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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Facing Difficult times in Your Relationship? Apply These Tips For Rescue

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When you are facing difficult times and spend every waking moment thinking about how to rescue a relationship, or the love of your life, then there is no point to give up. Consider some of these easy relationship tips to get your life back on track.
Given below are some of the rescue relationship tips which will assist you both to come closer and maintain a healthy and good relationship as a couple.
Create time
In a majority of cases, most relationships tend to split up because both partners don't find enough time for one another. Hence, any relationship rescue effort must start with finding time for your partner and yourself. Time is the most important aspect in a relationship and helps a relationship to nurture and grow.
You must always try to praise your partner for every little thing which may have been done well. Keep in mind that constant criticism will take you nowhere. So admire and be honest. Show small gestures which make your partner feel that you love him or her from the bottom of your heart.
Bring a change in your routine
 Try to learn some new skills together like playing instruments or dance moves. These fun activities will assist in rescuing your relationship. Find out something which you both wanted to learn and do together. All it takes is a simple rescue relationship initiative to bring the two of you back on track and make you both fall in love with one another once again.
Plan a holiday
Sometimes stresses emerging from the daily life may build up and make you so stressed out that you end up doing or saying things that you actually don't mean. This can take a toll on your relationship. Some relaxation and rest can prove to be the best medicine to help you both to start over with a fresh body and mind. If you're unable to plan a vacation, then a trip to a nearby spa or health resort for a day can well do the trick.
Most of us remain so preoccupied with talking about our own problems that we don't even try to listen what others have to say. Relationship rescue starts only when you are willing to listen. You must also be willing to listen to the viewpoint of your spouse. This will assist you in putting your relationship back on the right track.
Be positive
You should view everything in a positive way and talk to your partner. This is what rescue relationship is all about. If you want to rescue relationship with your partner, then concentrate on his or her positive traits which you love about your partner. Communicate each and every thing which has made you love him or her. This certainly will help to rescue your love and bring you both closer together.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Strengthen Your Marriage And Avoid Divorce

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It's very telling that some of today's top selling affiliate products are products such as "The Magic of Making Up" and "Get your ex back". "Save my marriage" is a hugely searched keyword and the sad fact is that often too late once couples realise their relationship is in trouble or they need relationship advice.
A successful relationship is a journey, not an event.
Whether you are dating, a stable couple or long-term married it's important to think of your relationship as a work in progress, and not something to take for granted. We all have busy lives and a host of demands on our time and energy. Make it a goal to prioritise your romantic relationship. Of course this relationship will change and mature over time but never lose sight of how important it is.
That is easier said than done, so how do you keep the flame alive and keep that special person close to you and continue to strengthen the bond between you. Here are a few pointers:
Keep the fun in the relationship. Remember why you got together in the first place. Send an affectionate lunchtime text or phone to arrange a date with each other. Plan a pleasant evening at home, set the table and have a special meal. Take a shower and dress up for each other. Think back to the effort you made when you were dating and try to
Cultivate shared interests.  Find something that you enjoy doing together. Or take up riding lessons, have a date night at your local  restaurant, or learn to tango. The goal is to spend quality time together doing something you both enjoy. This is important in keeping things interesting and injecting new life into your relationship.
Make time to talk openly with each other to keep building the strong bond you have and hug often to maintain the intimacy you both crave. You might not have time for full blown love making but a hug a day will keep the divorce solicitors away.
Life is too short to suffer through sadness, loneliness and sorrow but you must work on your marriage as you would a business. The minute you get complacent and lose the drive to keep the momentum going things will start to go stale and you risk drifting apart.
That sounds dramatic, and hard work to maintain, but it's the small subtle things that make all the difference.
If you want to save and nurture your marriage you must learn to be a good partner. You must listen to your partner and understand them. Try to understand what they feel and why they feel that way.
Every day you must show your partner you care about them and that you want to be the person who can make them happy. Show them you care and that your relationship together is of highest importance to you. Make sure you understand how they feel about the relationship.
If you feel your marriage or relationship is in trouble, the best way to save it is for you to work together, communicate openly and try to overcome the difficulties together. By working together you can rebuild the love and trust you once had for one another.
Focus on the future
One of the best ways of saving or strengthening a marriage is to work together and develop long-term plans with your partner. Make plans to spend some time away together, or enjoy an evening sunset at a good picnic spot. Create a "fun" list of things you'd like to do together, places to go and romantic or special places to go for special occasions. Make it a goal that if you get a bonus at work or close a big deal you will treat your partner to an evening at one of your special places, or a spa or hotel break.
Remember that you are the best gift you can give your partner. So spend quality time together on a regular basis. Don't spend money or lavish presents when it's your love and attention that's needed. During your time together, talk about things that are important to your partner - NOT what is important to you. And during those conversations, listen to what they have to say.
Bring flowers or a funny card from time to time. While this is an important way of showing your love for your partner, don't give flowers or a gift when you feel guilty or to compensate for neglect.
Support your partner in everything they attempt. Remember that, just like you, they also have dreams and ambitions. Assist your partner in striving to reach them.
Treat your partner like royalty, because they are the most important person in your life.
By showing, rather than just telling, your partner that you love them, you will continuously be strengthening the bond between you. And that is what true love is about.
For a relationship to be successful, it has to be proactive, it has to be growing!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Things Every Woman Looks for in a Man

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What if a man knows what a woman is looking for? Women are intuitive beings. They are often more thoughtful and patient than men. Every woman has a particular set of qualities she is looking for in a man. Here are five of them.
1. Every woman is looking for a man, not a boy
There are differences between a man and a boy. Chronology does not make a man, it is maturity that does. There can be a forty-year old boy and an eighteen year-old man. It is about maturity and responsibility. Broken voice, growing beards and great heights do not translate into manhood. Manhood is proven by responsibility and ability to delay gratification.
2. Every woman is looking for a faithful man
In an age where adulterous flings and infidelity is becoming the norm, every woman is looking for a man who will respect the marriage covenant and not desecrate it.
3. Every woman is looking for a protector
Ideally, a man should be the protector of his wife and that is what every woman is looking for. A man who gets angry easily, throws tantrums, and hits his wife is not protecting his wife but taking advantage of her. Every woman needs a shoulder to lean on, an assuring male figure to look up to and a competent man who is caring.
4. Every woman is looking for a provider
No woman wants to get married and then find herself in an impoverished situation. A woman is a multiplier, all she needs are resources. If you give a woman a house, she will give you a home. Give her ingredients and she will give back a pot of stew. Give her spermatozoa and she will give you a baby. Most of the time, she needs financial provision to fulfill her heart desire and make things easy for her. Once a woman is assured of provision, she is also assured of a better future together with the man.
5. Every woman is looking for care, attention and understanding
These are perhaps some of the most important qualities a woman is looking for in a man. There is nothing a woman cherishes like a listening ear. Every woman is looking for a man who will listen to her with empathy. Every woman wants a man who is involved in what is going on in her mind. Every woman wants care and attention. Psychologist have concluded that a woman who is not constantly touched will have her lifespan reduced.
When a man knows what every woman is looking for, he will better prepare himself and make necessary adjustments as marriage and commitment approach.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How You Can Win Back His Heart!

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The real reasons as to why a once healthy and beautiful relationship might begin to fall apart, are as varied and unique as the sand dunes  are in the desert.
However, mostly all of them boil down to one of three main reasons:
- He is no longer interested
- He needs his own space
- He needs more love and affection from you
Depending on the type of man you have, his given personality, his needs, wants and desires - determines the way in which you need to handle the situation, and appeal to him in order to reignite the passion. Don't just let the situation go or it will snowball into a chaotic mess. Emotions will begin to be bottled up until they overflow in an unnecessary rage or resentment. Try not to let this happen between the two of you else you risk saying and doing things you might regret. Instead, confront your man kindly about how you feel and encourage that he share his feelings with you as well. Reassure him that the conversation will remain private, and try to rely on the trust the two of you have to get through any miscommunications, even if that too has been damaged.
- Do you go to bed by yourself or vice versa?
Spending time together is a must for any relationship to establish its lifelong bond of commitment. Consider staying up late with him as he watches his television shows instead of going to bed so early.
If the situation is reversed and you're the one staying up late then consider going to bed with him and reading a book as he falls asleep until you get tired. Or - better yet, both of you going to bed at the same time and waking up earlier in the day together.
- Do you sleep alone or in separate beds?
This may seem insubstantial but in reality, couples who never sleep together are giving up a small portion of that deep-seated bond and intimate connection they could potentially share by being united under the same covers.
Invest in your relationship if you don't yet have a full-sized bed that can accommodate more than just one of you.
- Does your partner stay long hours at work?
If he chooses work time over his family time then perhaps you need to be somewhat concerned. Find out what his motives are and figure out whether his extra hours are due to his trying to achieve a promotion or if he really is avoiding coming home.
Either way, a compromise is in order for this situation, ask him if he can't work overtime only a few days out of the week, or if he can't bring some of his work home instead.
- Does he still call or contact you just as often?
If his response time has slowed considerably, or if he has completely stopped answering your text messages, perhaps it is being done intentionally.
This could indicate that he isn't happy with the relationship and chooses to put it in the back of his mind. Find out what he needs from you and work on doing just that.  If he cannot answer your messages because he claims that he is too busy with his work and career; the two of you need to establish a time to spend together. Even if it's only a few days out of the week or a few minutes out of each day; find what you are comfortable with and stick to that until things begin to gradually improve. Building a lifelong commitment is about compromise, trust, and acceptance.
If the two of you had a serious argument or outburst of emotion, wind back the clock and ponder when it all began to go downhill.
- What triggered the frustration from day one?
Consider apologizing whether you were the one at fault or not. If the situation was caused over something petty and avoidable, and you apologized first, he will be more receptive and willing to make amends in return.
An easy way to rekindle the lost love between the two of you is to make an honest attempt at doing something thoughtful. Cook a romantic dinner for the two of you by candlelight or leave a little love-note on his pillow for him to find the next morning.
The little things really do go a long way and the more you make an attempt at being the bigger person and doing these things for him, the quicker you will begin to experience the same treatment in return, usually twice fold!
Think back to the man you once knew and fell in love with.
Experience those same feelings and emotions that you felt way back when and act on those. That same person is still somewhere deep inside him, it just may take some fishing to bring him back to the surface.
Nothing is impossible, it is all in how willing you are to make it happen.
Bring the back the fiery passion you once had before it is too late!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Healing the wounds of infidelity

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You found out your spouse has been cheating on you and you are starting to find your way out of the miasma of hurt, anger and self-doubt it left you in. Where do you go from here? Basically you have three choices -- separate, ignore it or rebuild your marriage. After an infidelity, the healing process is extremely important because you still have the rest of your life in front of you. It's time to take the first steps back to living it.
For the first while after you found out about the affair, your mind was in a mess. Your emotions seesaw between anger, pain, fear and self-pity. This is to be expected. In fact, if you were quite calm about everything, this would possibly point to a bigger and deeper problem. Once the initial shock wears off and your emotional roller-coaster slows down you can take stock of the situation and start working on a path back.
Some tough choices have to be made and you have to make the decisions with your brain and not your heart. You have to put yourself first. If this seems selfish at first, don't worry, just think about how you interact with everything and everyone around you -- do you think everything will be fine if you feel miserable and out of control? Look after yourself first and you will then have the ability to interact positively with those around you.
Is Separation The Answer?
Do you love your partner? Do they love you? Was this the first affair? If you can honestly answer those three questions you should have an answer right there. If there is no love between you is there any point in going on with your relationship? If you have children they are not going to be well-nurtured in a loveless environment. If your partner has cheated on you before there is a good chance they will do it again leading to all the same pain and anger. Could you take that?
Pretend There's Nothing Wrong
You could try to go on with your life as if nothing has happened. Some people will do this for the rest of their life. How satisfying do you think that would be? Feeling trapped in a loveless relationship for the rest of your life, not to mention the effect this environment would have on any children you have. Imagine the influence on growing children of the anger and resentment hanging in the air. It is a known fact that children develop better in a good environment with one loving parent than in a bitter environment with two.
Rebuild And Rekindle
Do you and your partner still feel love for each other? If your partner has admitted and accepted the damage they have caused and are truly sorry for straying then there is a good chance you will be able to rebuild your relationship and rekindle the love you had for each other. Sitting down together and working out some rules and boundaries to prevent the chance of another affair would be a very good first step. Forgiveness will play a large part in the rebuilding -- be mindful that forgiveness is not the same as acceptance, you certainly do not want to accept the situation but forgiveness will help breathe life back into your marriage.
Whatever your decision, you are going to have to be strong. Make sure you have a support group of friends and family around you to help you across the hurdles. Once you are past the initial stage of wild emotions the future will begin to reshape for you but make sure it is the future you want. Live life of hope and you will be capable of benefiting those around you who rely on you.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Clear Communication in a Relationship

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Relationships can only be solidly built on clear communication. Frustration presents itself when there is no confidential talk. Everyday we think of things that may concern us and it's so important to be able to communicate that to our mates or partners clearly. Many relationships are destroyed because one or the other cannot clearly communicate.
There are those in a relationship that would welcome to talk things out however their mate would rather not. How can anything be solved without clear communication? If there are issues or something that could be as trouble-free as paying bills, buying clothes, purchasing a car. How would something as simple as this become frustrating; because clear communication is missing?
A relationship consists of two people; if you want your relationship to be successful you must be able to have clear communication with one another. Such simple topics could be easily taken care of by clear communication. Learning to clearly communicate will in reality enhance your relationship and it does work but it takes time and patience.
One of the most frustrating issues in a marriage or any type of relationship is not being able to communicate. If you ask most couples that have had a marriage fail, they will tell you they just stopped talking. Like with anything if you don't use it you loose it. Many misunderstandings are caused by a lack of clear communication.
Couples may go for days hurt and or not speaking only to find out what you thought happened never really happened. Lots of us take things said as a personal attack, or will assume our mates has insinuated one thing when all along it was not that serious to them and they meant something different. However, we took it the wrong way; clear communication would have cleared the situation up instantly. Nearly all of the time what is needed is clear communication and all parties would have a lucid understanding of how both feel. The majority of the time due to a lack of communication something so small turns into something larger and goes somewhere it really shouldn't. Clear communication is so essential to ending and resolving in a very short time misunderstandings.
The bottom line is; you cannot have a relationship without clear communication. Some are not natural communicators. Work on it within your relationship and see how you can have a long and happy relationship with long lasting communication and understanding. Anything worth keeping is worth working for. No one can be successful in any element of life without clear communication. Make your relationship worth it by continuously working on keeping that line of communication open and clear.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Obvious Reasons For Saving Your Marriage

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The first guidelines for marriage were when God commanded man to "cleave unto his wife and they shall become one flesh" making marriage the first and most enduring social contract. Cohabitation, single parenthood and divorce are all now common alternatives to marriage and the legal system now promotes these alternative and diverse family structures. The obvious victims of this age-old but much weakened institution are children but there are other victims. The lives of marriage partners who separate deteriorate significantly on several fronts and the degradation suffered by society is immense. A closer look will show you that every marriage undergoes difficulties and to know also that marriage is not for everybody. Not for one second do I suggest that some men and women stay in abusive and oppressive marriages for the sake of keeping up appearances but I defiantly advocate that you make it your business to make your marriage work for your own sake, for the sake of your children and for the sake of the rest of us. Start now as I outline just 5 obvious reasons for saving your marriage.
1. Health and Happiness
Marriage provides you and your mate the benefit of companionship, burden sharing, children and much more. There are mental health benefits as well. You will thrive and be less susceptible to depression, anxiety and phobias. The tables turn when you and your partner separate and divorce... and the cost? It will cost you your life - years of it. From a totally selfish point of view, keep your marriage happy and healthy and work on saving your marriage if you have difficulties.
2. For The Children
Today, many families are failing. Research shows that when a mother and father go their separate ways, the scars rip slowly and deeply through the hearts and minds of innocent children. Whether you or your spouse decide to call it quits, both of you are responsible for foisting your children into a frightening list of potentially drastic outcomes which will likely replay themselves over generations to come.  It must be crushing to realise that your parents won't live with each other anymore. In your child's innocent eyes, you and your spouse are ideally suited. Why would you want to heap so much disadvantage and pain upon them? For your children, grandchildren and great grand children stick with it. When you look at how your kids have turned out In years to come you'll clap yourself on the back and acknowledge that saving your marriage was the best thing you ever did.
3. Regular Sex
We are sexual beings and we will seek to gratify this powerful urge one way or another. It is probably the most powerful force within us but if we don't control it, it can rage like a forest fire. Contrary to popular belief, the Bible encourages us to enjoy a satisfying and joyful sexual experience, within the confines of marriage. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that sex within marriage has to be dull, dowdy or for procreation use only. You shouldn't be out-of-bounds for one another for prolonged periods. Regular, exciting sex, free of guilt is probably the most exciting, enjoyable and intimate things about marriage and it sure must be one heck of an obvious reason for saving your marriage. Please... stay together.
4. Financial Reasons
Common sense tells you that two people living together intimately can share a lot of things. They save money as a result. Very often there are two incomes coming into the house with a substantial surplus which can be saved. Marriage grows the extended family who can help each other out, give a leg up now and again and pass useful information along. A happily married couple will have goals and dreams they will want to achieve together and they'll get excited about the prospect of realising these things together. Single and divorced people simply don't have anybody to be accountable to and consequently don't achieve as much.
5. Society Benefits
Surveys reveal that children and adolescents living with both biological parents are less likely to commit crimes such as theft, criminal damage to property, assault, house breaking, statuary rape and other social vices than kids of a fragmented marriage. Married men are likely to give a wide berth to anti-social and unhealthy behaviour, passing benefits on to their children.