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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Your Action Plan to Meet Mr. Right

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re you ready to meet a man? Are you ready to meet the man? Good. Here's an action plan you can put to work immediately.
Write down the qualities you desire in the kind of person you'll spend the rest of your life with (remember; there are no perfect men, but there is a perfect man for you. Describe him). By doing this, you click your reticular activating system, a brain process that helps you achieve goals, into high gear.
Your reticular activating system also helps you notice things you want when they show up (i.e., a potential Mr. Right). Ever research a particular car model, and then all of a sudden see that model everywhere you go? That's your reticular activating system at work.
So, let's say the following qualities are those you desire in a man:
Loyal! Loving! Reliable! Fun!
If you're familiar with the Law of Attraction, you know that like attracts like. It's important that you possess (or develop) the qualities you want in a man in yourself. For instance, if you want a faithful man but have the habit of cheating on your ex-lover/s, you may harbour subconscious feelings of guilt and unworthiness, which will prevent you from attracting the kind of man who'll make you truly happy.
You must become the person you want to fall in love with. Not only is it highly attractive, you'll find that as you progress, your self-esteem will soar. You'll treat yourself better. Men will notice. And then watch out; you'll find yourself attracting better - and being attracted to - much, much better men.
Step Two: To further boost your confidence, write down a list of your recent accomplishments. Include all the highlights of the past year (a special vacation, finishing a certain project, etc.) Read the list. Close your eyes. Bring to mind the happy feelings you experienced at the time. Repeat whenever you're tempted to think "oh, what's the use?" You've accomplished so much already. You have what it takes to meet a special man.
Step Three: Get out of the house. Look your best. Pull back your shoulders. Present yourself to the world -as Kathryn Hepburn did - like a bouquet of flowers. Cease limiting attempts to meet men to singles' conferences and Internet sites. You can meet a man while talking a walk or reading a menu.
Be open to possibilities.
Know what you want. Know what you have to offer. And do put your best self forward, always, even if you're just dashing out to see your dentist.

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