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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Things You Need To Know About In Order To Sexually Satisfy Your Woman (Mature Minds Only)

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any men would like to give their women GREAT SEX and that's a good thing.
When we give our women incredible SEXUAL PLEASURE, it makes us feel like REAL MEN.
The trouble is, most guys don't sexually satisfy their women and many pay a huge price for their failings in the bedroom... Did you know that 50% of women admit to having CHEATED?
And the primary reason why they cheated -- to get BETTER SEX.
As far as I'm concerned, the average guy is lousy in bed because he focuses on the wrong things. Three things in particular get most guys attention:
- Their 'size'
- Their staying power
- Their sexual experience
Now here's the truth about those three things:
- Size is irrelevant (and you'll see why a bit later)
- Staying power is important to some degree but great staying power does not ensure great sex
- Sexual experience (or how many women you've slept with) does not mean a man is good or bad at pleasing a woman.
So, what exactly do women want in bed?
In other words -- what do you have to do to give your woman truly great sex and really SEXUALLY SATISFY her?
The short answer is ORGASMS.
The slightly longer answer is VAGINAL ORGASMS.
The ultimate answer to the question is vaginal orgasms during intercourse every time you make-love to your woman.
Now, how many guys do that for their women?
Not many.
In fact, less than 30% of women have ever had a vaginal orgasm and a much smaller percentage have had them during intercourse.
So the truth is that women don't care much about 'size', staying power or sexual experience -- they really want orgasms.
The next question you probably have is:
"How do I give my woman vaginal orgasms?"
Great question -- glad you asked.
You need just 3 things to do it and here they are:
- Good Sexual beliefs
- Basic Knowledge of female anatomy and sex techniques
- The ability to be dominant in the bedroom
Allow me to explain...
You need the right sexual beliefs.
Many guys blew their chances of sexually satisfying their women by believing nonsense like this:
"I'm too small 'down there' to please my woman"
"I don't last long enough to satisfy her"
My advice to you is to get rid of any sexual beliefs you have like that and replace them with empowering ones.
Secondly, you need knowledge of female anatomy.
You need to know where the clitoris, g-spot and deep spot are. You need to know how to turn your woman on.
Then you need to know specific techniques to stimulate those areas and give your woman the orgasms she wants, needs and craves.
Finally, you have to understand that women are SEXUALLY SUBMISSIVE and to truly blow your woman's mind in the bedroom -- this fact means that you have to be dominant.

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