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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fix Your Sexless Marriage!

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Are you in a sexless marriage? Are you willing and wanting to have sex, but your partner isn't in the mood? How can you put sex back into a sexless marriage?
In most relationships, the sex begins to wane after the first eighteen months or after kids arrive on the scene. It can be hard to find time for each other and life sometimes gets in the way of having sex. At other times, one partner may not have the same sex drive as the other. Either way, if you are stuck in a sexless marriage and want a little more action between the sheets, there are some steps you can take to put the romance back.
Get on a Schedule
If you and your partner both feel as though the sex in your relationship is waning, one way to get out of a sexless marriage is to put sex on your schedule. Think of it as an exercise class or a fun meeting that you must attend several times a week. This is one surefire way to keep other distractions out of your schedule and you will feel better for it. This doesn't mean that you have to have sex every single day, (unless you decide) but do set aside the time to spend together.
Fall in Love all Over Again
There was probably a time at the very beginning of your relationship when you were madly in love and couldn't get enough of each other. However, time begins to take its toll and we typically don't spend as much time together in bed as we used. One way to change this is to fall in love with each other again. One idea is to put a little excitement back into your life by trying new things such as a cooking class or dancing. This excitement will eventually spill into your bedroom and help to remedy a sexless marriage.
Develop a Sexual Style
As we get older, the way we have sex begins to change. Instead of just having only the goal of an orgasm, most begin to look for a deeper connection to their partner as well. In this sense, couples should try and find a sexual style that fits both partners and makes both want to have sex more often.
Take a Marriage Retreat
In order to get your marriage back on track in the sex department, take a vacation for just the two of you. Be sure to spend time together communicating and just being yourselves. You may also want to go on a trip that includes a sex workshop in which you can learn how to put sex back into your marriage.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Avoid complacency!

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If you want to keep your relationship fresh and strong like it was in the beginning, maintain that person you were then. There is no big secret in how to keep your relationship strong. Great relationships grow from two great people. It's two people with a desire to be something special to themselves as well as someone else, a willingness to go over and beyond what is expected of them and a passion to enjoy every moment possible with that person. Those who remember those things already know how to keep their relationship strong and alive.
A relationship can become comfortable. While this is what you want to achieve, it is also the death trap to a relationship. When we get too comfortable, we tend to let things slide just a little bit. We forget to open the door for our sweetheart, or forget to kiss them good night every time, or even begin to look at the things we get to do for each other as work rather than fulfillment. While it is good to become comfortable within the relationship, complacency has no place in any relationship. Understanding the difference between comfort and complacency is one sure fire way to keep your relationship strong.
Another how to tip for a strong relationship, is allowing yourself to enjoy doing things for the other person. People give to charity and assist others in tragedy for two main reasons; to help, and because it feels good. If you want to keep your relationship strong and loving for years to come, then remember that charity starts at home. Home is not what you live in; it is where your heart is. Never get tired of doing for your loved one, enjoy the feeling of treating them with such love and care. I know that sometimes some couples experience a somewhat lopsided relationship.
The best thing you can do to keep your relationship from turning sour is to always be courteous to your loved one, and to acknowledge even the little things they do for you. One of the causes of one sided relationship is the gradual decline in acknowledgement and appreciation for the little things. Showing your lover that you appreciate them and all they do is sure to keep them wanting to giving and doing for you and the relationship. Showing kindness and courtesy to your partner will also keep them looking at you with respect and love.
Never ever forget to give your partner attention. Listen to them, and treat them with respect and sincerity. Affairs typically happen when someone show attention to someone who has been missing that part of their life. A feeling of intimacy comes from attention. Keeping intimacy alive in your relationship will not only keep your relationship strong, but can keep infidelity out of your relationship.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Make Him Love You More

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s making him love you more than ever something you are trying to achieve? Could you do with some tips and ideas to take the next step in your relationship? Do you desire a fuller, more profound bond with your significant other? While it's not possible to force someone be in love with you, it is possible to demonstrate your love in a particular manner and then have love come to you. Love works both ways! Here are some practiced procedures for heightening the level of love in your relationship.
Admire him
Admiration and respect key factors to a happy and healthy relationship: In regards to making him love you more than ever, respect can be shown in these ways in a relationship:
1. Let him be who he is. Don't attempt to alter the key things about him. Let him be himself.
2. Give credence to his thoughts and opinions, even though his ideas may not be the same as yours. Don't treat him like he's an idiot.
3. Let him have some personal time. All people crave some time just to be by themselves and relax. Everyone needs a different amount of personal time.
By admitting your guy and demonstrating that you love him for the man that he is, you make him feel fulfilled and boost his self-esteem. He will believe that he could not live if you were not in his life.
Understand him
If you find it incredibly difficult to understand your significant other, don't fret. A lot of women don't understand their partners. Try to discuss with your man, in an interesting manner, the emotions and opinions that he forms. Trying to have an understanding of him is crucial to making him love you more than ever.
Communicate with him
Humans communicate with each other in a more adapted way than any other animal. We use communication in any number of ways - in how we experience and reveal our emotions and in what we verbalise and what actions we take.
Communication can be as basic as a hug or as complex as a PhD essay. Try to have open communication with your guy as much as possible. Don't annoy him when he's trying to do something, but do show that you are interested in discussing things with him.
Be honest with him
Having honesty and integrity are so important in a relationship. If a relationship is honest, it will flourish. Often we conceal our emotions in an attempt to protect our significant other. While this may stop you hurting your partner, it can also make things worse. Having integrity with your guy will go a long way to making him love you more.
Make time to spend with him
Having time together with your partner, working on a shared goal or project, or just spending relaxing time together is a key factor in making him love you more, and ensuring he feels that his world would be empty if you were not in it with him.
Our lives are hectic, and it is sometimes a challenge to form a close relationship with another person. Have respect for your man, make time to be together, and demonstrate that you have feelings for him - these are the key means to a happy and healthy relationship.

Monday, September 12, 2011

You Can do it Without Manipulation!

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ave you been wondering when your boyfriend or partner will pop the question, or worrying how he feels about marrying you?
I am going to share with you a natural way to move a man towards marriage without making him feel guilty or obligated to you.
Many women spend their time in worry and fear about their relationships. If deep on the inside you want marriage, you are not alone. In fact, there are many women like you who want to get a proposal but time seems to be going slowly and it's not happening for them.
Men marry certain kinds of women who demonstrate certain personality traits. These women are able to influence the men they are with, in a natural and authentic way. They don’t try to trick or manipulate men in order to get what they want. It is all based on their behavior. Once you can start to respond in the same manner, it will increase your chances to get your man towards marrying you.
It really is very simple. Men choose to be with women who make their life easier. These aren't the kind of women who are responding just to make men love them. They first work on loving themselves, they exude a certain confidence that shines, and then the men get hooked on their personality and can't let go. They know how to be irresistible to their partners.
These men then get addicted to wanting them around and out of a natural desire to continue to feel good when these women are around them. They want to hold onto that feeling!
Your best bet is to respond to your man in a way where you are triggering those lasting feelings of attraction in him. Once you start to trigger those feelings, he'll associate those good feelings with you. No man wants to let go of good feelings. You don't want to let go of a good feeling right?
The bottom line is: men marry women who make them feel good. If you're not responding to him in a consistent manner where he feels you are making him feel good, he won't want to stick around.
Also, if you are facing his resistance, it is usually something that you are not aware of within the relationship that is causing the resistance. Getting your partner to give you a deeper commitment will happen naturally when you remove the resistance out of the way. Women, who know how to get men committed to them, behave in ways that make them want to feel loyal and committed.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Why a Woman May Not Fall in Love With You! Possible Reasons!

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s hurtful as it can be, sometimes no matter what you do and what you say, you just cannot make someone fall in love with you. It'd be nice if there were some secret stealth technique that you could use with 100 percent accuracy, but that is just not the case. If it were, I'd be laying along a resort area in the Mediterranean with Shakira right about now. All kidding aside, sometimes as a guy, you just have to deal with the fact that you cannot force a woman to love you. With that being the case, sometimes you have to deal with finding out that a woman just does not feel that way about you.
One of the best things that any guy can do, no matter how successful he wants to be with a woman, is to learn to embrace rejection once in a while and even enjoy the fact that you can learn from it. When you are comfortable enough with rejection to take a real candid look at why things play out the way that they do... you can learn a lot to make sure the next time out you do much better.
Here are some possible reasons for why a woman may not fall in love with you:
1) You just do not have enough in common to go all the way.
While opposites may spark the initial attraction, more often than not there has to be enough common ground to take things to the next level. You might be able to create enough interest by being very different to get her to date you for a while, but it may not be enough to really win her over to the point where she feels like she has fallen in love with you.
2) She feels like she does not have enough respect for you.
Respect is a big deal when it comes to relationship and a lot of the time if a woman does not feel enough respect towards a guy... it's not going to mature into any love. That is something that you do have some control over, however. If you want to make sure that you DO have her respect, make sure that you don't allow yourself to become a doormat or a pushover in the hopes that she will fall for you. Give her reasons to feel respect for you and she probably will.
3) She has her eyes on another guy.
This happens, and sometimes it has nothing to do with you. Not everyone, male or female is really "wired" to do the long term relationship thing and you just may have ended up with the kind of woman who keeps her eyes open and scoping for someone else. If this is the case, make sure that you do not take it too hard, as it probably has very little to do with whom YOU are and more to do with her and her own issues.