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Thursday, March 29, 2012

What Scares Men Away

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ave you often found yourself wondering what exactly it is that scares men away? What causes the Fear Factor to raise its ugly head in this supposedly gallant species? Have you scared a few men away when everything seemed to be going well? Would you like to know what you can do differently the next time? You will be surprised to find out that it is three little P's that push men away in fear.
1. Prejudice. If you are too prejudiced or opinionated, you can sometimes remind him of his Dad or his least favourite lecturer in school! It is nice to have strong beliefs, but it is best to keep them to oneself, especially in romantic settings. If he finds you continuously looking down on others, making sarcastic comments, not treating workers well or back-biting about other women, your value in his eyes will plummet. He will take this as a measure of who you are and what you might do to him, should the tide turn. He will run now before that tide turns.
2. Pressure. This is a huge don't. Do you like pressure applied to you when you go shopping? No? Then don't apply pressure to a man (except if you are in bed and he asks you to!) in this delicate situation of your relationship. Let things go. Plant some seeds of love instead of demanding that everything go your way.
3. Pampering. If the first P made you seem like Dad, this one will make you seem like Mum! We get you, you have so much love to share and you just wish to shower it over this wonderful human being. Go easy. Keep the blueberries out of your prize-winning pancake recipe for now. Give him something to look forward to. Give him the chance to breathe and appreciate the pampering. It is during the spaces between bouts of spoiling that he gets to do that.
Yes, we know these things are easier said than done, but with practice, everything can become a way of life. Just as you train a dog to shake a paw, you can train yourself and your man as well. Don't forget the treats at regular intervals!

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