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Sunday, April 22, 2012

How to Know If You're In Love

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eing in love is a good feeling but there are times that it can also give you problems. If you have not been in a relationship but you are currently with a guy or a girl and you want to know if you are already about to fall for him or her, then here are things to help you find out if you are already falling for him or her:
The first thing that you should need to ask yourself is if you cannot stop thinking about him or her. If you cannot stop thinking about him or her or there is never a time that you do not think about him or her, then you definitely have feelings for that person. If he or she is the first and last thing on your mind or every time you do something you think of that person, then it is definitely an indication that you are falling for that person.

If you find his or her quirks charming and instead of being irritated by it, you find it amusing, then you definitely have feeling for such person. You want to see her or his quirks and you are fascinated by it, then it simply shows that no matter what that person does, you would certainly find everything that he or she does adorable.

If you used to have an ex and you suddenly stopped thinking about your ex, then it is also an indication that your heart already belongs to someone else. Breaking up is a long healing process but if you easily moved one and you no longer think about the painful stuff that your ex did to you, then you can say that you definitely like the person that you are currently with.

If you and the person that you are always with have great chemistry, then it is also an indication that you both have a future. Spending more time with the person whom you have a good chemistry with would certainly help you to explore and nurture your feelings with such person.
These are just few signs that you might want to take a look at to help you find out if you really have feelings for the person that you are currently with. Being in love is a great feeling so if you are not sure if you are already feeling something for someone, then the tips provided would let you know how.

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