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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Developing and Energizing Your Relationship

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uilding a relationship matters, but maintaining and developing it to the next level matters the most. Due to ever-increasing hunger to earn more piles of money and become rich overnight, relationships are compromised. We have fallen prey to the 'money trap' as it's visible that we run behind money faster than we follow a certain relationship. Suppose, you are a husband, your sole attention is to earn more to buy more luxuries and entertainment for your family and spouse. However, you constantly ignore the fact that family needs you more than it needs money.
See the following 3 step guide, which might help you maintain a work-life balance and facilitate in re-energizing cold association.
Remember Special Days:
Although I believe that every day is special, if you really grasp the art of living a great life. However, there are few days, which matter more than ordinary days. They refresh your memories and forgotten joys of the past. For example, your wedding anniversary, your engagement day, your wife or husband's birthday or any similar day that matters a lot in personal life. The punch line here is to celebrate or at least remember that day.
Capitalize the Magic of Words & Quotes:
When you celebrate certain day, don't forget to express your love and regards for that special person.
Do a simple trick; buy a relevant card and express your emotions in writing. Jot down what you feel about the person and express the deepest possible emotions. Playing the emotional tricks is one of the most effective keys to keep a relationship energized. Try to find some relevant love quote to write down on your card. If you can afford it, print a custom card with your favourite quotation and signature on it and present it to your loved one. However, don't take it as formality; instead express your love verbally as well as in writing.
Small Things Matter the Most:
We always tend to underestimate the power of small things. See, a small text message saying, 'I love you' or 'I miss you' can play the magic. Learn to say small but positive things again and again. Moreover, coming back to home with some chocolates, a flower or any tiny item, which shows your care and love, makes things better. Learn the art of expressing your love and always share your feelings and problems even smaller one. These small things can bring great rewards to you.
Finally, always bear in mind that, most of the misunderstandings and problems are as a result of communication gap. Use your communication skills, art of expression and dealing and power of words to your advantage. Timely said one word or quote, can speak volumes on your behalf. 

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