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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ways of Maintaining A Great Relationship!

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1. RESPECT - You must have respect for the person you are with and vice versa. A relationship without respect is nothing at all.
2. DATE NIGHT - Most people are busy with their everyday lives. So in order to keep your relationship alive and fresh you should always schedule a night or two each week of fun together. Each person should come up with some type activity to do so it won't feel like it is the sole responsibility of one person. Treat your relationship like how you treat your home; you must maintain it in order for it to last.
3. RENEW YOUR VOWS - If you are married. On your next anniversary renew your vows. Remember why you got married in the first place. Most people don't get married to get a divorce. Fall in love with each other over and over again.
4. SEND LOVE - Send love to your significant other throughout the day. Send your lover a sexy text or email them letting them know that you've been thinking about them. Leave sexy notes in places where they will find them. For example, in the car, in pants pocket, wallet, purse, bathroom mirror etc. This will set the tone for the entire day. Everyone wants to know that they are loved and appreciated.
5. RECIPROCATE - Show your appreciation for each other. A simple thank you every now and then can go a long way.
6. COMMUNICATION - A relationship is nothing without respect and good communication. Most people aren't mind readers. So, say what's on your mind. Preferably in a respectful calm manner. Most people cannot hear a person when they are screaming at them. Wait until you are in a relaxed environment to express your concerns. Getting things out in the open is a great way to come to an agreement about a problem or concern before it gets out of control. Hear a person out before you judge.
Know that you are on the same team. I like to say that "You should be two people against the world.” Don't let outside people or negative things influence your relationship. 

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