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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Relationship Communication

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How often do I hear people complaining about one another? Too often! The sad part of this is the fact that I'm completely convinced that 9 out of 10 people in a relationship are simply misunderstood.
How are they misunderstood?
Here is an example of how people are misunderstood when they communicate in a relationship;
A man and a woman are getting ready to go to the movies. They both say, "I have nothing to wear!" This is where the communication breakdown begins, because they both know they do in fact have something to wear! The problem however, is the fact that the man actually meant he can't find anything clean to wear, and the woman actually meant she can't find anything to wear that she likes!
Both parties in the example above meant something completely different than what they actually said. The words out of their mouths were taken too literally. Communication has more to do with, body language, facial expressions, and how the person said what they said and very little to do with the actual words being said.
Knowing this about communication can make it that much tougher to actually know what the other person is actually trying to communicate, but it does not have to be this way!
How can people fix their relationship communication problems?
First of all, it needs to be realized that relationships are work, and this includes the communication process! All good things come from sacrifice, hard work, commitment, dedication, and heart!
Look at professional athletes, successful business people, great musicians, or even actors and actresses, for example. These people succeed at what they are doing, because of sacrifice, hard work, commitment, dedication, and heart. Was it tough for them to succeed at what they were doing? At times, of course it was! However, they knew what they wanted, and they pushed through the tough times to get to the good ones! If they would have given up, they would have failed! Our relationships are no different!
What does this mean?
It means that I am encouraging and challenging everybody who reads this article, to treat their relationships, and how they communicate within them, no differently than how a successful businessman treats his work!
Be willing and ready to commit yourself, work hard, dedicate yourself, sacrifice some things, and give your relationship everything you have to give it! If you don't, your relationship may very well fall apart, and ultimately FAIL!
Some things to try, to help with communicating;
1) Really LISTEN to the other person.
2) Before you respond in any way to what the other person is saying, think about what they may have really meant first!
3) Ask them if what you think they meant, is in fact what they meant.
4) Be quiet, and LISTEN again!
5) Repeat the above steps a few times, and you'll start to see what the other person was actually trying to communicate with you! Don't be surprised if what they meant wasn't quite what they actually said initially.
6) Show understanding and do not be upset at the other person for not communicating correctly with you the first time! Good communication is learned with time, and not only that, but good communication has just as much to do with the one receiving the message, as it does with the one giving the message!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Premature Ejaculation Cures (Mature Minds Only)

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any men suffer from an inability to last for extended periods of time during sexual intercourse. While they would like to fix the issue, many do not research premature ejaculation cures option. If this sounds familiar, don't lose sleep over it, as it is quite common and very treatable.
The topic is something that many couples never discuss, but by avoiding it. The problem only perpetuates, leaving both partners distant and unsatisfied. This is why I felt it is important to take a look at some of the various techniques that can help you gain control over your ejaculation and help to give your partner a longer experience when having sex.
All of these premature ejaculation cures avoid medication and help you understand what is occurring physically that is causing the issue, and how you can alter your approach to ensure that your partner is satisfied.
Altering your approach
This is the simplest way to combat peaking too early during sexual intercourse. When weighing the various premature ejaculation cures, remember that there are two people involved, and altering your partner's approach can ensure that you reach orgasm not too quick.
Consider shortening your partner's orgasm time before penetration. Foreplay can help your partner get much closer to climax before you ever begin. While it may not change your ejaculation longevity, it will definitely affect the overall outcome as she will reach orgasm before you do!
Gaining control
Gaining control of your ejaculation time is very important if you are serious about solving the problem. By bringing yourself near orgasm, slow down to varying speeds.
Experimentation is the key component in this particular premature ejaculation cures. So be sure to pay close attention to the various elements that signal that you are nearing the orgasm threshold.
Your heart rate, the sensations you feel, and slowing to the speed that helps you relaxes and avoids having an orgasm too quick. When you understand the physical clues that are involved with nearing a climaxing, you can work to control them and decrease your chances of ejaculating prematurely when with your partner.
Change up your sexual positions
This is arguably one of the favourite premature ejaculation cures! Working to use various sexual positions during sexual intercourse offers a couple nice benefits.
It will help you spice things up in the bedroom, giving a greater variety to your relationship's sex life. The excitement alone can help both partners get more from the experience and there may be some things out there that you hadn't previously experienced or thought of - why not take things to another level?
Second and most important, different positions all have differing sensations. Some will be quite pleasurable for your partner while offering you mild stimulation. This is the perfect way to bring your partner closer to orgasm while you "slow things down" for a bit on your end.
Additionally, you will be able to get a few moments to regroup while changing positions. So make the most of this time and relax yourself a bit. You'll add minutes to your intercourse time, and that can make a huge difference! When it comes to premature ejaculation cures, this methodology can be all you need to heighten the overall sex-life of you and your partner.
Premature ejaculation isn't anything to be embarrassed about. More than half of men polled suffer from the problem. While it can be humiliating, it's nothing that can't be fixed with a bit of diligence and work on your part.
Premature ejaculation cures will have varying effects as each man is different. But when you take the time to improve your partner's experience, your own will heighten and they will appreciate the efforts. Try some of these techniques and see what works best for you. The end result - a great sex life that results in satisfaction for both of you!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

How to Build a Healthy Relationship

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We all come into this world hoping to be loved. As we age we spend a lot of our energies and time on finding love and building healthy relationships. Words have universal and personal meanings therefore it is important to explain what is meant by "healthy relationships." Healthy relationships are where love is both given and taken, they are free of abuse - both mental & physical. In order to create and maintain an excellent relationship with your partner you both need to illustrate your love for each other in five ways.
Encourage trust in your partner and expect your partner to trust you as well. You trust your most intimate moments with this person you need to be able to trust your partner when you are not together. Trust allows you both to grow as individuals and as partners.
It is far too easy to take your partner for granted. Therefore it is vital for a healthy relationship to be full of gratitude. Being grateful for your partner's kindness, their quirks, and their qualities keeps the focus on the things you enjoy about them rather than the elements you do not. Gratitude maintains and promotes a promising relationship that feels fresh throughout the years.
A sound relationship is full of passion and not all of it is of the physical nature. In order to encourage a loving relationship both partners should show enthusiasm about each other's accomplishments, support for each other's hobbies, and both of you should have a zeal for the relationship you are building together. Passion is what brought you together; it should also be the glue that keeps you together.
In every relationship there should be levels of consideration. Both partners should be mindful each other's needs, wants, desires, and fears. Being considerate of each other's feelings, will prove that your relationship is not based in infatuation, but rather is a real commitment to each other's wellbeing.
Humans are social, we want and need companionship. Therefore, have fun in your relationship. Enjoy each other's company. Do things you both like to do together.
By nurturing your trust, gratitude, passion, consideration, and companionship - in and for your partner - your relationship is sure to grow.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How to attract love

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The weapon to use in attracting someone is to use that which is most attractive about you. Perhaps you have missed this point all this time.

Your capacity to love is the most attractive thing about you.
A part of you may reject this. A part of you may not even like these words. 

Yet, all around you there are people yearning for love. It is what most people want the most. Why not improve your ability to create good relationships by improving your ability to feel and express what most people want? 

Do you want to find love? Well, for a start, don't wait till the perfect partner comes along. Love is not like trying to catch a fish. We don't catch love; we grow it. Your ability to love is right inside you. 

People want to see that you can love them as the imperfect humans that they are. How will they do that? By seeing how you love your own imperfections. 

We treat those who get close to us the same way that we treat ourselves. People instinctively know this. You can ascertain how the other person will treat us by seeing how kind, or otherwise, they are to themselves. We are either attracted or repelled depending on whether this matches with how well we treat ourselves. 

We attract people who have the same capacity to love that we have. 

Are you a harsh judge of yourself? Are you your own worst critic? Do you even pride yourself in this? Then that is your greatest imperfection for it is your greatest barrier to love. 

How to love other people despite their imperfections? The answer is simple. Start learning to love your own imperfections. Learn to love the needy parts, the greedy parts, the negative parts. Take those parts of you in hand with firmness, yet with kindness. Of course, you can be smart about it too and use whatever helps you on your way. 

You know that Big Bad Secret you keep? The one you don't want anyone to find out about? The one that you believe is unique to you? Everyone has that! (Well, maybe not everyone but lots of people for sure). Don't be so arrogant as to assume you are worse than everyone else. 

Courage is a quality of the heart. For it takes courage to face the best and the worst within us, within our relationships and within our lives. Without courage there can be no love for there is always a risk, or at least the illusion of a risk, in stepping deeper into love. 

What is more attractive than love? Nothing. Stay true to your capacity to love and you stay true to the best in yourself and the best in the world. Do you want less than this? 

You will also then stand the best possible chance of bringing that hunk/babe you so dearly want into your life. You will also be in the best position to make the most of it when you do. 

How to attract love? Not by making that your goal. Make becoming more loving your goal. 

By becoming more loving more love will be coming to you.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

One Sided Love

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Loving someone who doesn't love you is like reaching for the star you know you'll never reach it, but you have to keep trying.... unknown
Love is powerful. It fills one with positive energy. Love colours one's world with everything bright and cheerful. That is if love is shared mutually. It is in our human nature to love and want to be loved, although there are cases of unrequited love. No one can be forced to love someone. But so many do fall into a one-sided relationship to their own peril. Yes, it happens that some get into one-sided relationships. That love is not mutually shared. Simply, the one who loves is not loved back.
Shakespeare wrote: "Love is the most beautiful of dreams and the worst of nightmares."
Falling in love with someone who does not love you in return can be distracting, compelling and consuming. This results in an unhealthy relationship and lifestyle, physically, emotionally and mentally. If this spins out of control, this can result in depression, loss of interest, unfulfilled life, a broken heart and there are reported cases of suicide.
But- loving someone should not be this painful. Before making a commitment, make sure love is mutual and reciprocal. It does not make sense to fall in love with someone who cannot love you back. There are those who desperately long for someone to fill the emptiness in their hearts. This quest can lead to falling for the first person who comes along, and blindly, it feels like love.
Can you avoid falling in this trap?
If you are feeling vulnerable, dealing with divorce, death of a loved one, or you are afraid to face the years ahead alone, or you need to get even, and find someone on the rebound.
Here are some points that can help:
Can you accept if he/she is not into you?
Love is indeed romantic, we read books about romantic love, we swoon when we watch romantic movies, we get dreamy and bleary-eyed. Ahhh... the thought of deep love is fulfilling, uplifting and even ecstatic. But- you have to be practical and realistic. Get over your fantasy of romance.
Glimpse the future and all the possibilities
Can you look back with pleasant memories if you keep up with this one-sided love? Are you happy? Emotionally, mentally and physically, how will your life be if you are stuck in a one-sided relationship? There is enough stress that fills our plate; unrequited love overpowers all other stress.
It takes time
It takes time to gain your confidence and learn to love and trust again. It does happen.
Hold the highest vision of yourself
Nothing is wrong with you. It is not you- sometimes it just happens that the other person just cannot get into you. Believe that you have a lot to share, to offer to someone who can love you back, love you for who you are.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Love is Supernal

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Love is emotions, trust, care and sacrifice. If any of these are missing, a relationship will shatter down to pieces within a fraction of a second. You realize it when you come across someone who finds the missing part of your soul, who makes you realize that you're the most beautiful and amazing person on this globe. Love is about devotion to each other. It's the divine feeling one experience in his / her beloved's arms. It never cheats; it never gives up before any trial and tribulation. Holding your beloved's hand gives you the strength to fight back with anyone who stands against you, no matter if it has to be the whole world.
Sometimes I wonder why people fall apart, why can't a relationship last life long?
Then after pondering for a while I come up with the conclusion that trust is a vital component in any relationship. People cheat in relationships, give false hopes, and break promises which lead to ending up of a relationship. No relationship can stand strong on the base of lies. It has to fall apart.
Life without Love is like a scorching desert craving for rain. One cannot spend his entire life without it. When one is a kid, they need love from their family. Once they grow up to be a Teen, they seek the same from their beloved. The teen grows up to be a man and finds it in his wife. Life goes on and one finds love on every stage of their life. Life is hard but love makes it worth living.
Life is inevitable. We never know when it would knock us down. One should live this life to the fullest and love with all their heart. Express it to your beloved before it’s too late.
It isn’t bound to humans alone. Even animals cannot live without it. You find love when a lamb is being embraced by a sheep in the cold weather. Love is omnipresent. Everyone deserves to be loved. God never makes junk.
It can heal all your wounds and uplift your soul whereas fake love can hurt you to no extent. It can be a curse if you end up loving a wrong person. Lust is often misunderstood as love. People pretend to love and walk away once their intentions are over. Love, true or fake can be identified on the basis of emotions your beloved has for you. Finding true love is like finding a needle in a haystack. Difficult but not impossible. Once found, never let it go because it's the most beautiful thing one can ever experience in their life time.