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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ways to Make It Happen and Make It Last

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We all know where a relationship goes without trust. Absolutely nowhere. So if you want a successful relationship, you want to do what it takes to build trust and maintain it. That makes perfect sense, right? Of course it does; yet many of the techniques used to keep a relationship alive end up having an unexpected, negative effect on trust. To make sure you don't fall into these shady little traps, consider these six tips that help build trust in a relationship.
3 Ways to Build Trust
1 - Give it out to get it back. You may have wished at some point that your partner would trust you more. Well, guess what! Your ticket to getting the trust you want may lie in dishing out the trust your partner wants. Maybe you think you're the one more deserving of trust, but that's not the point. Trust is only at its best when it goes both ways, so by reaching out to your partner you show that you have the courage to take the lead.
Instead of trying to catch the one you love in a lie, try to catch him or her telling the truth. When you do, make sure to acknowledge it. Also, practice regularly assuming that your beloved is telling the truth. If they don't, you'll find out eventually; but it's better not to obsess over what may not be true. If you just have the courage to assume the best, you'll be surprised how much more smoothly things go in your relationship.
2 - Share openly. Although keeping secrets isn't the same as telling an outright lie, it is still a form of dishonesty and may make it hard to build trust in a relationship. Your significant other is the one person you should feel comfortable sharing your deepest secrets with, so be as open as possible. Do your best to share whatever is going on, keeping in mind how you might feel if your significant other withheld things from you. If you ever worry that being open will cause a problem, consider that secrets have a way of surfacing anyway and the best person to deliver the truth is you.
3 - Nurture your relationship. If you've ever had a beautiful plant that you didn't take care of, you know what happens to a relationship when you don't give it the tender loving care that's required. It withers and eventually dies. A relationship must be tended to and nurtured, which means patience and dedication are in order.
You'll find that it's so much easier to build trust when your partner senses your high level of commitment to the relationship. Wondering how to do it? Spend time getting to know your partner on the deepest levels, acknowledge the positive things they do, share new experiences together, apologize when hurt feelings are involved, forgive quickly and put each other first.

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