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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Caring and Intimacy

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f there is one thing that separates lovers from other relationships it would be a feeling of deep caring and intimacy. Lovers feel a connection deep within, much more than physical, and far deeper than emotional. It is as though the two have become one person. Your awareness becomes two-person centred and no longer self-centred. You sincerely care for the other and their well being. You give of yourself to lighten the burden of their life. You support their efforts without judgment or criticism. You become their mirror of inspiration and a deep well of comfort and compassion. You both come to understand the power of harmony and balance, the deep power of oneness at the core of your existence. You realize that deep caring and intimacy are a healing for the pain you felt in your alone years. This is a connection to something beyond your "I".
Love is not something you force yourself into. You can do that in all kinds of relationships and people to have experiences with, but love is elusive and a mystery. It is a gift and an opportunity to come to a greater consciousness of life and yourself. Many times you will hear it said that a person's greatest work was done in a time of love. This is mostly because in love, the ego and the mind take a back seat to feelings. Love is not logical or reasonable, it It makes you feel complete and helps you to touch other parts of your life. It makes you feel more alive.
Love also reveals your pain and your issues. It uncovers the unconscious aspects that blind a person from fully experiencing life and gaining deeper awareness. Intimacy brings you close and, from within its comforting and safe cocoon, a haven whereby you can confront your deepest fears, doubts and hidden agendas together. As a result, these things are recognized, dealt with, and eventually cast off as so much excess baggage, allowing an even further growth in spiritual awareness and intimacy.
It is human nature to think we are grown, mature and loving; however, intimacy and caring often reveal that we are blind to aspects of our very nature that remain unrevealed to us. Love becomes a joyous partnership to explore together, who we are, what we believe and where we are going. It can be a doorway to the very key to existence itself.

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