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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Make Your Man Marry You

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ou know what you want, but wonder if your significant other wants the same thing. It just feels right in your heart and in your head, and you truly desire to marry your partner. You are ready to take that next step, but trying to determine if your man is ready to marry you, can be a very frustrating time. You dream of a life together and long to finally have a ring on your finger. Put aside those fears and frustrations ladies. Without resorting to deception or tricks, you will learn how to make your man take the next step and marry you.

Before we go any further it is important that you understand that to make a man marry you is not an overnight process and will take patience and time. Rushing through this will only result in push back from your partner and may even cause damage to your relationship. Guys usually have a hard time talking about marriage, and he may have even expressed that he is not ready to commit. Until you can get inside his head and figure out what he is thinking and feeling, you need to be patient. Pressing for answers too quickly and creating an uncomfortable situation in which he is expected to respond, can be harmful. You need to find that balance between what you ask without pushing too hard.

Whatever you do, make sure you do not seem like you are on a mission. Be yourself. I know you want to learn how to make a man marry you, and through the process you risk not being yourself. You really need to let things happen naturally, without looking overly obvious. If he suspects you are trying to trick him or deceive him, it could have him putting up walls. Yes, you want to get into his head, but do not over analyze everything you observe in the process. Remember, you are looking to spend the rest of your life with this man, and what you do now, and how you approach getting him to marry you, must be natural.

Waiting for his answer, or even getting him to open up and talk about marriage can leave you stressed and on edge. Learning how to make a man marry you requires you to relax, and breathe. Touching on the subject of marriage should start in a simple way. By sharing your own feelings and thoughts on marriage in a non-threatening way is paramount. As you open up about marriage with him, watch for clues that allow him to open up as well and begin to start talking about taking the next step. If he does not feel any sense of pressure from you, he will be much more willing to let you know how he feels. Keep it simple to start, and gradually dig deeper.

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