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Friday, March 9, 2012

She Wants to Laugh With You

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 relationship between a man and a woman is subject to changes, ups and downs, heat and cold, and sometimes dullness. You can know when your relationship has become dull if both or any of you feels bored in the other's company. When this happens, a message comes across that "you're not good enough for me anymore".
Regardless of where the dullness starts from, if as a man you want to take the initiative to enhance your relationship with your wife then the best way is to make her laugh.
Make her laugh at a joke you tell, a line you pick, or if you don't think you're funny enough you can take her to a comedy show or a light romance-comedy movie. The important thing is to make her laugh in your presence.
The reason it is important to make her laugh frequently in your presence is that there is a chemical change that happens in her brain when she laughs. People feel good when they laugh, don't they? This is due to a release of a chemical in the brain when we laugh. This chemical change can be associated subconsciously with the surroundings.
Apply this to her when she laughs, this chemical is meant to be released in your presence. You are the surroundings that we want her to associate her good feelings with.
Why do you want to do that?
Simply because when she feels good around you she'll pass these feelings to you and you too will feel good in her company. But this is not all.
When you make her feel good you'll feel more confident in your relationship with her. So away from the bedroom you can satisfy her just by being around her. How magnificent this makes you feel!
With that said there is one more thing that needs to be addressed here before you go ahead and try to make her laugh. And this thing is the kind of humour you'll be using.
It's very easy to clown around her and make her laugh at you. But this is exactly what she'll be associating your personality with; a clown. You want her to laugh with you, not at you.
You want to make her laugh while you come across to her as the confident, strong, and pleasant-to-be-with guy you are. You want her to feel good and secure at the same time. No one feels secure in the presence of a clown.

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