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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Great Ways to Know If His Love for You Is True or Not

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oo many hearts are broken on account of infidelity. If you don't want to find yourself with a broken heart later on and need to find out if he really cares for you, then put your guy to the test. Here are some wonderful ways in which you can test him and see if he is really in love with you.
Speak of your plans for the future 
One way you can know if he truly cares for you is by his reaction when you talk about the future. If he really loves you he will want to talk about commitment and the topic of marriage will not frighten him away! He will willingly discuss the future and enjoy talking about kids, the house etc.
Pretend that you are going out of town 
If you want to know if he is faithful and true to you, pretend that you have to leave town for a couple of days. Come back unexpectedly and check on what he is up to! If you find him at home missing you dreadfully you know that he loves you with all his heart. On the other hand if he is painting the town red with your best friend - he does not!
Listen to what his true friends say about him 
If his friends keep telling you that he is crazy about you and that all he does is talk about you in a positive manner, it can prove that he really loves you and can think of nobody else. On the other hand, if you keep hearing that he runs you down and criticizes you behind your back, then you should confront him and decide if he truly loves you or not.
Does he put you first? 
One of the most common tests that will prove if he loves you or not is to check and see if you really come first in his life. If he always gives you priority over his family and friends and makes you feel special and cared for, then he adores you. If his friends can whisk him away from you within moments, then he does not really care about you.
Is he willing to take you home? 
Sometimes if a man is just using a woman and does not really care for her then he is guilty inside and tries to hide her away! He will not take her home to meet his parents and his near and dear friends will never get to meet her. But if he wants to take you home and introduce you to his friends it shows that he is proud to be your guy and loves you.
How selfish is he? 
If you find that your guy is very selfish and never bothers to give you anything in return, then he does not love you. If he acts mean and is insensitive to your moods and feelings then it proves that his feelings for you are just superficial.
Pretend to withdraw 
If you want to test your guy, just pretend that you are losing interest in him. Stop meeting him and look bored. If he becomes very agitated, anxious and worried about the situation and does his best to make you happy and contented with him, it shows that he really cares and does not want to lose you.

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