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Monday, January 30, 2012

Sex Positions That Can Help You Overcome Premature Ejaculation

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f you suffer from premature ejaculation there are a number of different treatment options available to you to help you to last longer before reaching climax. In order for any of the options to be effective, however, you need to ensure you adopt a positive mindset. Positive thinking is essential for you to achieve success and satisfaction with the time it takes you to reach climax.
Making changes to the positions you experiment with during intercourse as well as some management techniques to help you cope can make a big difference to premature ejaculation. While these suggestions may not be able to assist with premature ejaculation that is caused by physiological factors they will certainly help you to enjoy sex more, and maybe even help to get your confidence back, which is a step in the right direction.
Going Back To Basics
Foreplay is a great way to claim back your intimate connection with your partner and without the pressure of penetration. It can be especially useful if your partner is feeling inhibited by your sexual relationship, or if you have been experiencing relationship problems, it is a way of pushing the 'reset' button. Taking the time to find out what gives your partner pleasure takes the focus off you and your performance and can help to ease up on the anxiety.
The Missionary Position
This position hasn't really ranked high up on the list of ceiling-swinging sex positions because it is so mundane. But, when it comes to dealing with premature ejaculation, it can be one of your best tools. Start out in the body to body position and be aware of how subtle changes in body position may intensify the experience for you.
Remember to communicate with your partner and to stop or withdraw when you feel you are close to reaching a climax. Start slowly and increase with intensity, depending on how well you are coping.
Face to Face
When your lover sits on your lap, she assumes control of the intensity and speed of your love-making. This position still allows you to be intimate, and you may distract yourself with kissing and caressing during intercourse. The back and forth motion may be easier for you to tolerate for longer than up and down movements, so experiment and see how you can up the ante over a gradual period rather than rushing towards climax.
Lying with your partner in front of you with your bodies closely aligned can be an effective sex position to delay premature ejaculation. The man has no visual stimulation in this position and most men find it comforting and intimate. If you feel like you are approaching climax too quickly, you can stop or slow things down. Communication is vital if you are to overcome premature ejaculation as a couple.
Giving it rather than receiving it also gives you a chance to focus on your partner's needs and desires, taking the pressure off your performance. If your partner has been dissatisfied with your sexual relationship, this is something of a personal compromise and a way of showing her how much you care.
All positions should be begun slowly and be built up as time proceeds. Once you feel comfortable with a position and are able to control your ejaculation, you should think about changing the pace a bit. Changing positions regularly also relieves sexual build up, and the time that lapses between positions can give you a chance to recover.

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