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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Do You Really Know Your Husband?

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In most marriages, it's normally the wives who are expressive. They openly communicate what they want to tell their husbands. For the wives, it's more of emotions that they want to express while the husbands often just want to share information. This passive attitude of men often leads the wives to play the guessing game when it comes to their emotions and their thoughts.
But experts reveal that the passive attitude of husbands does not necessarily mean they ignore their wives' feelings. The truth is, they want their wives to tell them straight what they really want and not be so emotional about it.
As a wife, make sure that you learn what your husband wants to tell you and what they want as well. By being observant, you will soon help yourself in communicating better with your spouse and enjoy a happy relationship moving forward.
Appreciation is important in any relationship. Just like you, your husband wants to be appreciated even by the little acts he does at home to help you with the household chores. Oftentimes, wives complain about their partners failing to say thank you for all the things they do for the family. Husbands feel the same way so do thank your spouse, too, if he helps you with little things to do at home or for your kids.
Men have a lot of things going on in their minds and they don't want to play the guessing game. So tell him exactly your mind to avoid conflicts.
Also when you're upset with your husband, tell him directly instead of making annoying gestures like stomping around, banging the door or sighing loudly. Husbands want to be told straight up what things they did that upset you. Again, men don't have time to guess what you're thinking and feeling so just speak up.
Avoid interrupting or dismissing your husband when he gives you an advice on a problem you're sharing with him. Wives, being the emotional one, often have the habit of venting out their frustrations and disappointments to their husbands but get upset when they are given a piece of advice. Do understand that he is your man and he is part of you. If he is giving you a piece of advice, take it and don't confuse it as a form of criticism.
In terms of spending quality time together, husbands are fine with just the two of you sitting close together without even talking. Although wives don't feel at ease in this kind of situation as they want some conversation happening most of the time, experts point out that silence already feels like closeness to a man. So don't expect to be talking all the time when you're with your partner. You can just watch your favourite TV and hold hands without saying a word to each other.
Knowing your husband on a deeper level takes effort but the rewards will make you happy in the long run.

Friday, July 29, 2011

How Do You Allow A Love Relationship In

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Are you one of those people who wants love but is afraid to give it? If your love relationships haven't been all you want them to be it's time to take notice of what you do to keep people away.
Explore what your motives are and why you cause yourself so much angst by holding yourself away from a lover. People often hold back because they're afraid of passionate love relationships and fear hiding deep in their heart makes it virtually impossible to give and accept love. Not wanting to be hurt, you do and say things you don't really mean and then wonder why no one ever loves you enough to stay around.
So often you search out your faults and make them obvious to your partner. After weeks, months, or years of trying to get through your junk, they throw up their hands in frustration and leave you weeping at the door, feeling like a failure once again.
You can change your behavior, but when this "I need you, please stay, I'll change" stuff doesn't pan out and you show by your actions and words you really don't want to change, people go away. No one likes that kind of rejection forever.
Find out why you are so afraid of love and earnestly begin working on yourself. Perhaps some counseling sessions are a beginning, get a paper and write about your fears and longings, explore how deep they go.
You can never change another person, but you can change yourself - if you sincerely want to. Become that loving person you have trapped inside, let your guard down, start to trust people, understand and know there will be bad times, every love relationship has them, it's part of life.
Your fears will vanish as you explore matters of your heart - were you abandoned when you were young; abuse of any kind (emotional, physical, or verbal) can be worked through or gotten rid of; set boundaries for yourself and your loved ones. You have the ability to change your life and banish your fears so you can embrace love.
In 1894, Mark Twain said: "Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody."
Go into your inner being, find your dark side and throw out your hurts, smash your fears one by one.
Throw open the doors of your heart and let fresh air and cleansing light from a new moon wash away the pain of your broken, bruised heart.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

How to Trust Him Again

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Although a woman may feel immense hurt and anger to discover that her partner has visited with a prostitute, it is strongly recommended that he be given a chance to explain the circumstances. There are two types of men who see prostitutes.
The first type is the man who has an addiction to anonymous sex - the man with what's called "Casanova Complex". He often had a suppressive childhood and is acting out a rebellious domination which is easily expressed with prostitutes.
If your man is this type you had better end the relationship immediately. He has a serious problem and needs long-term therapy! But if you had married, you have to understand that he needs a long-term therapy so patience is required.
The second type is the one-off experimenter. He had sex with a prostitute as a novelty. He may have been caught up in the excitement of a 'bubble' night, he might have been drunk, persuaded by a friend, or just desperate to ease the tension of a traumatic event in his life (loss of a job or grief after a death of someone close). Sometimes he was just curious.
Please know that these are not worthy excuses (especially being drunk -just ask the judge of a hit and run drunk driver as to whether the drunkenness justifies the behaviour).
A woman often would prefer that her man had strayed with a prostitute rather than had an affair because at least there had been no emotional betrayal. Although the discovery may challenge your security at first, you could be able to recover if he builds up the trust steadily over time and demonstrates that he cherishes your love and you.
There could be problems for the woman who can't forgive and forget, however. On the surface, a woman may appear to be able to forgive relatively easily if she finds out her man has seen a prostitute. This is particularly so for women with children and community responsibilities who must "get on with supporting everyone else". However, she may hurt deep down and her trust is shaken. She may find it difficult to relax during sex (some women brood about what he did with "her") and suddenly find herself flying into a rage with him one day over the simplest thing. It's best to see a therapist in this situation and work through the upset.
Both the man and his partner can be traumatized by the worry that a health risk may have been made. This can be a reason for massive anger attacks by the woman who feels that she and her children may have been exposed to danger because of his thoughtlessness.
Objectively, there is a need for responsible assessment of possible health consequences ¬everyone needs to go and have tests.
Because of the very real health risks that are taken, it is necessary that your partner specify the clinical details of his encounters so that responsible steps to assess subsequent health status can be made.
Will the level of trust ever be regained?
Some women become obsessed with doubts and give their man a hard time. He's under suspicion even if he's three minutes late from work
If he can convince her that he is not continuing to visit with prostitutes  and if his partner has some counselling for her upset, and if he dedicates himself to showing her that she's the special one for him, trust can be regained over time.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Boost Your Chances Of A Marriage Proposal

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Let's say that you have found a great guy and are currently in a fulfilling long-term relationship with him. The main issue though is that you want to get married, but he shows no signs of popping the question. So what are the best ways of how to get him to propose?
To help you in this regard, I'm going to share a few great ideas in this article on how to get him to propose that should boost your chances of getting a marriage proposal - sooner rather than later. Here they are:
1. Make yourself the most attractive to him that you can
When a man finds a totally amazing woman, he will want to make sure that there is no chance of either her leaving or another guy snatching her away from him. For women of this quality are incredibly rare, and very difficult to attract because they have so many options with men. If you become this kind of woman by working to make yourself the most attractive that you can be, your man will want to put that ring on your finger as soon as possible. Keep in mind though that when I say you need to be attractive, this does not mean you have to be exceptionally attractive from a physical perspective. Just try to look your best and at the same time embody the following list of more important qualities that guys look for in women: femininity, high self-esteem, confidence, intelligence, a fun nature, and happiness/fulfillment in life.
2. Build a deep emotional connection with him
To build a deep emotional connection with your man, you need to take a chance by making yourself vulnerable and sharing with him your most intimate thoughts, feelings and desires. Also going through the challenges of life together and having to depend on each other will make it hard for him to imagine being with anyone else but you.
3. Make sure that marriage to you is advantageous for him
You have to remember that people do things for their reasons and not yours. You may have a long list of reasons why getting married would be good for you, but he won't necessarily share these with you. As a result you must ensure that he stands to gain out of the deal, or why would he want to marry you?
Part of the problem today is that women fail to realize that men will always visualize the benefits than the loss. You have to create this impression in his mind. How is his life going to get any better after getting married? Not the situation where all he can really see is the cost of the wedding, the loss of his freedom, the risk of getting divorced, and the lost opportunity of maybe being able to find someone better.
However, if you can channel his orientation towards these benefits he will actually see some advantages in doing so. In addition to this, human beings tend to value what they haven't got more than what they actually have got, which is only going to make him want these benefits even more.
4. Try to win over his family and friends
If you become part of your man's family and become friends with his friends, this will make a marriage proposal much more likely. This is because they will work behind the scenes for you, by asking him when he is going marry you etc. There is also subtle pressure on him not to break up with you because he knows that if he did, you would then cease to become a part of their lives - which would disappoint them.
5. Communicate to him your desire for marriage, but don't nag
It is good to communicate to him that you want to get married, otherwise he may just assume that you are not bothered about a piece of paper as long as the two of you are together. But whatever you do, don't nag him about it. This will only create resistance in his mind to the idea of marrying you.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Steps To Keeping a Woman Happy In A Relationship

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There is a lot of misconception out there on what women really want, and most men really have no clue, so they wind up upsetting or angering their special lady and then wonder why. I can help you avoid this with 10 simple steps to keeping a woman happy.
1. Always be yourself no matter what! - Trust me, women don't want to fall for a guy, only to find out later on that they aren't really that person, and trust me, eventually the truth will come out. If you don't think that you are good enough for a certain woman, then maybe you shouldn't be with her in the first place. Why are you feeling like you have to lie in the first place? Believe me, you want to show her who you really are so that not only will the relationship be built on trust and honesty, but also she will feel more comfortable around you because you are being true to yourself.
2. Always do the little things that you don't think will really matter - A LOT of men some how always screw this up. They think that they will be looked at as unmanly, or that she won't even care in the first place, so why bother. Well do bother, because we do notice! Women notice everything, and love to see that their man is doing something that they consider to be a huge deal, even if it doesn't seem that way to you. She will see that you put her above others, because you are going out of your way to do something special, what ever small that maybe.
3. Appreciate her - This ties into number two above. Both women and men want to know that they are appreciated in the relationship. If she does something for you, no matter if it is an everyday thing or a small insignificant thing, show her that you appreciate her for doing it. This will build up her self esteem and want she'll want to do more for you.
4. Always keep your eyes to yourself! - I know some women say they don't mind their man looking at other women, but trust me, it is always a disaster waiting to happen, whether today or down the road. Even if you don't mean any harm by looking, women still think it means that you are comparing them to the other woman and that makes them very insecure about themselves.
5. Getting her to laugh is a plus! - Women list sense of humor at the top of their lists. They want someone that can make them feel good, and laughing is definitely the key to feeling good!
6. Try to seek common interests - Whether you got together because of a hobby or interest, make sure that you still look at what she loves and find more to have in common with her. This will open her up more to want to seek out your interests as well.
7. Keep up the grooming - After you've been together with someone for any length of time, it is easy to let things go down hill a bit. Stop! Don't do that! It kills the romance in the relationship, and she will be thinking that you have stopped caring as much for her as you once did. So keep a clean shaving, and take an interest in the latest fashion - even if its to ask her what looks good.
8. Be able to get along with her family and friends - I can not stress how important this is to a woman. When they find someone that they really care about and are willing to bring them around their friends and family members, the last thing they want is for them to not like you. It will hurt the relationship without a doubt, and add unneeded stress. So act your best, be polite, and make an attempt to impress them.
9. Be considerate of her feelings - So many guys fall short in this category, and I know it's not necessarily your fault since men are wired differently than women, but try your best to notice her feelings. 
10. Lastly, be open to new things - After being with someone for awhile, it is easy to get into a routine, and this is another romance killer. So keep it fresh, surprise her with a dinner date to a new restaurant and show up with flowers. You will gain huge points for keeping the relationship alive, and create new memories at the same time.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Female Ejaculation

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For many guys giving a woman a squirting orgasm is a great source of pride. After all, you are giving her an orgasm that she has likely never had before. However it can also be confusing for guys. There are a lot of things that guys don't know about these orgasms. For example is it urine or something else that is ejaculated? Where does the ejaculate come from? Luckily scientists have been researching these questions and come to some interesting conclusions.
Is There Any Difference Between What A Woman Ejaculates and Urine?
There seems to be a strange urban myth going around that when women ejaculate, they ejaculate urine. This is a pretty bizarre thought when you think about it and, unsurprisingly, is not a turn-on for most guys. This was where the scientists and others came in. Using the latest high-tech devices they discovered that the fluid is actually similar to male ejaculate. The compositions weren't exactly the same as male ejaculate, but one thing is for sure, it isn't urine.
This is something that you need to make sure that women know, as many women actually block their own orgasm because they believe that they are about to urinate. Once they understand the difference between their ejaculation and urination, they will be more willing to ejaculate in front of you and this, in turn, leads to them having these orgasms more easily.
What is a Skene's Gland and Where Does the Female Ejaculation Fluid Come From?
The Skene's Gland is probably the most important sensual area that most people don't know about. When you penetrate your girlfriend with your fingers and bring her to squirting orgasm, you are stimulating the Skene's gland and the G-spot. The combination of the motion on these two areas leads to squirting and an orgasm (Or sometimes, one without the other!). The key thing is to get used to her body, as the exact position and sensitivity of the Skene's gland and G-spot vary greatly between women.
The Female Ejaculation Fluid and Her Orgasm
Now that you understand about the squirting orgasm, you should use that knowledge to make the sex better for both you and her. When she knows that her ejaculation isn't urination, it will make it more sexier for her AND for you too. This is the key to having great sex: understanding that amazing sex is about both of you. Once she understands that the squirting orgasm isn't just urination or just an orgasm, she will also know that it is something else, something unique. This will make it far more sexier when you give her a squirting orgasm.
Note, not all women squirt. Some can achieve orgasm but may not squirt.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tips For Men On How To Make Their Relationships Better

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Making an effort to get better at sex is the perfect relationship improvement tip for both men and women.
Very often, the lack of sex or desire in relationships can be the reason for eventual distance and decline between partners.
I am aware that good sex is central to a successful relationship. I can also explain how you can improve your sexual abilities.
Whether sex is the reason for your relationship's lack of zest or not, good sex can certainly rescue it.
Not every couple has to have the best sex ever to stay together. But if you want to boost your relationship, or if the cause of your relationship is a lack of good sex, then reading these tips can certainly benefit you.
As most couples know, during difficult periods in the relationship, healthy and satisfying lovemaking sessions can reduce tension, release endorphins and create strong emotional and physical bonds between two people.
To me, that sounds like a very good reason to get better at sex with your partner!
Inexperienced people
For those who are inexperienced at sex, the following tips can also be helpful to improve your love life.
Men - Causes Of Sexual Problems
There are many problems that men with sex when in a long-term relationship can experience. The causes of sexual problems are related to one of the following 99% of the time:
Loss of desire
Men can start to lose desire for no apparent reason and believe that it's their age which is responsible. This is in fact, wrong.
Erection problems
Men can have weak erections and find it hard to satisfy their partner, or they lose their erection during sex.
Some men find it hard to talk about this problem and may not even do anything to resolve it.
Premature ejaculation
Regularly coming too fast during sex and being unable to find a solution is a typical common reason for relationship problems.
Even men who don't ejaculate prematurely can have problems lasting for as long as they'd like.
Lack of mental desire
Physical reasons are not the only ones for low libido; some men just have sexual confidence or anxiety issues in their mind which affects their performance in bed.
Lack of sensitivity
Some men just do not know how to touch a woman. This isn't their fault, they just haven't developed the right sensibility and intuition. Others are just plain selfish and don't look after the woman's needs.