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Sunday, January 29, 2012

How to Survive A Long Distance Relationship

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ong distance relationships are very difficult to maintain but it is not impossible. It is going to be a real test of patience for any couple to keep the relationship flowing naturally for a longer period of time. Let me first talk about why couples are going through this phase at all.
Why long distance relationship at all?
The world has changed today and everyone has realized the importance of building a career, looking for new opportunities to strive in this world. Many couples begin dating each other while they are in school or in college or during work. But life does not remain the same always is it? Once school is over, you move to university and after that, you move to work. And many a time people have to move to different cities for university or for work. Sometimes when couples start dating while at work, they even change work for better opportunities and the distance increases. Someone of the two might even go to pursue higher education and thus the distance between the two comes live. Sometimes love could not be found in your locality, during schools or at working place due to circumstances beyond your control. Opportunity of travel or online tool may offer an opportunity to fall in love.
Nobody thinks what may involve when they start their relationship, since the very human nature makes us look only in the short-term rather long-term and thus comes these differences. Many a times people even if they know they are not going to remain close to each other, they feel that long distance relationship is easy and can be maintained without any trouble only to realize in future that breaking up is inevitable. Long distance relationship is not something that cannot be done, but the problem arises when you start realizing that visiting each other is getting more and more difficult and perhaps you find someone else closer to you which then look a better option to go with.
Tips to survive long distance relationship
Communicate Often - There is no better way to survive a long distance relationship than to communicate as often as you can. Talk many times a day and share everything with each other. Communication has got so much easier today with the help of internet. Apart from talking on the phone, you can also use Skype and video chat with each other. This helps in keeping the closeness among the two. I have a friend whose relationship lasted for more than a year in a long distance relationship as they used to communicate several times a day sharing everything to each other. They ended up marrying.
Visit regularly - It is very important if you both visit each other at intervals. Apart from communicating, it is also important to get physically close on random intervals say a couple of months. When you visit each other every couple of months despite the distance, it gives you a sense of relief that the relationship is still as strong. Once it gets into the mind that visiting is not even an option, the relationship automatically deteriorates which is a problem. So keep in touch and visit at intervals.
Do things together - If you both are living far away from each other, so what happened? Do the same thing together at different places. Are you interested in visiting cinema? Both of you should discuss what you have been watching. This keeps that spark still in the relationship and gives new topics to talk about and enjoy.
Keep problems aside - Since the distance between you two has increased substantially, it is time to set aside the problems and become more open towards each other. Were you both a bit possessive about each other? Well it is time to be more open and be easy on each other. The biggest disadvantage of having a distance is if you both have a fight over anything, it becomes difficult to fix it up as you cannot get face to face with each other and here the things start to deteriorate. So be easy and open and try to avoid getting into a fight as much as you can. It will make your relationship last much longer. Or if you have not met for the first time, try as much as possible to schedule time to meet so as to feel each other in real life. This will really add hope on the way forward.
Be positive - The last tip from my side is to be positive in life. There is no better way to kill things than being a negative person. Even if long distance relationship is a very difficult task, be positive and feel that you can maintain it well enough. Being positive in life gives you the power to achieve the impossible in life.
Good luck with your relationship.

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