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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Definition Of Best Sex

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ave you been taking good care of one of the most important aspects of your relationship? I am not talking about sex here. If you have, this will be great because it means you are still having the best sex ever. If you are not, the best way to get the flame of passion coming back and burning over and over again is to remember the romantic aspect of true love.
When you were courting, all you could think about was how exciting and romantic it was to be together. You would do a lot of things to please each other. As time passes, you will get so used to each other that you have stopped making special efforts for each other. Busy routines and the many other details you need to take care of can take your mind off on the romantic aspects of your relationship.
What Is Romance And Why Is It Important
It is not just giving her boxes of chocolates, flowers or standing outside her window playing a musical instrument and singing a love song. The very definition of the word romance which is love between two people tells us that there are more important aspects of romance than flowers or chocolates.
Romance is the combination of those everyday sweet gestures and occasional display of special (or maybe dramatic) effort to make each other feel good, loved and appreciated and how much you care for him or her. It can keep you going when life outside your home sucks.
Romance in the form of attentive and satisfactory lovemaking is just one aspect of romance in a relationship. Sex is not equal to romance. But romance is often required for good sex to take place especially after a couple has been together for some time. Sex without romance or feelings for each other is just the sexual act (or just going through the motion) which can only leave you feeling empty and dissatisfied.
Here Are a Few Ways to Put More Romance Back Into Your Relationship
(1) Take care of your appearance
You may feel that since he or she is already your husband or wife, there is no need to be bothered with putting on a 'great show' to impress your partner. But if you become indifferent to your appearance, your partner may have a hard time seeing you in a romantic and exciting way.
There is nothing wrong in trying to be comfortable around the house. But do yourself and your partner a favour by paying attention to your dressing and personal hygiene. You make sure you do not 'mess things up' in the bathroom; you remember to flush after you use the toilet - paying attention to all these small little details helps a lot in making life better for each other. Therefore, show your partner that you care by making an effort to look, feel and smell good.
(2) Add in some words of appreciation and love
When you say "I love you", you say it with sincerity. Everyone appreciates being told how much they are loved and cherished. The aim is to create more closeness in your relationship. This will require sharing those thoughts and emotions that can make your partner feel loved and appreciated. Tell your partner often how much you enjoy his or her company and what you like most about him or her.
(3) Closer bonding through touching
How you touch each other can communicate different feelings and provoke different sensations. Many women complain that men only touch them when they want sex. Most women crave for more intimacy and one of the ways they can feel the closeness to their partners is through casual and non-sensual touching, such as holding hand, a morning or welcome-home kiss or simply brushing up against her when you walk pass by her. Make this part of the way you communicate this feeling of love and closeness to your partner in your daily life.
(4) Spend time alone together
What you need here is to spend uninterrupted time alone sharing thoughts, ideas and activities in a way that gives you pleasure and draws you closer as a couple. Make an effort to find at least a few hours each week for the two of you to be alone together like going for a walk, a movie, taking up dancing lessons or playing some sexy romantic games. Or stay home, enjoying with your partner a glass of juice drink while you play some music or watch some rented movies together.
(5) Add variety to your sex life
Seize the moment and let loose your inhibitions. For women, reverse the role when it comes to sex and you play the role of aggressor for a change. You can wear sexy lingerie at home to add spice to your sex life. Remember, being romantic in your daily life should never be a chore. These are the few moments out of your day when you can forget about the stresses of the outside world and focus on each other, so treasure those moments you have and have those treasured moments occupy a greater part of your relationship.

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