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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ways to Create Closeness

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You come across some articles occasionally that marriage world over is on the decline. Although many people may not want to get married they do yearn to be in caring meaningful relationships. Here are five tips for creating closeness:
1. Make sure that your words and actions are aligned
When you say one thing and then do something different or do not follow through, trust is destroyed. Whenever there is an inconsistency between your words and actions it gets in the way of creating closeness. It is hard to trust someone when they are not truthful. Trust has to be built and protected.
2. Think of both of you as being having great value
Respect is fundamental to creating a loving intimate relationship. I am referring to seeing each other as having great worth. When you believe that you both have great worth you also accept that each of you brings unique strengths to the relationship.
3. Be sure to say you are sorry
In caring a relationship it is important to take responsibility to apologize when you know you have said or done something that has upset the other. It takes little effort to say the words "I am sorry" but it will mean a lot to your relationship if each is able to apologize.
4. When you disagree, look for solutions
Two people are going to see things differently. It is healthy to speak from the heart and share your thoughts... However, if you are talking about something that affects both of you, be sure to arrive at a solution that both can support. It is more important that you resolve the issue in a satisfactory manner rather than insisting on your way.
5. Remember that intimacy has to be built
Intimacy occurs in relation to another. Your relationship will grow in closeness when you care about each other's dreams and when you cooperate and support each other. Ask yourself are you being love worthy? To be love worthy means that you take full responsibility to be the kind of person who is able to both give and receive love.

Signs That A Guy Likes You

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en would never admit this, but, the truth is that they don't really know how to tell women that they like them. When it comes to expressing their feelings, they are pretty clumsy. Men never know what the right thing to say is and it's pretty difficult to tell if they are really interested in you or they are just playing a game. You need to be pretty good at reading between the lines to find out if the guy next to you is just putting in practice some dating tips to get you in bed or he really likes you.
Men who just want to spend some time with you and then to move on won't be consistent in their behavior. They will get bored of pleasing you sooner or later and you will notice their interest in you decreasing. On the other hand, men who like you and want to turn casual dating into a long term relationship are doing some things that actually transmit you this message. They won't declare their love for you out loud, but they will let you know.
He Is Happy to Be with You
If the guy you are dating is in a good mood every time you go out together and if he has a smile on his face when he meets you, you have high chances of finding a man who likes you. He might not admit that you are the reason of his good mood, but you have to look for clues in his body language. This says more than a thousand words sometimes. No one is happy without a reason and if he is happy during your date, it means that you are the reason.
He Tries to Make You Happy
A man that treats you right is a man who likes you. Being polite and attentive to your needs means that he cares about you and he wants to make you feel good. If he pays attention to the fact that you need him to carry your bag or that you need a handkerchief, you are lucky and you found a man that wants you to be happy.
He Listens to You
You can also consider yourself lucky if you notice that he pays attention to what you say. Men aren't listening to you unless they like you. If he remembers your favorite colours or your favourite love poem even though you slightly mentioned them in a conversation, it means that he does his best to be on the same wavelength with you and to please you.
He Stays in Touch with You
Another sign that he likes you is the fact that you hear from him often. He calls to see how you are or he happens to be around your office when it's lunch time. He wants to spend time with you and he wouldn't want this unless he likes you.
All the things he does can help you tell if he's worth your time or not. Look for the signs and you can tell right from the start if you have a change of living a true love together or if you'd better find another guy.

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Secret to Great Sex In a Relationship

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he secret to great sex is no secret at all. In fact, in the beginning of most relationships, we naturally do the things that stimulate a great sex life. During that time it is often spontaneous, magical, and downright exciting. It is after the relationship builds and stabilizes, that couples can find themselves wondering how to get that magic back and are looking to spice up their relationship. So let's take a look at those special ingredients that make the magic happen naturally.
As a relationship begins to take shape, there is a bit of mystery in both minds. This mystery keeps the brain actively wondering what is next, and thinking about what has already happened. This is why new couples can't stop thinking about each other in the beginning. The early stage couple will play a bit more, pushing the limits of "good and bad" as the two people come closer to each other forming the long term relationship. Each new experience they share together adds to the brain activity, as they wonder what is next, and reveling in the moments that just passed. This makes for really great sex, as you are both eager to see each other.
Attention and affection are at their all time high in the beginning of a relationship. You hold hands, open doors, steal kisses, and act a little naughty when alone (or even when not alone). The amount of attention builds up and enhances the sexual desires of both people. This is one area that should always be maintained, no matter how many years you are together. The level and intensity of intimacy will always have a direct effect on the quality and quantity of sex. If someone is wanted when not in the bedroom, the bedroom will become very cold. This is why lust is so common in the beginning of a relationship. And why sex can happen anywhere when you are together.
Respect is another major element in someone's sex life. There has to be a certain amount of respect for both individuals to maintain a relationship. If one party does things to lose that level of respect, the relationship will soon follow a path of destruction. Ugly people will not enjoy fulfilling and rewarding relationships, and sex will never be more than sex. Great sex will always elude them, as they don't even respect themselves. “Ugly” means being ugly inside. It’s not in the physical sense because everyone is beautiful; the difference is your attitude to life
So, to summarize how to have great sex:
You never have to lose that hot sexy lustful feeling that rocked your early relationship. By understanding the key ingredients that came naturally in the beginning and making sure they remain a part of your relationship, your sex life will always be incredible.
The hot foreplay you acted on at the beginning will carry on. Make sure to touch and play with each other, and not let age or time together matter. Keep the relationship young and alive by creating and acting on those same impulses and desires that kept both of you on each other's minds.
Be romantic, and keep your partner wondering what is next. You can keep the air of mystery alive even after 50 years of marriage. Romance is just a collection of small gestures that are focused on minute details of your loved one. Make the time to think of new ways to surprise your special someone, even if it is to call and say hi during a busy day at work.
Treat everyone who touches your life with respect and with care, especially your partner. Not only will this make you beautiful to your partner, but will make you beautiful to yourself as well. Men and women both find a beautiful person on the inside to be desirable. Keep yourself this way, and enjoy the rewards. If you don't like who you are, no one else will either.
Love, like life, is what you make of it. So make the most of it, and enjoy everything it has to offer. Be all you can be to yourself and to your sweetheart, and you will always have great sex together. Great sex comes from strong emotions, feelings, physical contact, and admiration. Touch on all of these ingredients and a wonderfully healthy sex life will always follow.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Kind of Women Men Don't want To be Around

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ome women were gifted with a beautiful face, but their relationships always tend to fail miserably... Why? Because they all seem to have some common habits, traits and qualities that would scare off men in general!
No man wants to be with women who take everything from men for granted and never give anything back in return. Some women expect men to pamper and take care of them, to pay for their rents, to buy them presents, and do them favour, but on the other hand, they wouldn't do anything for their man. This is commonly known as the "Princess Syndrome" and most men will not want to be around such women. Love is at its best when both man and woman are both contributing their love and efforts to make their relationship or marriage work! Give and receive in love shall be a two-way traffic, if a woman only receive but does not give, most men will not stand it for very long. Over time, they will grow tired and start to drift away from the relationship or marriage. Men are quite serious about the first date and how a woman behave in the beginning of a relationship, if a woman plays too much game, testing men such as being late on purpose and playing hard to get, most men would just give up. Men also hate annoying women, and fear women who spell trouble. Below are examples of some women's habits and qualities that men dislike:
Women who expect men to do things for them but never give anything in return.
Women who think she is the hottest thing in the world and men should worship her.
Women, who are cheap and doesn't spend any money on her man.
Women who think being late is no big deal and claiming she was just being fashionably late.
Women, who are close minded and always gossip about others, including her friends.
Women, who worship designer brands and expect men to always buy for them.
Women who play love games in certain ways that make men feel disrespected.
Women who love to start arguments and have frequent mood swings.
Women, who talk crap about their ex-boyfriend, if at all there was any.
Women who are gold diggers and require high-maintenance.
Women who thinks she is better than everyone else.
Women who are passive, negative and hysterical.
Women who are likely to get drunk.
Women who always act like a smart ass.
Most men do not want to be around women with the above qualities! Some men would date them but they would never consider marrying them. In the end, when it comes to marriage and finding a lifetime partner, men and women both tend to look for someone who is genuine, sincere, loving, caring and down to earth. After all, no one wants to be around someone who is selfish and demanding.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Love and Resilience

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pening yourself to love not only allows you to enter into nurturing a relationship; it also promotes good health and well-being. This effect can often be seen even to the naked eye. We describe someone who is in love as "glowing" because their skin takes on a beautiful lustre and everything about them seems to come alive, to dance and to sparkle. A person in love becomes radiant.
Someone who is in love will find that they feel more vibrant and animated. They can barely sleep and live in a whirl of excitement and anticipation. They seem to have an endless store of energy and nothing appears to be too much trouble.
The aspects that are less obvious to the naked eye are more obvious to those who are involved in the medical profession. Medical research has identified an irrevocable connection between good a relationship and better health. The better your relationship and the more supportive your home environment the healthier you are likely to be and the longer you will live.
These later mentioned benefits of opening yourself to love frequently go unnoticed by the majority of people who just assume their good health is due to good genes, healthy living or just good luck. They are a long-term effect of love and so not so easy to connect in our minds. Cause and effect in this case does not appear to us in an obvious manner.
There is an undeniable connection between love and resilience. We need love in the same way as a flower blossoms in sunlight. Without love, we wither. We experience love in many forms. To have a one to one close and loving relationship is only one aspect of love. To treat everyone and everything you come across in life with a loving intent is equally important.
Love and peace are the opposites of anger and hate. One nurtures whilst the other destructs. Love is like sunshine as compared to the volcanic lava and ash of anger and hate. Which would you prefer to bathe in, or to be bathed in?
It is actually your preference, your choice that dictates this particular outcome. What you give out you get back. Give freely of love and you will usually receive love in return, and you should also receive a big pay check in the future in terms of good health.
Love brings both happiness and good health. There is any number of good reasons why we should not harden our hearts to love. There are very few reasons, if any, to support an opposite choice. If fear or ideas about self-protection hold you back from opening yourself to love, then it is important that you realize that you can choose to overcome those blockages.
Hypnosis is a great help in assisting one who wishes to overcome fears, build confidence, feel happier and ultimately open your mind to love.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

You Emotional Fuel to Thrive in Your Relationship

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ere are five simple ways to add emotional fuel to your relationship. Without emotional fuel relationships gradually lose the specialness that first brought the couple together.
Emotional fuel is created by:
1. Practicing daily niceties
Such as saying please and thank you, greeting each other and taking a moment to really look at each other, showing appreciation to each other, etc. These little polite interactions go a long way in creating closeness.
2. Remembering that love has to be earned
We earn love by how caring we are when we speak, how well we listen, how we go out of the way to help. In order to receive love we have to be love worthy. It is by our own behaviour that we influence what happens in between both people.
3. Finding constructive ways to handle disagreements
Disagreements are part of healthy relationships. The key is to make sure that whatever decision is reached can be supported by both people. Otherwise you end up with a winner and a loser which is hurtful to one party. Take time to really listen so you understand why your partner feels so strongly about his/her position. Then share your position. Remind each other of the importance of coming up with a solution that both can feel good about.
4. Adding newness
in a Relationship will lose lustre if there is not an infusion of newness. Frequently one person in a relationship needs this more than the other. Be respectful of each other’s differences and find ways to spice up the relationship. Change your routine, surprise each other, laugh, do things that are fun.
5. Creating intimacy
when you show love and caring towards each other it will carry over into physical intimacy. If you value each other and have goals that you share you will want to be with each other. Intimacy is the process of sharing your life with someone else so that you can receive and give love, you feel you can be who you really are, and you trust your partner with honour and not betray your trust.

Monday, December 12, 2011

After breakup Cure 2

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en and women vary on how they manage themselves after break-up. Now, let us know WHAT TO DO AFTER THE BREAK-UP...
Since it's not easy to move one, there is nothing better than to take the first step after the break-up..
Forget - it's not as easy as ABC to forget the past especially when you two have been together for a couple of months or years. It's good to reminisce your sweet memories as well as it's such so tough to swallow the pain of flashing back the bad things happened during your relationship. Dear, you would only kill yourself slowly if you just going to hide in the dark and crying while recalling the past.. To move on is first, to forget.
Forgive - it would be an unhappy ending for you, maybe because you ended up fighting. It is hard to forgive someone who made you cry and hurt you. I say, forgiveness is a gift for you! It might not be your fault, but once you have forgiven that person, then you are going to be ready to explore more about yourself. Forgive and forget as what old proverb says. When you forgive, you also give freedom for yourself. And this is the essential way to move on.
Hang-out! - don't be loner, don't be self-pity loner. And never attempt to harm yourself just because of a love got lost. Occasional hang-outs with your peers and family would really give a relief on your burden. It's undeniable, there are a lot of people that surrounds you, love and care for you more than you'll ever know. Crying is good but hanging-out is the best way to recover.
Be sociable - When the pain caused by the break-up strikes you, just keep busy doing new things. Engage yourself in outdoor activities or social affairs like joining with sports or travel in many places that are new to you. Such activities will help you not only to be physically fit but also it refreshes your entire aura. Be sociable not to replace you ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, but to create your new atmosphere and you'll find out there's a better and happier tomorrow without your stupid ex!
Pray - if you believe in God, then talk to him. He is the only One who listens to you without hesitations and He hears your prayers and He sees your pain you’re going through. All things will work if you do it with prayers. Talking to God asking Him to lighten up your heavy load will be such the best thing you have to do after the break-up.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

How To Make Him Care For You More

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o you feel neglected and alone because your husband isn't showing you the affection you deserve? It's not easy to go through such an experience. If the level of affection towards you has decreased, it clearly shows that the quality of the relationship is declining and it might end in a bitter way. But don't fret about it.
If you feel that your husband isn't giving you the attention you deserve, don't get scared that he might leave you. If you love him and would like to make him show his love for you, you can do it. It's possible... The power is in your hands. Your man has lost the attraction towards you. If you want him to pay more attention towards you, you need to regain that attraction.
If you are willing to do the right things that will make him feel attracted to you, you will naturally regain his interest and bring back the lost spark in the relationship.
Here are sure fire ways to make your husband be more affectionate with you...
Accept him completely...
I've noticed one common mistake among all women who tend to screw up their relationships with men. They set standards and expect men to behave in certain ways. And when their man doesn't respond the way they want him to, they get disappointed and hurt. When this happens on a repeated basis, they start to nag him. They act desperate and do various things that screw the relationship up in a lot of ways.
But the most interdependent and effective paradigm any woman can adopt is the attitude of accepting everything. It doesn't matter how you want your man to be. But just completely accept him for who he is without any complaints. Once you do that, you can actually change things. Don't nag him. It breaks trust in the relationship.
Get a man's perspective...
The best thing a wife can do in a failing marriage is to get a double perspective. If your husband doesn't understand you and isn't paying any attention to you, it's because he feels that he isn't understood. Don't assume that you understand him. If you truly understood him, you'll actually have more influence and power over your man than you can imagine.
If you want to be understood and cared for by your husband, you must first seek to understand. Get a genuine desire to learn his perspective. Take a troubling situation and look at it from a third party perspective and from his perspective. Do this exercise, every single day. Ask questions and have him talk things out.
If a man feels truly understood by a woman, he will naturally begin to shower more love and attention towards that woman. When a man isn't understood by his wife and a woman outside the marriage understands him, he tends to cheat. But if you are proactive and take the steps to truly understand his needs, desires and fears, you'll have more control over the relationship.