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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Better Communication Skills

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Communication is of the utmost importance for people in any situation however; it is even more important for those in love relationships or a family relationship. Millions of people go through school every year without having any idea of how to properly communicate with others. It isn't taught in schools although proper communication skills are absolutely necessary for everyday life and without them, love and relationships can become strained and jeopardized. You must learn how to communicate properly to be successful in life.

Shut Up and Listen
One of the biggest problems in marriage relationships is that one person just won't let the other talk. Relationship help experts refer to this type of person as an "isolator". Isolators have the tendency to talk so much and for so long that their partners become numb to what they are saying.

One in five marriage relationships or committed love relationships reportedly has an isolator. Unfortunately, people have become so consumed with themselves and what they are experiencing that they ramble on and on without allowing their partner to get a word. For a happy, healthy and successful marriage relationship, you must learn to talk to each other as well as listen to what the other person has to say. This is the art of communication.

Take Off the Gloves
It is natural that disagreements will occur. This happens in all love and relationships as no two people can see eye to eye all of the time. It's really important that you both know how to settle disagreements before they escalate into something even worse.

You need to have guidelines in place for settling disputes. An important love advice to keep in mind is that you should never raise your voices in anger. Yelling at your partner will never solve the problem. Oftentimes, yelling will escalate into name calling and cause someone to bring up past marital problems. A calm discussion will usually be all it takes to settle a dispute.

Another important relationship advice is that you both have a cooling off period. When you hit a stalemate and neither of you are willing to budge, call a temporary truce. You should each, take some time to think about the other person's position as well as re-evaluate your own opinion. Once you are able to see where the other person is coming from, you should try to sit down and work through the problem again.

All in the Family
Love relationships aren't the only ones that need to learn to communicate better. A family relationship can also benefit from learning better communication skills. Families don't spend enough time talking to each other anymore. This can cause a breakdown in the family dynamic and nullify bonds that were made at birth.

Cell phones are often to blame for the lack of communication in families. One would think that a trip to the park to play on the swings would be a great way to communicate with your kids. However, most parents can be seen sitting on a bench texting, talking or updating their status on Facebook rather than spending quality time talking to their kids.

A family relationship can become stronger with better communication skills. 

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