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Saturday, July 23, 2011

You Are The Only One That Can Save Your Relationship

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Are you trying to save your relationship? Have you done everything you know how to do but still your relationship is on the rocks? Are you now asking yourself the question, "Can anyone help me save my relationship"?
Well the answer is yes. There is someone who can help you save your relationship. And that person is you. You are the one who can save your relationship. It might not be easy but it could be a lot simpler than you think.
First you need to figure out why your relationship is not working out in the first place. Is it mostly your fault or the fault of your partner? When did it start to deteriorate? Is it the result of an attitude of yours or something you said or did?
Are you too demanding or nagging? Or is it simply that the spark has gone out of your relationship because neither of you paid enough attention to nurturing your relationship. Maybe both of you just became complacent and comfortable with each other.
Once you figure out what caused your relationship to slip in the first place, then you can take some actions to correct things.
The Power of an Apology
If you determine that it was your fault that things fell apart, then apologize. A sincere apology goes a long ways in restoring trust and commitment. It convinces your partner that you really care about them and that you can admit your faults and that you are not willing to let pride stand in the way of your relationship.
But make sure you are apologizing for the right reasons. Don't accept blame that is not yours. But even if you are not to blame, you can apologize for not understanding the point of view of the other person and for allowing things to get to this point.
The Power of Communication
Another thing you can do is to keep talking to your partner. Don't allow communication to stop. Always keep talking to each other even when you're angry with each other.
Set aside some time when the two of you can sit down over a cup of tea and talk calmly and quietly about why your relationship is going down the hill. Don't get into an argument or try to lay blame. Tell each other how you are really feeling and be sure to listen to what the other person is saying without interrupting. Make sure to make eye contact and listen deeply.
Often you will find that the thing that is separating you is something very simple and easily corrected. It could be just a misunderstanding. But even if it is something more complicated, once you discover what it is, you can both then take the appropriate steps to set things right.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Making a Stubborn Man Fall in Love

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A stubborn man is a man who is inflexible or willful or one who is just not inclined to being controlled by anyone. This is a man who once he determines the path that he wants to take is difficult or impossible to dissuade from that path. The saying 'as stubborn as a mule' comes to mind; a mule once it sets of on a path keeps to that path with dogged determination. So a stubborn man is not necessarily a bad love interest unless of course he has determined that he has no romantic interest in you at which point it will be a test of your wills to change his mind. But regardless of how stubborn a man is there must be a way to make him fall in love with you. What can you do or say to make a stubborn man fall in love with you?
1. Don't push him! A stubborn man is an expert at resisting direct push so avoid any in-his-face direct confrontation as it will not work. Nagging or talking him into loving  will not work and the more you do it the more he will resist you.
2. Work your charm on him. You want to get through the chink in his stubbornness by approaching him indirectly. Use your looks and personality to get through to him. Be nice to him but be cautious as stubborn men tend to be suspicious also. Show off your feminine self, treat him well, listen attentively to him and be sensitive to what he needs and do it. Your goal is to make him 'see you' as you really are and to fall in love with you because of what you bring to his life.
3. Share his other interests. Find out what he enjoys doing and become part of that without following him around or asking him for anything besides a shared joy in what he enjoys. You must do this naturally so that he doesn't think you are doing it just to trap him otherwise his defenses might deflect your efforts.
4. Ration yourself. Making a stubborn man to fall in love with you will require that you give him room and time to process your presence in his life so you need to balance being available vs. not being available. When you are available you need to bring all your positivity and your great attributes with you so that his perspective of you is really great. And when you are not available you need to be really unavailable so that he begins to miss you and what he experienced and felt with you.
5. Tell him you like him. This may seem counter intuitive but it works since you let him know clearly what it is that you want and so he can make a decision on what to do. Once you have told him, you need to  show him your continued interest in him using the first 4 ways given. You must be persistent in loving him but this does not mean forcing yourself on him but that you stay true to your love for him. Keep showing him that you love him and be sensitive to what he says or does so you can know what's happening with him.
You can only show him and tell him that you love him as he still has to start loving you back at some point. And you cannot force him to love you if he has zero interest in you even after you have done all the 5 things listed. Be real therefore as you do the 5 things so that you don't waste your time on a stubborn man who will never love you back.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

What Do I Do If Guys Don't Find Me Attractive

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What do you do now? Your self esteem has been crushed numerous times. You often wonder why of all the people in the world you are one of those unattractive. Well, cheer up! Here are 5 tips on how to make you attractive to guys:
Change Your Thoughts. Change Your Beliefs. You have become your worst enemy believing that you are unattractive. It is advisable to change your story. Try the practice of facing a mirror while saying, "I am beautiful."   Whether you have an illness or not, the way you talk to yourself would affect how people would look at you. Let go of your inner critics. Notice the synchronicity that would occur in 30 days. If you do not pay attention, you would miss compliments here and there.
Associate with Self-confident Friends. Apparently, the confidence of who you mingle with will rub on to you. They are there to support you. Take advantage of the energy that they are releasing to help you in facing your own demons. If you have no friends who are confident, it is time to move on. If you have the budget, try working with a personal coach to assist you in boosting your morale.
Dress to Attract. Remember to attract, not to please women, men. Do not forget to factor in where you are going though. Make sure you dress appropriately if you are heading to your work. Wear bright colored clothes for romance like pink, red, yellow and orange. Choose skirts rather than pants for feminine touch. Majority of men prefers long shiny hair and polished nails. Walk with confidence. It takes practice but feel proud for being the unique you. Can you imagine that there is only one you among billions of people?
Be Joyful. Have you ever heard the saying, "there is something about her?" Usually, enthusiasm makes a big difference. Stop brooding about your situation. Start living your life and pursue your interest. If you love dancing, take dance lessons. Go for a short vacation. Explore nature by taking walks by the beach or hiking in the forest. Laugh often. You become attractive when you are happy.
Work Your Passion. If you have the luxury to move to a career related to something you are more inclined to, do so. There is nothing more attractive than a woman who is passionate about her job. This builds your confidence and boosts your ego. If it would be tough to make any changes, try to look for apprenticeships or volunteer opportunities.  You can do it as part time or as a volunteer. Either way, immerse yourself into what you like. Your passion will change your energy in the way you project yourself, as well as the way you speak.
You have only one life to live, therefore, live it. Start loving yourself and the rest would follow - including attracting men. Embrace being attractive in and out. Try implementing these 5 tips on how to attract men and celebrate your successes along the way.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Learn How to Keep A Guy Interested

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A major concern of many women who are currently in fulfilling relationships is how to keep a guy interested over the long haul. How can you keep your man happy, committed to staying in the relationship, and in a state of serious consideration regarding upgrading to marriage? And if the two of you are already married, how do you keep alive the spark in the relationship so that cheating and divorce are the furthest things from his mind?
These are both very difficult and involved questions, and it would take a whole book to come up with a complete answer to each of them. However, in this article I am going to present you with a list of quick-fire suggestions on how to keep a guy interested, so that you at least have a good place to start. Here they are:
1. Continue being the same person that he fell in love with
He fell in love with the person you were when he met you. By all means make improvements so that you become a better version of that person over time. But don't slip back as though you were only acting a role to get him. To give an example, if you were an interesting, fun and generally happy person when he met you, don't become boring, angry or sad. The moral of the story is the following: don't change!
2. Try to look your best physically: don't let yourself slip through laziness
While a man is not expecting you to look 23 when you are 42, he does still expect you to make an effort to look your best for him. You need to attract him every single day - not just until he commits to you. However, a lot of women make the mistake of going into low-maintenance mode once they feel secure in the relationship.
3. Take responsibility for your own emotional well-being
It is not a man's responsibility to make you happy and feel good about yourself. But if you try to make him responsible for these sorts of things, you will gradually push him away through being emotionally needy.
4. Don't dump your frustrations on him
Related to the above point, you must not dump your frustrations in life on your man. For example, let's say you've had a terrible day at work and come home really angry because of it. If you then take this anger out on him because of something really minor like him forgetting to put the toilet seat down, he is going to both physically and emotionally withdraw from you because you are unsafe to be around.
5. Try to keep adding value to his life and building him up
Help your man achieve his dreams by being his greatest supporter and unconditionally backing him to follow his callings. Also, try to do what you can practically to make his life better. When you do these things for a quality man, he will reward you many times over.
6. Give him space
Make sure that you give your man some space in the relationship through spending time with his buddies and on his personal hobbies. 
7. Let him serve you
Men typically like taking care of the special woman in their life and those closest to them. Give your man the opportunity to do this for you. 
8. Make him feel needed
Being needed is something that helps a man to feel masculine and good about himself.
9. Appreciate him for who he is and the things he does for you
Appreciation is one of the biggest things men desire from a woman. And when it is absent, a man will withdraw from the woman physically and emotionally. In point 7 above, I told you to let him serve you. But you must always show your sincere appreciation and never take this for granted.
10. Build a strong emotional connection with him
Spending quality time together and the sharing of life's highs and lows are keys to this. Let his love for you grow stronger over time.
11. Stay feminine
It is a fact that masculine men are attracted to feminine women. So you must never lose the fun, free and trusting little girl that is inside you, otherwise your man will lose interest in you. Sadly, most women gradually become more masculine over time, as a result of the pressures of life (eg. career, family, and finance). For instance, women often become take-charge, aggressive and competitive, which are all highly masculine qualities.
12. Continue to have sex with him
It is important that you keep your man sexually satisfied, by maintaining your availability to him and not rejecting his advances often. For if he is not happy in this regard, he may start to look in other places to get his need for sexual intimacy met. Yes, when you have been married a while and life is very hectic you can lack motivation in this area. But you must still make the effort.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Reasons and Advice on How to Avoid Getting Hurt in Future

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 What can I do  to stay open and trusting to men?" You need to know these two reasons why a woman keeps getting hurt by guys...
The first reason has a lot to do with the way a woman handles her own thoughts and feelings. Did you know that we are all responsible for own feelings? Think about it... Just like how no one can force you to feel happy if you don't, so no one can force you to feel sad too. And until you decide to take responsibility for your own feelings, you will always be giving your personal power away to other people.
You will never find true happiness if you expect it to come from outside of you. Worse still, even a mature, good guy will run away from you (no matter how attracted he felt to you in the beginning) - because he knows that he can't possibly solve all your emotional problems for you. And most of all, guys hate it when a woman blames her feelings on him. It makes him feel like a failure when you are not happy.
The second reason why a woman keeps getting hurt by a guy is because she hasn't yet learned how to set her own expectations, and then communicate them clearly to a guy, in a way that he can understand. 
Guys don't automatically understand how to make a woman happy - because he doesn't think like a woman. So if you assume that he has the magical ability to read your mind, you are setting yourself up to get disappointed and hurt by him a lot. What you need to do instead, is to communicate directly and clearly to him what you want. But you need to do it in assertive way that doesn't make you come across as an overly-emotional and pushy woman to him

Monday, July 18, 2011

How To Make A Woman Orgasm( Mature Minds Only)

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Female orgasm remains a mystery to many people to this very day. Each and every woman's desires and what brings her to orgasm are unique and individual. Some women prefer vigorous and intense sex, while others enjoy slower and more sensual lovemaking. Some women enjoy having their g-spots massaged, others prefer clitoral stimulation. There are infinite sexual preferences as there are people in the world. With that in mind, the following 6 steps were compiled in a way that they can be applied to any sexual routine.
1. Curiosity: Female orgasm starts with your own genuine curiosity about your woman's desires and what pleases her sexually. Forget what you've seen in the movies and instead, learn to connect with her.  Listen carefully and pay close attention to what her body language reveals to you. Watch for signs of her eyes dilating, flushing, changes in her breathing. You really need to become observant of the subtle signals that sometimes reveal more about what she desires, than she'll let you in on.
2. Trust: Women are emotional by nature and will often make love to feel a closer intimacy with their partner. For a woman to have an orgasm, she needs to be able to trust her partner and herself enough to allow her orgasm to come through. And she needs to feel deeply connected in a way that will allow her to let go fully and surrender to the moment. Building trust can be tricky, because she might have been hurt by people she was close to in the past. Remember that consistency in your actions and words, leadership and your compassion are key components to helping build a foundation of trust in your relationship with a woman.
3. Build Sexual Excitement: Imagine a woman's nature as being cat-like. If you reach for a cat forcefully, it will scamper. But sit back and tease it a little while pulling a string and the cat will soon be purring, rubbing up against your leg and jumping into your lap. You want to use the same principle when you are building sexual excitement in women. The female orgasm starts in the mind, so tease, tantalize and stimulate her imagination in a way that awakens her desire to come to you. Brush up erotically against her, whisper sexy words in her ear, send her titillating text messages etc. Become curious about your woman's sexual desires .
4. Relaxation: Studies reveal that the key to female orgasm and arousal, seems to be deep relaxation and a lack of anxiety, with direct sensory input from the genitals playing a less critical role. Meditation, hypnosis, massage are all excellent tools to prepare a woman's mind and body for an exciting sexual experience.
5. Tantalize Her: The skin is the largest sex organ and by tantalizing her senses, especially her sense of touch, you will have her quivering and shaking with ecstasy in no time. 
6. Breathing: Do you ever notice how when a woman is approaching orgasm, her body suddenly goes rigid and she stops breathing momentarily? The truth is, women tend to have more intense and satisfying orgasms when they breathe deeply. 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tips That Will Change Your Relationship Forever

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Would you like to overcome your romantic mistakes? Everybody has little details which wreck their personality and even their romantic relationships. Check out the flaws that you could possess and change them!
1) Break the Chronic Dullness
All of a sudden the relationship has become cold. You are feeling that there are no surprises, the days grew to become a routine and your dates became predictable. It looks like the happy days are over. If this is your case keep reading...
Break the Everyday Routine
All you need is some creativity to recover the exciting connection you once had. To have an unique relationship you don't have to spend a fortune or need to travel all over the world. You don't need to become an action-hero and go bungee jumping every weekend. Just learn how to appreciate the details of your romantic relationship and feel pleased with each other.
Several Choices to Improve you Relation
The best medicine against boredom is trying new activities like visiting the zoo, helping the needy. Speak about your dreams and exactly what do you wish to discover together. Ask your partner which brand new experiences you both want to learn. Make a list and begin a wonderful journey!
2) Freedom is the Best friend of a Healthy Relationship
You realized that someone is trying to take your lover away! Your eyes spit fire and your face changes like a monster in a horror film. You are now possessed by the jealousy! Nobody likes a possessive individual; occasionally the sensation may become uncontrollable but you need to understand that the feeling is brought by your lack of self-confidence. If you become a private detective instead of a lover then your partner will escape to Ota(it will be easier to hide in that place)
Jealousy is just the fear to lose what you have; feel like you are not enough to maintain your partner interest in the relationship. The solution is simple but challenging: love yourself ! It's difficult to love someone else when you don't love yourself
3) Improve the Positive Characteristics of a Good Relationship
Respect each other: do not compare your beloved with other people, or use nick names that don't express love.
Listen to the Dreams: if you demonstrate curiosity for your lover's dreams and experiences, you can be sure that your partner will cherish you forever because you will become part of his or her dreams.
Stop the criticism: perhaps your soul mate forgets the birthdays of your family members or likes to watch home movies always, but you have to simply accept your partner because that is the person you chose to be with. If there are many aspects you dislike about your lover it is better you search for a new lover before going into marriage
Stop being a sergeant: you are not his father or mother, you should not treat the other person as a child
There are many tips you can read about, but the most important one is: take action! If you feel that something is not right in your relationship is because it isn't. The recipe for a perfect couple is to have a lot of communication, some tolerance and the special ingredient: the desire to imagine and share your dreams with your loved one.