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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Is He Loosing Interest? Watch Out For These Signs

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ndifference is the most obvious sign that the man who was once your knight and shining armour is losing interest in you but doesn't have the spine to call it quits. Instead of sitting you down and talking to you like an adult, he makes up a series of ridiculous 'exit strategies' in the hope that you'll be the one to break up with him.
If you feel he's losing interest, then he may probably, and your relationship may quickly head to a break-up. How do you know for sure? Here are some clues:
He snaps when you ask him about his day. If he gets irritated whenever you check up on him, take a hint. He has lost interest in your relationship and is looking for greener pastures, girl.
He keeps questioning the 'state' of your relationship. Men often hate to talk about relationships, let alone where it is headed. When he constantly asks if you're okay, perhaps he's the one who's not okay. This is his way of hinting that things are not going well between the two of you.
He'd rather hang out with his buddies. Your usual Friday date night has suddenly become his night out with his friends. If your routine dates have suddenly become group dates with his buddies, something's not right.
He has become inconsiderate. Commenting about how you gained weight (especially if he has never done that in the past) is a sign that he now finds other girls more attractive. Gone are the days when you were his only eye candy and no one was prettier than you in his world.
If he does not have the spine to admit that he is losing interest in you, then be the one to initiate 'the talk.' If the end result is a breakup, then so be it. It's better to end things early than prolong the agony. Use your efforts and give your love to a man who truly deserves it.

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