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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

You Would Want a Man Want You

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Now that's a fascinating question. You're not asking how to make a man love you. Nor are you asking how to keep a man. What are some of the secrets about men that make them want women? That's what you're asking; and that's what will be answered. Ready? Let's be specific.

What does it mean to "want" someone? It means "to desire greatly; wish" and "to need; require." Ah, so that's what the word "want" means. Of course. A woman definitely wants a man to want her. And there are a lot of men who want women. But, what if your man doesn't seem to want you? What can you do?

Be patient. Don't panic! Nothing is lost yet. You are definitely interested in him. So far, so good. Is he interested in you? Does he follow you around with his eyes? He is trying to catch your attention? This guy definitely wants you. What if he's not doing any of this? Oh, he's not. You know this already. You want to learn how to make him want you. Okay. Don't get testy.

Listen, let's be honest. We're friends. I'm on your side. If your man is not attracted to you, you're in trouble. No attraction. No desire. What about the second definition of want? The part about need or require. That's a whole other story. Or, as they say, a horse of different color. Stay with me.

You can make him need you or require you in his life. Yes, you can. Don't fight me on this. A man can need a woman that he is not attracted to. At least, he doesn't think he is attracted to her. What does he know? Anyway, make yourself available to him. Be there when he's down even if he is down because of another woman. Be his friend. Care about him.

Cook him a meal. Treat him to a movie. Go for a long walk listening to all his stories. Ask him over to watch one of his favourite sport team play. He'll like the company and he'll especially like to teach you all about this game he adores. What a wonderful woman you are! Who wouldn't want you? You are smart, witty and pleasant to look at. You know when to open your mouth and when to keep it closed. In fact, there was a time when you wanted to... but I digress. Let's get back to our topic.

How to make a man want you?  You can succeed in getting your man to want you. Even if he's not attracted to you, he may become attracted. That's because a woman who treats a man well, who looks out for his interests and needs, is like a needle in a haystack. This kind of woman is very hard to find. Once a man finds her, he doesn't want to let her go. As long as she lets him lead the way, he will want her to come along. It's that simple.

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