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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Healing a Broken Marriage

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t might surprise you to know how many couples who appear happy in public are really on the edge of divorce in their private lives. These people are often well-educated and financially sound individuals who look like they have everything going for them. Every day, couples like these file for divorce, because their lives together have been undermined by busy schedules, the demands of childcare and little disagreements that have escalated from minor to full-blown verbal battles over the years of their relationship. You might also be surprised to learn that the majority of couples who are getting divorces actually do still love each other. If they only knew the right techniques, their marriages could be saved, and they would be much happier.
No one wants to see their life crash and burn, but sometimes the problems of staying together seem to be so insurmountable that there appears to be no other way out. Maybe you've experienced some of this in your own union. You love your spouse, but he or she seems to have gotten more annoying lately, and you're growing farther apart. Take heart, because there are ways that you can heal your relationship and rebuild your solid, happy marriage.
One thing that most couples faced with failing marriages have in common is that they seldom take time any more to talk to each other. Outside obligations crowd their way in, the children are always around to interrupt or keep them from discussing their lives with each other, and they begin to feel a separation between them that just wasn't there before. Therefore, no matter how busy both of you are, you need to keep the lines of communication open. Take a date night together each week. That will give you time to actually talk things over with each other. This is the only way you'll stay in touch and understand what your spouse is dealing with that may be causing problems in your lives.
Well-meaning relatives and friends can provide both support and stumbling blocks for the two of you. You need to enjoy the support they offer without letting them influence you in your life's choices. It's easy for these people to offer their opinions which really shouldn't make a difference in what you decide to do. These decisions must be made between you and your spouse without outside interference.
Finally, if all else has failed, you need to employ a marriage expert who will be able to help you figure it all out. This person is trained in the techniques you need to save your marriage from becoming just another statistic.

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