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Monday, February 6, 2012

The Effect Social Media May Have on Your Relationship

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oesn't seem that all too often you read in the headlines about supposedly private, explicit photographs of some public personality being leaked? All too often, information posted on social media for private consumption becomes exposed to the entire world.
These occurrences are indicative of the harm social media can cause to your real-world relationships. The best way to avoid this harm is by acting as if every post, picture, text, tweet or message you send online is scrawled across a billboard with your name on it!
Amazingly, many people still lull themselves into a false sense of security when they deal with others on the internet. Because of this, folks tend to behave in ways they would never even dream of in real life.
There are many examples of risky behaviour people engage in online which could ruin their relationships:
Posting sexually explicit material on social media platforms. Information posted online stays online. This type of material may come back to haunt you possibly even years down the road.

Flirting and conducting online affairs. How often have you heard of someone's spouse finding evidence of infidelity by checking their social media profiles? It happens all too often, and has the same affect on the relationship as if the person were literally caught in the act of being unfaithful.

Posting hateful, even slanderous rants about current or former lovers. Again, posts remain online indefinitely. Even if you think you have deleted information, there is no 100% guarantee that information is not stored or copied elsewhere. Think about this before hitting the "post" button.

Allowing time spent on social media sites to take away from quality time spent with your partner. With the explosion of web enabled devices such as smart phones, laptops, and tablet computers, you can be connected to the internet almost anywhere, anytime. The temptation to constantly remain "plugged-in" has become a problem for many, because they neglect their real-world relationships.
Finally, being online does not guarantee you anonymity or privacy. If you are not comfortable with your partner or spouse reading whatever you post, then don't! Remember, what's posted online, stays online.
Your intimate relationship is the most valuable asset you have. Don't allow the virtual world to damage your real-world life. Choose wisely.

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