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Monday, January 23, 2012

This Will Make Him Fall For You

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etting a guy know that you're in love with him and that you want a commitment can be extremely hard. It puts most women in dilemma. 90% of men who are in relationships right now are commitment phobic and wouldn't be ready to commit to the woman they're with even if they're given the world. This causes a lot of complications to arise in relationships.
If you want to get your boyfriend to fall in love with you, make him commit and start a family as soon as you can, pay close attention here. You're about to discover some mind blowing secrets which will mesmerize a man and create massive amounts of attraction in him. The attraction you create in him will make him eventually commit to you for sure.
Here are mind blowing ways to let a guy know that you love him and make him commit...
Indirectly point out that he's the man...
Indirectly pointing out that he's the man will work wonders for your relationship. It will make him feel more interested in you and also help you establish a connection with him. Men leave relationships if they feel that they aren't getting the admiration they deserve from a woman. It's your job as a woman to admire your man.
So stop nagging. Instead admire him. Give him real genuine compliments for being a man that you like and adore. Don't go overboard and throw compliments every now and then. Showing admiration to him in this way will make him feel more fascinated by you. You aren't actually revealing that you're in love with him or want a commitment. But subtly, you show something that he'll pick up.
You May Choose Not to talk about commitment...
There are women who didn't talk about commitment (even though they wanted a commitment from the guy) and still got the man to commit effortlessly.
You need to be subtle in expressing your desire for a commitment. But at the same time, you should never reveal your feelings at first. It's a man's job to reveal the feelings and ask for a commitment. I know you feel desperate and want to find out whether this is going to last or not. But those very feelings will trigger behaviours that cause your man to lose attraction he has for you.
Subtly point it out to him by inviting him to your friend's wedding or family gatherings. But still don't talk about commitment. Just act like you're in for the short term. When you do that, it creates attraction that'll force him to commit to you.

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