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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Things That Men Cannot Resist In A Woman

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1. A Woman Who Smiles
A woman who smiles will give a man the impression that she can be approached. Many women are very cautious about giving "the approach signal" to a man because of a fear of the unknown. Therefore it is far easier to portray a neutral expression as a first line of defence.
However, this can give a man the impression that a woman can be standoffish or cold, which could in reality be totally the wrong signal, but on a first meeting, how is a man to know this?
2. A Woman Who Has That Feminine Look
Men are very visual in their attitudes and approach. However, they are not always good at what they see. They often give the impression that they only notice perfect, beautiful or sexy looking women, when in reality this is often just a male fantasy.
It is best to forget about perfection and consider personality and your own individual look. Dressing more femininely requires paying special attention to choosing the correct clothes styles to enhance your figure shape. Also select the best clothing colours to match your complexion.
3. A Woman Who Listens With Her Eyes As Well As Her Ears
Men often resign themselves to the fact that women don't want to listen to what they have to say. They presume that the majority of women want to do all the talking, and if they do listen, they are only thinking about what they are going to say next.
Therefore a man can be pleasantly surprised if he meets a woman, who expresses a genuine interest in what he has to say, and expresses this interest with her eyes (by looking directly at him) as well as her ears. And if she doesn't dominate the conversation, then this will intrigue him all the more, and make him want to get to know her better.
This listening skill can demonstrate a genuine interest in a man, which makes him feel better about himself when in a female's company.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Is It Love? Find Out

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Nothing is more beautiful in life than to love and be loved. It is a gift from the stars above, a wonder that everyone should explore, cherish, and never take for granted. It is the best feeling in the world. You feel like you are floating on clouds in the sky, and swear to yourself that you could move mountains if you had to. Love is the best high anyone can experience, but how do you know when it is real love?
1. You Can Be Yourself
You know you are in love when you do not have to lose yourself for the other person. You can feel comfortable and confident about everything you value and believe in, knowing that the one you love will always support these same values and beliefs. After all, being able to share your passions with another involves a deep soul connection, an unconditional bond. Someone who cares for you and loves you will never ask you to be anyone but yourself. They will love you for who and what you are no matter what.
2. You Feel Electric
Your whole entire being has more power than you had before you met your special someone. You feel the electricity when you look into your partner's eyes. You feel the sparks when you kiss. You feel the bliss in his or her touch. You wake up in the morning knowing that your soul is happy and your heart is content. It is a power called love power, and baby there is no turning back! Embrace it, enjoy it, and electrify!
3. You are Spiritually Connected
Being in a relationship is one of the most challenging situations we could ever put ourselves into. That is why it is important to not conform to society's rules about being in a relationship. You must decide when your heart and soul is ready, and you will know when this time comes when you can form a spiritual bond with another person. It is the most uplifting and beautiful experience, to be able to learn and grow with someone you care for and love deeply.
When you meet that special someone, your better half, always remember that the journey will have its difficult moments no matter how much you love each other. It is what you learn from these moments and how you grow as a couple that really matters. Along with difficult moments will be breathtaking ones, so cherish the love you have.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Get the Spark Back in Your Relationship!

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Your relationship has become progressively boring in the sense that the excitement has diminished with time and it is now only a distant memory. You are not unhappy in the relationship but you are vaguely dissatisfied and you sorely miss the excitement and spark that you once had. Is it possible to get the spark back into your relationship? What do you need to do to get the spark back into your relationship?
I. Do the things that you used to do. When you had the spark and excitement in your relationship what deeds did you used to do for your partner? Did you spend hours talking with your partner about everything and nothing? Where you intensely interested in everything that concerned them? Did you actively and deliberately make time to hang out with them? Did you constantly look for interesting gifts and tokens for them? Did you do things for them that you knew they would enjoy? Think back and remember the specifics that you did and start doing those things that brought your partner joy and made them know they were loved by you; and you will reignite the spark back in your relationship.
II. Appreciate your partner constantly. No one can resist genuine appreciation and admiration and if you want your partner to grow alive again then give them the ammunition to do so by having a grateful heart and attitude toward them. Acknowledge today that your partner is great and they have some great character traits and they do some things wonderfully. And let them know often how great they really are but don't do it if it is not true. Observe what your partner does well and appreciate that. Let your partner know in clear and concise terms exactly what it is that you appreciate about their character and their behavior. Appreciate them whenever they display the character or behavior that you love and appreciate. Your speech needs to build up your partner and the more appreciated and loved they feel then they will reciprocate with time; and you will get the spark back in your relationship.
III. Love your partner practically! Your relationship has changed and so has your partner and you need to understand how you can love them practically today. Are they overwhelmed at work or stressed out by life? What can you do practically to make life easier for them? Do you understand your partner' love language? What things or deeds make them feel loved? Find a way to learn your partner's love language and then talk that language. When your partner begins to feel loved they will naturally be more loving to you; and you will get the spark back in your relationship.
You will need an attitude change in order to do the work required to get the spark back in your relationship.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

7 Guaranteed Signs That He Is Not!

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If a man is truly attracted to you, truly loves you, and is willing to commit; then by no means will anyone or anything else convince him otherwise. Nothing would matter to him besides his deeply intimate and personal connection of love that he feels for you on so many levels.
Not age, looks, nationality, religion, wealth, etc.
Not even the peer pressure he might receive from other family, friends or coworkers.
When a man is at this level of the relationship you will certainly know because you will feel the same in return. You will each share an intimate bond that stands strong against negative comments and pessimistic wishes made by others.
Yet, if your man isn't at that stage of the relationship yet then how can you determine whether he is working at 'getting to that stage' or if he is truly not willing to commit?
Below you will discover 10 guaranteed signs that he does not intend on committing to something more long-term and serious with you.
If you can check yes to several of the following traits listed below then perhaps the two of you need to have a conversation, or you need to move on and find someone worth your time and efforts!
1. Is He Reliable?
When he plans a date with you, does he arrive on time or does he always leave you hanging? A man who doesn't follow through with his word doesn't have much else to go off of besides excuses.
Keep a wary eye on him and refuse to put up with being stood up if the behavior continues.
Normally this could indicate a lack of interest or a lacking desire to please you any way that he can, never a good sign.
2. Does He Express His Feelings?
A man worthy of being in a solid relationship is one that is willing to put in the work, and not just the physical work but the emotional work as well. A lot of men avoid expressing their real emotions for fear of portraying a weakness.
If you assure him that all he confides in you is safe, how much you appreciate knowing where he's at in life and how he feels; he may be more receptive by feeling accepted and thus, more willing to communicate.
Open communication is fundamental for any relationship and without it, the two of you may experience some awkward and highly unnecessary emotions that could have otherwise been voiced. 
3. Does He Choose His 'Guy Time' Over You?
Have you had something planned that you've been excited and looking forward too for weeks now? Then when the day gets closer he tells you that he can't make it because he has other plans, or something else he has committed himself too?
Does this happen often?
If so, then he probably isn't interested in a serious relationship, let alone being in a relationship at all for that matter.
4. Does He Ever Seem Sneaky and/or Shady To You?
Yes, men can be just as sneaky and manipulative as some women can be and if you catch him closing his cell phone or his computer browser with a quickness once you enter the room, that should raise some suspicion.
Secrets can riddle a relationship left and right but the real ones to be concerned with are the ones involving infidelity.
Ask him straight out if there is anything you should know and gauge his response.
If he says no then take his word for it until you have evidence to prove otherwise and can nail him on multiple counts of being lied too. If he says yes, well then hey, at least you can appreciate the honesty and then sit down and talk over it so as to discover the reason behind it.
5. Is He Hesitant When Asked Direct Questions?
One of the more simple ways to determine whether your man means what he says is to ask him straight-to-the-point questions, such as: "Do you love me?" or, "How many children might you want to have some day down the road?"
An honest man would consider the question for a moment then give you a genuine answer whether or not the answer appeals to your expectation.
A dishonest man, and one who is not willing to commit, may hesitate, fumble with his words, change the topic, or blatantly lie to your face just to drop the conversation.
6. Do You See Him On a Regular Basis?
Do you hang out with him a sufficient number of hours throughout the week or does he seem to play incognito rather often?
Spending time together is crucial in determining whether the two of you are compatible being together or not. 
7. Does He Avoid Your Messages?
A man who isn't looking for a commitment may avoid your phone calls and email messages. He might pretend as though he never got them when in actuality he deletes them not just from his hard drive but from his memory as well.
Why make an attempt to reach out and form a commitment with this man if he can't even give you the time of day and respect you enough to respond within a reasonable amount of time? 
There you have it; 7 remarkable ways to know if he is ready to commit or if he is just pulling your heartstrings like a puppet master.
Now pay close attention here, this is what you really need to know...
If a man is willing to commit himself to you, there are likely a few major issues that he has to contend with first.
The way that you handle yourself throughout these life-changing events for him will seal the deal on his decision to keep you in his life - or not.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You Can Literally Have Anyone Fall In Love With You With These Tips

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Using some tips to make someone fall in love with you is not wrong. Sometimes in life you have to play a little clever to get what you want. But of course the final decision always lies in the other person's hands whether he or she really loves you or not. It's just that with the help of some times you can make yourself look and appear more wanted in the other person's eyes thus increasing your chances of being loved by that person. The tips that I will be mentioning in this article are not manipulative in any wrong way. They are totally legitimate and lawful and simply involve some rules in how to be you in order to have a better effect on the psyche of the other person.
The first step is to spend some quality time with that person. It's important that during this time you ensure that the other person really has a lot of fun with you. Be really charming witty and fun - loving all while being caring and compassionate. Make the other person have a great time with you. Do what that person loves doing and join them in whatever makes them joyful. It is during this time that the other person will realize how much fun they have with you around them. Once you are sure that they feel that way then you need to proceed to the next step.
The next step involves slowly stepping back from their lives. Start becoming less available. Make them feel and miss you not being around. After that retreat even more to being almost totally unavailable. The psyche behind this is that we human beings have a natural tendency to want what we don't have. This is the feeling that we attempt to provoke in this stage. Once they have gotten a taste of how fun their lives can be with you, you need to let them feel how life will be without you. They will begin to miss you and actually want you. When this feeling of want arises they will begin to crave you. Then start making small appearances and during these short appearances give them really warm smiles but still be unavailable. When you do this they will not be able to help themselves from falling in love with you.
Anyone with some effort can learn how to influence anyone to fall in love with them.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Pleasing Her Properly( Mature Minds Only )

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Pleasing his woman is a man's mission. However, if the man has come unprepared for such a job, he would find himself in a quagmire of confusion. Women are an interesting lot but they are also hard to please. A man must think of unique and interesting ways to please his woman, or else, she will find someone else who can. This applies not only to the antics a man must do to please a woman outside the privacy of the bedroom, but as well as in the actual performance within the privacy of the bedroom too.
Perhaps the best indicator that a man has please his woman is when she achieves orgasm during lovemaking.  It is a fact that only a handful of women achieve orgasm during coitus. Most of the times, orgasm is achieve by stimulating the clitoris and her G-spot.  Let us not be carried away though by the heat of the moment and jump right into it after tearing off her clothes. That is only done by savages who have not been civilized by times and whose only intent is to satisfy their primal instinct of experiencing pleasure through exploiting a woman's naked body.
Today's men know that satisfying a woman in bed is no small feat. Women nowadays already take active part in lovemaking and want to receive pleasure as well as to give it to their man. That is why a man who wants to make her woman happy must learn the techniques and the little secrets that would please a woman in bed. It is not so much on knowing the techniques but how you employ them to make your woman scream in ecstasy and pleasure that really counts.
Women are different from one another. Some women just only take a soft touch to make them achieve orgasm incredibly. There are also those who can reach multiple orgasms without much effort. Others need a lot of foreplay and stimulation to ejaculate while other women just simply don't know how to achieve orgasm. Well, they might have not been rendered the appropriate stimulation and techniques that is why they have not yet experienced the awesomeness of attaining orgasm.
Women generally need a lot of foreplay for stimulation before she reaches orgasm. That is why men have to bear this in mind when planning to lay a woman. You just don't remove her clothes and go down between her legs outright. You have to make her hot first, ready her for the ultimate orgasm. Just like you heat up your car's engine before it purrs up to its full and smooth energy. Prepare your woman by stimulating her through delectable foreplays. Some women like it rough but most would appreciate a slow and sensual stimulation.
Start the action right with soft, sensual kiss on the lips. Use your tongue to make her open her mouth to you for a French kiss. However, do not make the mistake of shoving your tongue down her throat. Nobody wants to gag with a tongue shoving down your windpipe. Make the movement sensuous and rhythmic; no rash actions that would hurt your woman. The spot behind her ears are very sensitive as well as her nape. Kissing these parts would notch up her heat when done appropriately. Other women get turned on when their backs are kissed sensuously, down to the small of their backs.
You cannot go wrong with soft, feathery kisses on her breasts either. Lightly flicking your tongue on her nipples would send ripples of pleasure through her down to the most private part of her. Again, a man must remember not to mash her breasts too roughly or risk ruining the moment. Trailing kisses down her belly would simply give pleasure to your woman. By this time, she would be panting with anticipation. Heighten the sensation by skipping her mound and focusing on her thighs first.  By now, she would be trying to hold your head down.
Just as she is about to come down to earth from that unearthly orgasm, place your penis against her vagina and slowly enter her. Make the rhythm slow at first to wake up her senses. You can then start pounding her as you get the tempo of her gyration. Pound her relentlessly, varying your movements to stimulate the insides of her vagina as your penis touches its walls and hitting her G-spot again and again until you both achieve orgasm. Do not just remove your penis inside her upon finishing ejaculation. Feel the warmth of the moment by cuddling her a little more, making her feel you inside her and bask on the afterglow of your lovemaking. It would please her if you make her feel special by doing this after your session and not just remove yourself from her outright.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Spice Your Relationship With Kindness

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Today the "ME" attitude that exists in relationships is what ruins what could be a long lasting loving relationship. There are couples that choose to separate everything. The best advice would be to do all things together. It's not such a bad attitude to think, "You go down... I go down."
To some the word, 'TOGETHER" is so hard because of the "ME" or "I" attitude. Some are so afraid their mate might know too much about them, what one might have, possess or may have stored up over the years. Again there is that "ME" or "I" attitude. The funny thing is; you can't take it with you when your life expires but you will surely try and hide it while you are here.
There are those who may legitimately have to separate assets due to a mate having certain abuse habits. Let's say even if that is an issue where you may have to monitor accounts and or funds. Do we not help our mates and family? There are spouses that would not pitch in to buy food or let the electricity go off because their mate didn't have, "their half." How does that sound rational or even kind? What happened to we're in this together? How does one turn their back on someone living right in the same house with them? What does it hurt to show an act of kindness to your spouse who may work hard to clean the house, take care of the kids, make sure meals are cooked, etc.
Perhaps your spouse didn't make as much this particular week as anticipated. Why are some so unkind to their spouses and kind to others that they never promised to love and protect? How does a person because they can, take the dignity someone once owned and destroy it?
If you think about it, isn't it harder to think of ways to make someone miserable than to be kind. Would a sane person let their spouse walk alone at night when they own a second vehicle, take the keys because you can? That's insane not kind.
Kindness in the dictionary says goodness and charitable behavior, mild disposition, pleasantness, tenderness and concern for others. Ask yourself, do I fit in this description not with others but with the one I promised to love and provide for. People show small random acts of kindness daily to people they don't know. Why is it so hard to do it in your own house?
How does it make you feel when you've done a nice thing for a stranger? Usually it makes you feel good. How much more so should it make you feel to make the one you said you would love til death do you part smile? When one goes home at night isn't it so much better when you know you're going home to a pleasant non confrontational home? It's really not that hard to be considerate and show kindness. Why not try to think of compliments you can give your spouse, and how about giving the compliments with the gift of your wonderful kind smile?