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Monday, February 13, 2012

5 Don'Ts for Valentine's Day

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alentine's Day is coming. How are you doing? If you are single and content, or if you approach February 14 as just another day in February, then there might be other articles that merit better use of your time. However, if you dread the prospect of spending Valentine's Day alone, this article is written for you.
Valentine's Day may not be your favourite time of the year if you are single and longing for that special someone. Indeed, this day seems to make second class citizens out of singles. Even if February 14 seems to scream "for couples only," you can still choose not to let all the brouhaha surrounding it bother you. How? For starter, by following this simple list of don'ts.
Do Not:
1. Resent those who are in a relationship.
Feelings are directly connected to thoughts and behaviours. Harbouring feelings of resentment opens the door for you to start thinking and behaving negatively toward the person you are resenting. While you may be able to hide your emotions, behaviours cannot be hidden. Why jeopardize your connections with the people in your life, just because they happen to have a special someone?
2. Listen to sappy love songs.
Even if this has become part of your regular routine, make a conscious decision not to do so on the days leading up to V day. The reason has to do with the fact that songs are words that are set to melodies. Well, it is hard to underestimate the power of music. Hearing words set to catchy tunes seems to amplify the song's message more powerfully than mere words can do. This does not even take into account the way choruses tend stick to our memories. So, if listening to others talk about their love stories is bad enough for you, imagine the effect of hearing the same message, intensified many times over, with its residual memory being played in your mind, time and time again!
3. Rehash what you did for Valentine's Day the last time you had a date.
Let bygones be bygones. Even if this is the first year in a long time that you will be partner-less for Valentine's Day, resist the temptation to wallow in the memories of yesteryears. Why inflict pain on yourself?
4. Find anyone to be your date for hire.
This way of looking at it may sound harsh. Still, if you are willing to get just about anyone to be your date with the sole purpose of avoiding loneliness, you might end up regretting this move. It is better to be alone for Valentine's day (and any other day) rather than be together with someone you hardly know, or even like.
5. Muting your sorrow through drugs or alcohol.
Turning to substances to escape from your sorrow is never the answer. Not only will your body pay the price for it, the original problem will still remain after the drugs wear off.

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