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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ways to an Exciting Relationship

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hen you first start a relationship, everything is exciting because everything is new. Discovering each other is always a lot of fun! It's thrilling and addicting. It is also what plenty of people miss when the relationship "settles down" and routines begin to form. Too many couples find themselves unhappy and on the verge of breaking up because they miss having an exciting relationship.
The thing is, an exciting relationship is quite easy to achieve. You can continue the "high" you felt when you first started out simply by making sure you always keep each other guessing. This is especially true for guys. Women love not knowing what you're going to do next. (Of course this is assuming they are quite secure in the relationship and are sure you won't cheat on them.) So all you really have to do is the unexpected! Sounds difficult? Consider these tips:
1) Work on Being Funny
No relationship will survive without a shared sense of humour. So work at being funny for your partner. What makes her laugh? Try to get her to laugh really hard at least once a week. Whatever it is, you have to keep her laughing and make sure she associates that happy feeling with you.
2) Try New Things
Whenever you hear about anything new, go do it! Whether it be learning a new sport together, a resort just outside of your town, etc. Whatever it is, suggest that you do it together. Doing new things together is always exciting and it will help you learn more about each other.
3) Do the Unconventional
Naturally, you can't do new things all the time, but that doesn't mean you have to be conventional about the way you do regular things. So instead of a simple dinner date at home, maybe you can play a game where you blindfold each other and make each other guess what you're eating.
4) Stay Positive
As much as you can, keep a positive attitude. Of course you will have some days where you don't feel incredibly happy, but smiling and staying positive with your girlfriend will help keep your relationship happy.
5) Be unpredictable Once in a While
At the end of the day, every woman is a hopeless romantic. So do something classically unpredictable once in a while. Show up with flowers. Surprise her with jewellery. Make her feel special. It might be somewhat conventional, but it's all part of keeping her guessing. Plus she will really appreciate it.
You know her best and you know what she will want to do and be happy about. So while you're keeping an exciting relationship, make sure it's one that respects and understands each other too!

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