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Monday, March 19, 2012

Reasons Why Men Pull Away From You

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t can be completely isolating and confusing to have a man suddenly turn away from you. It's almost as if he's slamming walls in your face, on purpose. You know it very well: those moments when he seems to completely shut down, and he throws up all kinds of walls and road blocks.
Why is he acting so cold lately? Have you done something wrong, and he's holding some sort of grudge toward you, that you don't know about? Or is there something else going on.... Or someone else you don't know about?
As the questions race through your mind, when you try to figure out what's going on with his odd and retreating behaviour, you'd be surprised to find that some of the things you think about your man are FALSE. Yes, I said it!
YOU'RE WRONG. You see, the assumptions women have about a man's behaviour often come from things which are absolutely unrelated to his true feelings in the moment. That's because a man has a hard time expressing his emotional side; especially if he is feeling overwhelmed.
The kicker is the fact that a man may OFTEN retreat, when he feels overwhelmed by things that are NOT EVEN related to you! But, that is EXACTLY why women often get confused.
A lot of women will start thinking something like this:
"What did I do wrong? Maybe I said something that upset him. Maybe he needs something from me. Does he need to tell me something, but he's struggling?"
Then, you'll probably start trying to probe deeper, asking him questions, or trying to get him to respond; only to find that he retreats further.
Sound familiar? Well, I am about to make everything absolutely clear for you, because there is a lot more going on in a man's mind than he could even begin to explain. But he doesn't have to explain it, because you're about to learn it all here, so pay, close attention to these 5 reasons which show you why men pull away from you:
5. He Feels Like A Failure - He is looking at his life accomplishments thus far, and he feels like he is not where he should be. As he looks at all of the things he still has not accomplished to the level he felt he should, his spirits are lowered, and he starts to feel like a failure. Men struggle to talk about this, especially to women they care about, because he may feel like he is failing with you too, in the process, especially if he feels like he needs to be giving you more than you have now.
4. He Is Struggling With His Problems - Men like to take the weight of the whole world on their shoulders, and because of this, they often come to a place where they end up stuck within the problems or challenges that they face. Solutions seem impossible at that point, but because it is eating him up emotionally, he takes more space from you, to get more time to try and figure out a way to fix everything.
3. He Can't Tell You He's Mad At You - It is true, that some of the time a man spends ignoring you, is because he is mad at you. BUT, let it be known that when a man ignores you without explanation, it is almost ALWAYS because it's something you have done before, and he expects you to know better this time. His silent anger in this case, is his protest against consistently bad behaviour which he has already expressed dislike toward in the past.
2. He Doesn't Feel Heard - He has asked you not to argue about certain things, or to give him space in other areas. But you still bring those past mistakes of his up, even though he apologized already. You still pressure and push him in other areas where he asked for some space or time. He simply doesn't feel like you are hearing him out, and he has grown unable to fight you anymore, so he is pulling away to gain some emotional freedom.
1. He Feels Like Too Much Is Being Asked Of Him - Pressures from work, family, his relationships with others, and your personal needs all weigh in. In moments where he is not emotionally or physically able to handle even just a few of those things, but all are demanding on him, he may cut some of them out to make it easier to deal with the priorities. This is especially true if you have too many unrealistic expectations on him to fix things, to change, to be a certain way; alongside other stresses he is facing.

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