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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Embrace Love, Reject Hate!

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arkness doesn't have existence. You cannot configure darkness and bring it into life. You cannot quantify darkness. It is the mere nonexistence of light. When the sun sets, darkness shows up. When the sun rises, darkness retreats! The moment light enters darkness disappears. Similarly, hate is the nonexistence of love. Both hate and love cannot coexist as light and darkness cannot.
Once light is on, darkness cannot just show up and replace it without some effort like switching off the current. Likewise, once love wipes out hate, it is hard for hate to reoccupy its place in our life. However, we cannot just wear or download love. It has an attached price we should pay. It requires us to understand the truth behind love and its benefits, and make efforts to embrace love and reject hate.
Love is a universal language though the love we express towards our lovers differs from the love we display for friends, and colleagues. Though love isn't a purely emotional attribute, it invokes emotion once we are in love.
Love can be expressed in many forms. Dr. Chapman proposed five love languages. These include words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. Of course, not all love signs are observable. We may express our love through praying for the persons we love, wishing them well, and thinking about them, and their well-being, and more.
Nevertheless, we cannot go to school or take trainings to love. Love is a choice. It is beyond a feeling. The latter changes with situations, true love, once engraved within us, it remains there forever regardless of changes around us.
We love someone doesn't mean we don't point out his/her weaknesses or correct when he/she is mistaken. We have seen in our history leaders who loved but at the same time defended their values.
Jesus came to die for mankind. There is no love beyond dying for another. While He was on the cross, He prayed and forgave His enemies. However, before His crucifixion, He criticized the Pharisees because of their hypocrisy. He even drove out traders from the Temple. Those rights movement leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. stood for justice and equality but they did that without hatred.
Considering the fruits of love, and the attached benefits that come with it, it is better to love than hate. With the former come peace, joy, contentment, and greater self-worth. With hate come sicknesses, crimes, self-condemnation, internal chaos, and more. Therefore, switching from hate to love is figuratively equivalent to switching your living room light on. The moment the light is on; we see clearly, no guesses, confusion, stumbling, and so on. Let's embrace love, celebrate it. Let's wave its flag, and uphold it high in our life, relationship, business, marketplace and wherever.

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