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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Long-Distance Love

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t has long been said that if ever there was a test for love it was distance. Those young couples, as test might separate for a time in lieu of confirmation of feelings for each other to see what time and distance would do in relation to such a bond. Such an action is not so popular; apart from those in military service, the rest of the world appears in too much of a hurry.
Quickly, upon distance, the truth prevails: what do we really think and how do we really feel? It is the prayer that both partners feel the same way - drawn together whilst happily apart - for but a time - their flame flourishing. This is not always the case, however. So many struggle arduously!
There are many in this world that has occupations far from the family; it may not be everybody's first choice, but some people must lead this lifestyle for various reasons.
When absence clearly makes life harder because we miss our partners or families, we can know it as God's confirmation that our love is the real deal - that is cold comfort for some, yet it's a fact, anyway.
Making the most of the time - yes, each and every moment - is the way to survive such tyranny of distance and time away from loved ones. It's about focus; keeping an eye and all our senses on the world before us, yet allowing pleasant dreams to filter through the consciousness as they will. Both can and will coexist.
Long-distance relationships do tend to polarise us toward the rollercoaster ride experience; like looking forward to Christmas, and times away with family, we know that high times precede low times - when the reality of real, sombre life happens to us, again, when we're apart.
It is wise to have something in every compartment of life, especially away, that draws our heart; that involves us at joy; that gives us something to look forward to.
God provides distances for each person party to a relationship to reflect; to learn more about themselves, the reality of their own feelings, in the context of relations with another person or people and the dynamics known to love. Distance fires the imagination.
Though distance can be seen as a terrible thing for relationships, it is also a tool of confirmation and, therefore, confidence. The decisive soul is one counselled by wisdom and, where there is dual-and-reciprocal-commitment, the relationship prospers greatly.
Whether home or away, close together or apart, the bond of love is ever strengthened or it withers from recognition. Though it's hard, distance is a good test for love where passion fans the flame of commitment.

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