is a breath of fresh air, so try to relax, have a good time, and watch as so many wonderful opportunities drift into your life because of it.
Show an interest in the world around you and the people who are a part of it and he may just show a real and valid interest in you!
Tip #4: Take The Initiative
So you might feel as though this goes against every 'classic' fiber of your being that tells you it is only appropriate if the man gets in touch first after your date together.
This is just not true in today's day in age.
If you are truly interested in getting to know someone then muster the courage to ask him out.
You would be astounded at how successful this is and at how much your chance of a second encounter with him increases thrice-fold because of a simple invitation.
Make plans with him and follow through, if you are unsure of this refer back to tip #1 where actions speak louder than words. Show him just how much you are interested by sharing in an outside experience rather than gushing over how much you would one day like to.
Don't be afraid to ask for his contact information either so to let him know, without being too obvious, that you are interested. Exchange phone numbers, your e-mail address, or even social network links.
However, there is an alternate method you could choose depending on your personality, comfort level, and plan of attack.
If you would like to build some romantic and sexual tension with him then by all means, wait until he comes to you!
Don't call him right away after your first encounter and don't rush into stalker status by immediately friend requesting him on social networks.
You might risk the possibility that he never gets a hold of you, however in doing so, you also substantially up your odds of him having a real interest and a real attraction towards you if he chooses to pursue.
These 4 tips, if executed properly, definitely will achieve a desired result. Every woman has what it takes to capture the man of her dreams, but not every woman has the know how to do so, don't take this advice for granted, it is more powerful than you think!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Ways That Midlife Women Sabotage Their Chances of Finding Love

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Midlife women who want to find love often feel discouraged, frustrated and lonely. Some may have given up hope of ever finding the love, companionship and intimacy they crave. By the time women reach midlife it can be even more challenging to meet their ideal partner. By this time, most women have been hurt, disappointed or worse.
It's a common belief that the difficulty lies with the men out there or that there is some major flaw in the cosmos, yet there are many behaviors and self-limiting beliefs that may prevent women from finding true love. These beliefs and behaviors can literally block them from having the love they want and deserve.
Here are some of the most common:

1) Lack of Belief That Someone is Out There.
It is amazing how powerful the mind is. If a woman believes something like "all the good ones are taken" or "I am not loveable" or "there is no-one out there for me" her mind will gather evidence to reinforce these beliefs. Thus, women can become their own self-fulfilling prophecies.
2) Settling for wrong relationship
Many smart, successful women stay in relationships that are unsatisfying and even unhealthy because they are afraid there is nothing better out there. They fear that if they let go, they won't find anyone else. This can be damaging, can waste her valuable time and make her unavailable to her "Mr. Right".
3) Holding onto the Past.
In order to be open to love in the present, there are often things from the past that need to be cleared. Depending on what the past holds, this may require therapy, forgiveness, self-awareness or all of the above. It is worth doing this work to create the space in your heart and life to be receptive to giving and receiving love.
4) Ambivalence.
Many women say they want to find love, yet when you look at what has prevented them from finding it so far,  you find considerable ambivalence. Some women are not even aware that this is the case. This can be a defense mechanism or an indication of competing priorities. It is important to be brutally honest about what may be hindering growth, opportunity and progress in this area of life.
5) No Room for Love.
Many women who claim they would like to be in a committed relationship are so busy with careers, projects, family or other interests that they scarcely have time to go on a date, let alone have time to nurture and sustain a healthy relationship. They need to create a shift in priorities to make some room for someone else.
6) Isolation.

 Be open to new experiences. Create opportunities to find joy in your life right now. This is very attractive. Every social interaction and opportunity holds the potential for meeting someone new or someone who knows an interesting and available man to recommend.
Finding true and meaningful love can be one of the richest, sweetest and most satisfying experiences that life has to offer.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Skills You Need to Get Him Addicted to You

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Do you know that the majority of women will never know how to get and keep their men interested? Most women just don't know the real secrets about men and how to make their men addicted to them. Are you one of them?
You see, men are very easy to understand and the women who truly get how men are, don't have many of the problems the majority of women have. In fact, alot of these women are the envy of tons of women. They just have a magic secret understanding about how to get men interested and emotionally attached to them.
the ugly mistake most women make is NOT understanding how to relate to men, how to speak their language. If you find it frustrating that your man isn't into you as he used to be or want to know how to make any man miss you or be more into you, you have to learn these secret skills. Once you know them, it's like a principle. You add two plus two and you know it will equal four. When you don't know how to work this, you're at a loss, may blame men and get extremely upset or frustrated about their behavior.
I'm going to show you how you can use text messaging to turn up the heat even if your relationship seems like it's on it's way out the door or you just want to know how to get men addicted to you.
But first, let's get this out of the way. In order for you to get results, you have to understand the mindset of men and romance.
Men view being romantic in a different way than you do and are motivated in different ways. You're motivated to get attention and love while he's motivated to get sex and feel good. The women who know the deep inner secrets, understand that they shouldn't look down on men just because of their prime motivation. They use to their advantage instead to get their men emotionally attached.
Understanding his motivation will help you get more from him than you are getting now. And using text messages that speaks to his desires, will help to turn your relationship around practically overnight.

Text Secret #1 - You text must position itself as a game to him
If your text isn't full of play and adventure, your man won't be inspired to keep it going. He may not even respond. When you send a text message to get his attention, you have to keep business out of it. Talk about home, or tasks outside of trying to re-ignite the romance.
Text Secret #2 - Your text must pique his curiosity and create anticipation
It you send him a closed text message, it will have no power to pique his interest. You have to leave your text wide open for his interpretation. So insinuation is your best tool.
Text Secret #3 - Your text must make him feel connected to pleasing you
When you send your man a text that doesn't make him feel like a rockstar, he will not want to keep it going. Your text must make him feel good, he has to want to pursue you, want to give you the romance, want to touch you, be with you and give his attention to you.
Be very careful about what you send because sending the wrong text can work against you instead of working for you. You want your text messages to turn him into a romance addict, not turn him off.