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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Benefits of Online Marriage Counselling

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t first glance, the notion of online counselling makes many people bristle. However, upon further examination, the idea of online counselling starts to make sense. There are lots of benefits associated with getting counselling online. If you and your spouse are considering marriage counselling, it may be helpful to see if online marriage counselling is a good option for you. Make sure to find a reputable website that offers quality counselling.
Benefits of Online Counselling:
There are many benefits to receiving counselling online. One main benefit is that it doesn't require a long commute. Many rural areas just don't have the resources to offer counselling locally and sometimes people have to travel over an hour to the nearest counsellor’s office. The extra time and financial factor can make it impossible to attend regular sessions with a long commute.
Another benefit is that it can provide some added layers of confidentiality. Although your communications with a counsellor are going to be confidential, it is quite possible you might run into someone you know in the waiting room. People with high profile jobs in the community may not be willing to be seen entering a counsellor’s office. Other times, people are too embarrassed to seek out counselling face to face. Some online counsellors don't even make you give your real name and you won't be given a mental health diagnosis that shows up on health record.
Online counselling tends to offer more flexibility. Counsellors are often available to meet the needs of various work schedules. It also tends to offer alternatives to the "weekly hour" of therapy. Sometimes people use chatting and other times, email options are available. Some websites also offer phone counselling sessions. This can often better meet the needs of people with busy schedules who cannot take time off from work to attend counselling.
Potential Drawbacks to Online Counselling
There are some potential drawbacks to receiving counselling online.
In the case of couple's counselling, the counsellor won't be able to see your interactions as a couple first hand but will have to rely on how you describe it.
Online counselling isn't appropriate for every situation. For people who are experiencing a crisis, such as significant suicidal ideation, emergency treatment is more appropriate. Online counsellors may not be appropriate for other serious conditions but may be able to answer some of your questions or provide you with short-term consultation.
What Sorts of Marriage Problems Can Online Counselling Help With?
Online marriage counsellors can assist you by answering questions you may have about marriage. They can also provide you practical solutions to various relationship problems such as communication issues, intimacy problems, conflict resolution, and anger problems. Online counselling can assist when people are concerned about their marriage, want to strengthen their marriage, are already separated, or are considering divorce. You don't have to wait until you start having a lot of problems before seeking help. Online counsellors can assist you in keeping your marriage healthy as well.
If your partner refuses to attend counselling with you, consider getting help for yourself. You may be able to learn skills and strategies that can help your marriage, even if your partner isn't willing to seek treatment. Online counsellors can assist you in recognizing behavioural changes that you can make, can assist you making changes that will change your relationship.

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