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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Last Longer In Bed (Mature Minds Only)

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en of recent times have often been victims to lack of libido and this has been a source of frustrations and anguish in many ways. It has been observed that most men don't last longer in bed and this can be attributed to several factors namely stress and diet to mention but a few. The interesting part of this whole analysis is that this condition can be cured if only the men can swallow their pride and seek medical help. The other key is in diet like previously mentioned and this is proof that this state can be arrested.
Problems emanating as a result of low libido:
In recent times, this trend of men having low libido has been on the increase and as a result we have seen a lot of social problems emanating as a result. Some of the problems that have been observed are failed marriages promiscuity within the marriage institution and the aftermath of such has been unpleasant. The first step is to come to the open and admit to having this problem and get professional help which has been made available and customized to ensure that there is adequate privacy. The sensitization campaign that has been undertaken has bore some fruits that have been impressive to say the least.
Solutions to Boost Men Libido:
What actually does it take to last long in bed? Since this is more or less a purely male area of concern, this question begs for an answer and indeed there is one. For all men above 15 years of age there are some actions that must be avoided especially in this discovery age of puberty. This is namely masturbation which has been noted as having negative effects later in life for young men who make it a habit. For men above 20 years of age, excessive intake of alcohol and other drugs could have an equally negative effect to the male reproductive organ.
Other factors that make most men not last for a long time in bed include effects of diabetes; excessive sugar intake and indulgence in narcotics in the name of stimulants not to forget intake of fatty foods in a nutshell one can categorize them as junk foods. It has been noted in the medical sphere that people have stopped eating healthy and especially men and hence the result of what is currently being observed. It is about time that people return to eating healthy a balanced diet and plenty of fluids and avoids junk for that matter.
How else can men who have this last longer in bed problem be helped? Apart from eating healthy, in some cases we see that the problem might be emanating from childhood and can be corrected? In such a case, there are remedies in form of foods and some nuts that if taken can help return the libido to normal levels.
If the problem cannot be sorted out that way then there are medical drugs that produce a lasting solution.
Depending on how you feel, you should aim to take a day or two of rest per week. Keep repeating these exercises in the same sequence until you achieve the results you want.

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