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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Relationship Mistakes

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t is heart breaking when people are ending up their relationship and this applies to lovers or even couples who have been together for a long time. It may seem unbelievable for some people but these relationships end for a reason.
The mistakes in a relationship can be a teaching experience because we learn from it. Everyone is capable of making mistakes because we are not perfect creatures. However, making mistakes repeatedly in a relationship is a different thing. One must know when to stop doing the mistakes because it will only create a negative effect in your relationship's future.
Here are some common mistakes in a relationship and check out my advice on how to avoid it.
- Cheating. This is by far the most unpleasant and deadly mistake that ruin a relationship. Not only will your partner think that you betrayed them but you will also completely lose their respect and trust. There is no way to build or rebuild a relationship when there is no trust. As couples you need to spend more time with each other and less time on people who are outside of your marriage.
- Jealousy. People with low self esteem are mostly the ones who are bound to have this problem because they act insecure, blame it on self and they think they are not good enough. Instead of feeling jealous and insecure, learn to be different from others by working your skills and talents and be extraordinary. Think of your achievements and accomplishments and be proud of it. Don't focus on your flaws but instead of the things that you posses. Life is too short to care for unimportant people in your life. Boost your ego by being happy about yourself to avoid committing this mistake in a relationship.
- Obsessing over your ex. If you think you have not yet moved on from your past relationship then you have to forget about your ex., don’t dwell on your past. You should not treat your current relationship as a proof to your ex that you have moved on or you are no longer hurt. Getting into a new relationship doesn't mean that you will be able to forget the previous one. Do not be unfair to your current partner and be true to yourself. If you think that you haven't moved on yet, honour and embrace the pain. Time will come when you will be over it.
- Lack of good communication. Communication is a must for a long term relationship. Everyone has different interests and values. Talk to each other regularly. It may be about your ideas, desires and fears or simply how you spent your day. Communication is also very essential when there is an argument. This will eliminate the silent treatment situation that usually happens when your partner is upset or when you make mistakes. In this generation, we are lucky enough to communicate conveniently to our partner. We can reach them by using Facebook, Skype, Blackberry Messaging, Yahoo Messenger and many more.
- Job. There are times in our lives where our career becomes our top priority and usually the relationship is pushed to the side. Hopefully your significant other will be very understanding and supportive of your career but unfortunately when this happens, it will only result to cancelling dates, dinners or quality time together. Discuss well with your partner when you feel that your career demands so much of your time and compromise on how you could spend some quality time together.
- No Intimacy. If you are in a relationship with someone who you do not have sex, chances are, you are not in a happy relationship. A good relationship is not just about sex but intimacy as well. It is a very important factor that will also strengthen your relationship and trust with each other. You should also understand that your partner has needs and if you cannot provide it, your partner is bound to find it elsewhere. Plan some sexy date ideas for your sweetheart and cherish each intimate and romantic moment with her.
When you are in a relationship, you should not take your partner for granted. Learn to appreciate the things they do for you and when you commit these common mistakes in a relationship, learn to say "I'm sorry" and do not forget to say "Thank You". Learn from it and let it guide you in becoming a great partner.

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